Alpha Crimson's Unpredictable Mate

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Chapter 2

Alpha Crimson stormed into his personal mansion as his pack members avoided him in fear. There has been a murderous rage rolling off of him ever since he returned from a visit to a neighbouring province to sign a treaty.

Rumours quickly spread throughout the Province of Rowim about their future Luna’s actions. It was said that their Luna ran away from her Alpha mate and even burnt down her own home so that he wouldn’t be able to use anything to find her. They couldn’t blame her since everyone knew that their Alpha was known for being a cold blooded murderer.

“Everyone. In. My. Fucking. House. Now.” Alpha Crimson growled viciously as he mindlinked his men into his quarters.

He was wearing nothing but joggers, having just returned from a run. He couldn’t get his wolf, Cerius, to shut up about him still not finding their mate. Fresh sweat glistened down his neck, sliding past his tattoos which covered his neck, shoulders and arms. One look at this beautiful bad boy and any girl would go weak at her knees.

Alpha Crimson looked into his reflection as he held a glass of scotch in his hand. There were heavy eye bags gracing his handsome features and his dirty blonde hair grew out a bit more than what he usually kept it at. Which was more of an army buzz cut but who had time for haircuts when their mate was running from them?

“Yes, Alpha” three men replied in unison as they ran into the room but kept a good distance away from their Alpha.

Standing in a straight line was his second in command Beta Zachariah, his third in command Theta Grant and his packs best tracker, Jacob.

“Any leads?” Alpha Crimson sneered as the thought of his mate running away and burning her own home down made his blood boil.

‘How dare she reject us? All my life I have waited for her and she just runs off without even looking at me?’ The murderous aura around Alpha Crimson increased tenfolds, making Jacob fall to his knees as he could not withstand the pressure.

Beta Zachariah and Theta Grant come from
powerful lineages so they were able to stand still. Beta Zachariah was the first to speak up.

“We apologies, Alpha. We have not been able to locate our Luna. Her rundown Honda Civic was found submerged in a lake just outside of her province. Luna must have ditched it and gotten a new one,” Beta Zachariah stated before wincing when he felt his Alpha’s strong grip squeezing the life out of his throat.

“You dare return to my sight without any leads?” Alpha Crimson snarled maliciously before tossing his Beta aside as if the poor man were a sack of potatoes.

“With all due respect Alpha, your mother and aunt would not appreciate you beating your cousin,” Theta Grant mused aloud before Alpha Crimson turned to look at him with a murderous gaze. His eyes were completely black, indicating that his wolf was in control.

Theta Grant immediately fell to the ground and bowed his head in submission. Meanwhile, Jacob was helping Beta Zachariah off the floor.

“Alpha, we need something to work with in order to track down our Luna. You haven’t explained to us what exactly happened during your visit. That may contain some clues,” Beta Zachariah winced while holding the side of his stomach as he tried to convince his cousin to speak.

Alpha Crimson went back to sit on his black couch and downed the contents of his glass within seconds. As he recalled the memories from ten days ago, he found himself wishing that he’d taken the whole bottle instead of a tiny glass.

He let out a long sigh and for the first time, the three men noticed fatigue on their Alpha’s face. Even when they prepared for wars, Alpha Crimson would never let his exhaustion show. He looked towards his men before finally explaining the events of that day.

“I arrived at Alpha Brett’s province in the morning and met his mate, Luna Ally. They were a sweet couple and I could tell that their pack would be fine to make a treaty with.

Luna Ally is in charge of the pack’s main education facility and runs a daycare facility as well. She wanted to introduce me to her staff.

My wolf was restless and wouldn’t stop pacing around. I didn’t know why until I got closer to that room. Everything stopped, I couldn’t hear a single word that Luna Ally spoke. All I could hear was the angelic voice of a young woman speaking into her phone about some fire and then it hit me.

Her sweet scent, she smelled like vanilla and jasmine flowers. I wanted to look at her, and see her beautiful eyes and see her smile.

I quickened my steps and opened the staff room door myself but froze when I noticed that she wasn’t there anymore.

“Mate” the word left my lips almost instinctively and the whole room fell silent.

In the distance, I could hear a car speeding away and I couldn’t help the rage I felt. All of Alpha Brett’s pack members present in the room fell to the ground in pain and he glanced at me sympathetically.

“Don’t worry, Alpha Crimson. She is not rejecting you. This happened a few days ago as well. Her cousin, Maya, is a single mom and has three kids. The youngest, Miles, started a fire by accident before and Kaira ran out the window when they called. The same thing must have happened again,” Alpha Brett quickly explained as he wanted me to calm down and stop suffocating his pack members with my murderous pressure.

I glared at the man before controlling my wolf and taking a deep breath. All the pack members present immediately ran out of the room.

“You said she’s your best friend, where does her cousin live?” I demanded as I turned to face Luna Ally.

“620 pine street avenue, white two story house,” Luna Ally replied in shock with worry etched onto her features.

I glared at the woman for showing such a fearful expression. She looked as though she thought I was going to kill my own mate.

I ran to my Range Rover and sped off to that location. I felt my wolf nagging to break down my mindlink barrier but I wouldn’t let him since I knew he’d lose control and kill everyone on sight.

As soon as I got to her cousins home, I didn’t even have to enter it. By the scent of the kids and woman inside, I could tell that she wasn’t there.

“FUCK” I growled out and my wolf immediately chimed in.

“That’s what I was trying to tell you, mate is not here. Take deep breaths and you’ll be able to catch her scent” I followed his instructions and immediately sped off into the right direction.”

Alpha Crimson paused in the middle of his story, his hand gripping the glass of
Scotch was shaking. Soon, the sound of glass shards hitting the floor could be heard as Alpha Crimson shook with rage.

“That unbelievable woman. My own mate. Had fucking burnt down her own childhood home. I arrived to where her scent last lingered but it was mixed in with the burning scent of the fire. Fire trucks were already present as well as the packs Alpha and Luna that I had spoken with earlier.

My eyes zeroed in on him before I gripped his throat and held him high in the air. His mate and pack members looked horrified to see their own Alpha be handled in such a way but I didn’t give a single fuck.

“Where. Is. My. Mate” I growled out viciously with my eyes flashing black, indicating that my wolf was out and wanted blood.

Luna Ally immediately fell to my feet, begging me to spare her mate. I couldn’t care less but then the thought of her being my mates best friend flew into my mind. I couldn’t hurt someone that my mate loves.

My hands released Alpha Brett and he coughed out blood before finally speaking.

“Alpha Crimson, Kaira is long gone. This home meant everything to her and the firemen confirmed that she intentionally burnt it down. She’s gone,” I let the man’s words sink in before I let out a terrifying growl that had the whole pack grounds shaking.

“Give me something to use to track her down, her scent is fading and give me a picture of her,” I growled out angrily before Luna Ally began to cry out.

“Oh my God, why did I never realize it?” the woman cried out as a few pack members looked on fearfully.

I looked at her and raised my brow, probing her to reveal what she’s thinking.

“Kai... she never left any personal items anywhere... not even a sweater... and she never took pictures. Ever.” Luna Ally revealed as all the colour drained from her face.

Whispers began to fill the area as my mates pack members also confirmed this information.

“I didn’t want to kill my mates best friends so I immediately left their pack grounds and came back here,” Alpha Crimson stated as the three men listened intently to his story.

“Wow, Luna is so cool! She sounds badass,” Theta Grant exclaimed before the other men turned to glare at the childish man.

“What? You were thinking it too...” Theta Grant muttered annoyed by their reactions.

Alpha Crimson smirked to himself as he felt pride swirl around his chest at the thought of his fearless mate.

“Alpha, what about your dreams?” Jacob spoke up as a lightbulb went off in his head. Why hadn’t he thought of that before?

“What?” Alpha Crimson answered confused by his trackers comment.

“You’re an Alpha!” Jacob continued on as the other three men looked at him as though he were crazy.

“Yes, I am. Which means I can fucking snap your neck and kill you, without any consequences. So speak up, pup,” Alpha Crimson glared at the man who was now cowering in fear.

“Sir, Alpha’s can communicate with their mates while they sleep. Meaning, if Luna is sleeping and you’re sleeping as well, then your wolf should subconsciously be trying to penetrate through Luna’s dreams,” Jacob explained as Beta Zachariah and Theta Grants eyes widened.

Alpha Crimson’s eyes widened in shock before he questioned his wolf on whether this is true.

“I have been trying to, but mate is never asleep. I think she changed her sleeping schedule to make sure that we can’t reach her,” Alpha Crimson let out a thunderous growl as he took in his wolf’s words.

“What’s wrong?” Beta Zachariah questioned as he tried not to cower under the alphas pressure.

“Luna is smart, she must have changed her sleeping schedule. She’s probably only sleeping for a few hours here and there,” Jacob explained as Alpha Crimson’s body began to shake with rage.

“Everyone, out.” The three men spared a pitied glance at their Alpha before immediately leaving his home.

Alpha Crimson stalked towards his master bedroom. He threw the sheets off of his king size bed before sinking into it.

It was three in the morning but he wasn’t sleepy at all. During the past ten days, without his mate by his side, he hasn’t been able to sleep much. But now that he heard what his best tracker told him, he willed every bone in his body to fall into a deep slumber.

‘I’m coming for you, my precious mate’

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