Alpha Crimson's Unpredictable Mate

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Chapter 4

Kaira woke up with a start and flung the bedsheet covers off her body. The sun was rising outside the window in the guest bedroom so she pressed her hand against her mouth to avoid waking up the others. Judging by the bright sunlight, she guessed it was probably 5 in the morning.

Kaira was breathing heavily as her body ached lightly. It was the after effects of throwing herself onto the ground from the highest tree in her dream land. But it was worth it since the pain woke her up.

“Don’t worry, Simba. Mommy’s alright, I’m fine,” Kaira whispered through silent tears. She never thought her alarm would have not rung, making her sleep longer than one hour and encounter her coldhearted mate.

Judging by his reaction to Kaira’s fake mate marking and fake baby bump, she could already discern that he was just as cold blooded and murderous as the rumours said.

“He knows what I look like. We can’t stay here for two days like I told Rick and Carol. We need to leave in a few hours, after I get some supplies for the road, okay?” Kaira whispered to Simba as the puppy rubbed its head against her thigh.

“Good morning, how’d you sleep kid?” Beta Rick asked as he placed a gentle kiss on the top of Kaira’s head and proceeded to his seat at the head of the breakfast table.

Kaira had already been sitting and eating her breakfast with his wife, Carol and their son, little Benji.

“Fine, thank you. I need to discuss something with you and Carol,” Kaira stated as she subtly glanced towards Benji.

The couple got the hint and immediately shooed Benji away by asking him to feed Simba in the other room.

“So, what did you want to discuss?” Carol questioned as she glanced nervously towards her mate. They had been up very late last night, wondering what exactly their good friend could be hiding from them.

“Well... the thing is... I mean,” Kaira started off, her eyes trailing along the walls behind her two friends. She was horrible when it came to lying to the people she loves and cares for. She couldn’t bring herself to look into their eyes.

“Come on, out with it now. You know we are always here for you, I consider you my little sister. We both do. We will always protect you,” Beta Rick promised as Carol hummed in agreement.

Tears began to brim in Kaira’s eyes. She had no doubt that they would protect her. But she would rather die than let her friends get harmed in the process of protecting her. Taking a deep breath, Kaira began.

“I know, I know you both would do anything to protect me. I really appreciate that. But please, promise me you won’t ask me any questions?” Kaira looked up at both her friends with a newfound resolve to get through everything. She knew she could be happy if she succeeded in getting away from her mate and starting a new life. Free from the horrors of her past.

“We promise,” Carol stated as she reached across the table and gently took Kaira’s hand into her own.

“I can’t stay here for two days. I need to leave today. I already went into town and bought some supplies for my road trip. Please don’t ask any questions, it’s for your own good,” Kaira stated with determination as Beta Rick let out a deep exhale.

Carol could feel her mate struggling to contain his wolf. Both he and his wolf cared for Kaira deeply, the thought of her going through something and being unable to tell her friends, made Beta Rick feel helpless.

“That’s fine. But please do stay till tonight. Benji’s 5th birthday party is tonight, it would mean a lot to him if you stayed till the cake cutting,” Carol smiled pleadingly with her friend who hesitated to accept.

“Yes, Auntie Kai come to my birthday party tonight! I want to show you off to all of my friends, their aunties are not nearly as pretty and sweet as my Auntie Kai!” Benji pleaded as he came running into the room with a fully fed and satisfied Simba following closely behind.

Kaira took one look at his puppy dog eyes and nodded her head. She noticed both Rick and Carol let out the breaths they were holding, as though her staying a few more hours would make her tell them everything.

‘I’m sorry but I love you both too much to drag you into my mess,’ Kaira thought to herself as she gathered Simba into her arms and excused herself from the breakfast table.

“What on earth are you wearing Kaira?” Carol shrieked as she saw Kaira heading towards the door dressed in all black baggy clothes with a baseball cap, hoodie and sunglasses on. Her bump wasn’t even visible.

Carol had been in the middle of directing the caterers and decoration workers towards the pack mansion. Little Benji’s birthday party would be hosted in the grand ballroom of the pack house.

“Shh! I’m trying to sneak away from Benji so I can go into town and buy him a birthday present!” Kaira whisper-yelled as she held a finger to her lips and looked around the main entrance to make sure that Benji hadn’t followed her.

Carol let out a laugh at her silly friends antics before mindlinking her mate. Beta Rick asked Carol to inform him if Kaira were to head outside.

“Oh, I see. Don’t worry, your secrets safe with me! But you can’t go out alone, it’s not safe for a young, pregnant shewolf to be out and about without protection. Rick prepared for one of the pack boys to escort you,” Carol stated as a young boy in his early teens came running towards them.

“Beta Carol, Ms. Regan.” The young boy with black hair neatly combed back addressed the two respectfully.

“Good afternoon, Evan! This is my best friend, Ms. Regan. You are to escort her safely into town as she wishes to purchase a gift for Benji. Make sure you protect her, alright? She’s with child,” Carol advised her pack member as the boy nodded his head in understanding.

Kaira barely had a chance to refuse as Carol pushed them both out the door. She had a lot of work to complete since the party was going to start in just a few hours.

“Ms. Regan, would you like to drive there or shift into our wolves?” Evan questioned as they made their way towards the gates of the Betas mansion.

“Let’s just walk. It’s only a ten minute walk, and God knows I need the exercise!” Kaira joked as she knew shifting wasn’t an option while wearing her fake bump.

The duo proceeded to walk into town and Kaira noticed that Evan was a very diligent pack member. He would glance around in subtle ways to ensure that no one was to approach the pair and harm them. He even shared his dreams of becoming a pack warrior to serve by their Alpha’s side.

“Well Evan, I for one think you will make an exceptional warrior. You will definitely bring glory to your pack,” Kaira smiled towards the young boy as they crossed the street. Evan looked up at her with a surprised expression. This was the first time someone didn’t laugh at his dream. He was weaker than the average wolf his age, thus no one around him believed he could become a warrior.

“Thank you, Ms. Regan!” Evan replies gratefully and tried to decipher what her face looked like since she covered herself so well with a black scarf, sunglasses, baseball cap and hood. He wondered why she would dress in such attire when it was summer and hot outside.

Before he could ask his companion, he noticed that she was gone from his side in a single second. Shocked, he looked forward and saw her stand in between an elderly woman and a sleek black Range Rover. Her speed was something that could rival Beta Rick.

Kaira noticed the Range Rover speeding ahead, despite an elderly woman crossing the street. At first, she wasn’t going to get involved but then she sniffed the air and noticed that the woman was a human. She would not be able to avoid the oncoming car.

Kaira sprinted forward and stood in between the car and the elderly woman. She high kicked the car as the driver hit the break abruptly. Kaira’s powerful kick left a dent in the front of the car but she couldn’t care less.

“I’m sorry, Ma’am. Are you alright?” Kaira questioned the frightened elderly woman who repeatedly thanked her before hurrying off.

Evan ran towards Kaira and began to examine her for any injuries.

" I’m so sorry, this is all my fault. Are you alright?” Evan questioned rapidly as he saw his life flash before his eyes. Everyone in the pack knew that Beta Rick and Beta Carol considered Kaira as their little sister.

“I’m fine, don’t worry. Stay here,” Kaira reassured warmly before she stalked up to the Range Rover that held tinted windows. She couldn’t see anything behind the drivers window and knocked on it three times.

Slowly, the driver rolled down their window and peered at the woman dressed in all black curiously. They could barely see any skin on her face because of her scarf and sunglasses.

“My apologies, we are here to attend a pack meeting, I did not—” the man driving began before Kaira interrupted him.

“Did I ask?” Kaira’s voice came out gruff and deeper due to the scarf blocking her mouth. The men in the car could barely make out her words.

“I’m sorry?” The man driving stated but his tone came out more of a question. He was a Beta and had never been spoken to in such a manner before, especially not in the presence of his Alpha who was seated in the back of the car and Theta who was seated in the passenger seat.

“If you’re sorry, then act like it. That woman is human, do you think she had the speed necessary to avoid your ignorant ass?” Kaira questioned as the Beta and Theta gaped at her audacity.

Evan sensed the powerful presence of the man seated in the back seat and guessed that it must be the one and only, Alpha Crimson, who had set up a meeting with Beta Rick. Evan immediately tried to pull Kaira away from the car but she smiled at him reassuringly before turning to glare at the men in the front seat once more.

Suddenly, Kaira punched the exterior of the backseat door. She smiled innocently towards the driver, who was staring at her with his mouth open in pure, utter shock.

“A gentle reminder, forever engraved into your oh so luxurious car. If people were to be like your boss sitting in the back of this car without a care in the world and only cared about luxuries, opposed to the lives of innocent people, then imagine what would happen to this world. Try to live a better life, alright kid?” Kaira stated as she grabbed a petrified Evan’s arm and walked towards the boutique across the store.

Seated in the car, Beta Zachariah and Theta Grant gaped at the woman who dared to damage their Alpha’s car not once but twice and walk away unscathed.

“Alpha?” Beta Zachariah questioned as he met his Alpha’s amused gaze through the rearview mirror.

“Leave her be, she was right anyway. You should be more careful while driving, especially in a territory known for having both humans and werewolves.” Alpha Crimson stated before he motioned for Beta Zachariah to continue driving.

As Beta Zachariah drove, he glanced towards Theta Grant who sat in silence. They both only had one thought in mind.

‘That was the first time a woman criticized our Alpha and he actually let her go? She’s so badass!’

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