Alpha Crimson's Unpredictable Mate

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Chapter 6

The three men approached the ballroom of Beta Rick’s sons birthday party, all dressed in tuxedos. Alpha Crimson wore a black tuxedo designed by Gucci, while Beta Zachariah wore a red tuxedo and Theta Grant wore a green tuxedo, both designed by Ralph Lauren.

“I still don’t get why we are prolonging our search for Luna by going to this child’s party,” Beta Zachariah grumbled as a pack maid opened the door of the ballroom for them.

“I already explained myself,” Alpha Crimson glared at his childish cousin in annoyance. He was already fighting to keep his wolf under control and his cousins comments weren’t helping.

Theta Grant cleared his throat, and began to speak, wanting to rid himself of the awkward tension.

“I wonder if that shewolf will be here... you know, the one who damaged Alpha’s car twice,” Theta Grant mused as Beta Zachariah smiled wildly at the possibility of meeting that baddest woman again.

Alpha Crimson simply grunted as his response before leading the duo to the middle of the ballroom. Whispers could be heard circulating around as all the pack members sensed Alpha Crimson’s dangerous presence. They split down the middle to make a clear path for the trio, all of them wanting to avoid the Alpha who was notorious among the ten provinces for being a cold-blooded killer.

Alpha Crimson could see a circle forming and knew that the cake was probably going to be cut soon. They were about half an hour late as it was.

Suddenly, he heard a melodious sound that froze him in his tracks. It was the voice of a shewolf laughing, accompanied by a young pups laughter. Alpha Crimson increased his pace with his two friends following in confusion.

“Hahahaa, I surrender, I surrender!” Kaira cried out through laughter as a little boy, who Alpha Crimson assumed was Benji, spread more cake on her cheeks.

There she was. His little unpredictable mate, even more beautiful than she was in her dream land. Alpha Crimson noticed how she hadn’t even sensed his presence yet. He let out a sly smirk, taking his Beta and Theta by surprise before he approached the family in the middle.

Alpha Crimson heard his mates laughter cease instantly as Beta Rick announced his presence and watched how her body stiffened while she shut her eyes instantly.

“Happy Birthday Little Benji” Alpha Crimson wished the birthday boy, all the while his eyes remained on his mate who began to shake in fear.

She looked so beautiful in her blue satin dress, making the Alpha want to hold her in his arms and claim her right then and there as his own.

“So, you’ve surrendered.” Alpha Crimson stated in his deep voice, his words sending shivers down Kaira’s spine and shocking those around them.

Alpha Crimson’s eyes narrowed at the shewolf’s exposed neckline, showcasing her mating mark and then travelled down towards her protruding bump. Waves of pure rage began to radiate off the Alpha, making the pack members present fall to the ground in pain under the increasing pressure.

Beta Rick sensed the danger in the room and immediately handed Benji to his mate who scurried out of the room with the frightened boy and other pack children.

“What is going on?” Beta Rick questioned as he stepped in front of Kaira to shield her away from the three men.

Kaira instantly held onto Beta Rick’s hand from behind him, and refused to look up at her mates eyes. She could feel his smouldering stare on her the whole time.

Alpha Crimson’s gaze hardened at the sight of his mate latching onto another man’s hand. The anger radiating off of him became even stronger, with a few windows surrounding the room shattering into a million pieces. Screams could be heard echoing throughout ballroom as pack members shielded themselves from the glass shards.

“It would do you well not to interfere in my affairs, Beta Rick. This is between my mate and I, only,” Alpha Crimson stated as he glared fiercely towards Beta Rick’s blatant disrespect. A few gasps could be heard circulating around the room as Kaira took deep breaths.

Kaira’s eyes began to dart around the room, searching for an exit. Her car was already fully loaded and packed before she arrived to the party. All she needed to do was get Simba into the car and drive as fast as she could.

Amidst the full crowd, Kaira could make out a familiar face standing by the entrance. Her eyes bore into the frightened teenagers eyes as she glanced upwards towards the chandelier lights, praying for him to get the hint.

Evan hesitated for a moment before he saw a single tear slip from Kaira’s eye. With newfound determination, he nodded towards her and swiftly exited the ballroom.

Kaira placed a hand on Beta Rick’s shoulder to calm him down before stepping out from behind him.

She now stood side by side with her friend and stared at Alpha Crimson directly into his eyes. She almost got lost in his deep blue eyes, most likely the mate pull in effect.

With one hand cradling her bump, Kaira directed her voice towards the Beta and Theta standing beside her mate all the while maintaining eye contact with her Alpha mate.

Alpha Crimson couldn’t stop himself from gazing into his mates beautiful eyes. However, he was quickly snapped out of his trance when he noticed the mockery and mischievousness hidden behind her eyes.

“If your Alpha has lost his damn mind, shouldn’t you both have the decency to seek help from a medical professional?” Kaira questioned as the crowd surrounding them gasped in shock. Beta Rick stared sideways in surprise but was met with Kaira’s calm smile.

Beta Zachariah and Theta Grant gaped at the audacity of this woman to claim that their Alpha was mentally ill in front of everyone.

“I beg your pardon? Are you calling Alpha Crimson crazy?” Beta Zachariah uttered in horror as he could feel Alpha Crimson struggling to contain his wolf.

“What else would I call him? He is claiming that I, a shewolf who already has a mate and is pregnant with her mate’s child, is his mate. You’re lucky my mate isn’t here, even if you’re a powerful Alpha, that doesn’t mean you can steal someone else’s mate,” Kaira rebuked Alpha Crimson’s claim in front of everyone as whispers began to fill the ballroom.

Alpha Crimson’s eyes narrowed at his mate in anger. He couldn’t believe this woman would lie in front of hundreds of people.

‘How dare she reject me in front of this many people?’ Alpha Crimson thought to himself as his body shook and his eyes switched between a deep blue and black, indicating that his wolf was surfacing.

“Seems like Alpha Crimson has gone mad after his real mate ran off on him,” a shewolf behind them whispered to her friend.

“Oh my, this is just wrong. How could he claim another shewolf who is already mated and pregnant? How crazy of him,” an elderly shewolf whispered a few feet away from them.

“She must be telling the truth, look at her mates mark on her neck! Only your true mate can leave a mark on your neck,” a younger shewolf claimed from across the ballroom.

Beta Zachariah and Theta Grant were in a deep state of confusion. Their Alpha was claiming this woman to be his mate but she clearly held the marking of another and is pregnant.

“Alpha, maybe we should retreat back to our province. It is getting late,” Theta Grant was the first to break the silence among the trio.

Alpha Crimson let out a thunderous growl and took a step towards Kaira. Beta Rick instantly shielded her from Alpha Crimson’s reach.

Alpha Crimson bared his sharp teeth and snarled at Beta Rick who dared to keep him from his own mate. Within a second, he gripped onto Beta Rick’s neck and squeezed tightly before tossing him aside.

The whole room became eerily silent as pack members became petrified at the sight of the notorious Alpha almost killing their Beta.

“Oh my God, Rick!” Kaira screamed in horror and began to run towards her friend who was struggling to breathe on the floor.

Alpha Crimson sneered at the affection his mate showed towards another man. He latched onto Kaira’s wrist before pulling her firmly against his own body.

Kaira began to panic and struggled against his tight hold. It wasn’t just the fact that sparks were flying everywhere because of the mate pull, but also the fact that her bump rested against his body. He would be able to tell that it was fake if she didn’t slip away from his tight grip soon.

Alpha Crimson used his other hand to grip onto her chin and firmly tilted her head upwards to look into his eyes.

“ENOUGH. I’ve had enough of your games, Kaira Regan Crimson. You are my one and only mate. The only woman I will ever protect for the rest of my life, even if that means my own death. The only woman who will take my name as her own. The only woman I will ever love and take to bed every single night. The only woman who will rule by my side as Luna to the largest province of Canada, Rowim. The only woman who will bear my pups and the only woman I will grow old with, do you understand?” Alpha Crimson stated each word without ever letting go of Kaira’s face. His eyes penetrated into her brown eyes, searching for any sign of submission.

Kaira stood frozen as the Alpha made his claim in front of everyone. She had never expected to hear the cold-blooded killer Alpha say such words, especially in front of so many people. Even his Beta and Theta stood behind the Alpha in shock.

“I... you... you’re crazy. I am already marked and with child, let go of me, you psychopath,” Kaira screamed as she struggled against his tight hold.

Suddenly, Alpha Crimson began to laugh. It was a laugh that was even more terrifying than the one in her dream land. Kaira had to suppress a shudder of terror.

“Marked? With child?” Alpha Crimson laughed some more as those surrounding them took a few steps away from them. Although he was laughing, anyone with a brain could tell that Kaira’s words angered him.

“You call this a marking? This fake tattoo with ink that is fading? Oh little mate, if you wanted a real mate marking that badly, all you had to do was ask,“Alpha Crimson whispered the last bit into Kaira’s ears as she screamed in fear and pushed him away from her body.

Beta Zachariah and Theta Grant looked closely at the woman’s marking and noticed that what their Alpha said was correct. They both smirked to themselves and high-fived each other, happy with the fact that they finally found their Luna.

Kaira’s hand went up to cover her fake marking as she glared at her mate. Her eyes looked up towards the lighting, wondering what was taking Evan so long. She couldn’t give up here, she had to continue fighting. Kaira looked towards her mate with determination as she rested her hand over her protruding bump and opened her mouth to speak.

“Before you say something about being pregnant, I want everyone to focus their hearing on my little mate’s stomach,” Alpha Crimson stated as his smirk grew wider when Kaira inhaled sharply.

Silence followed his remark as the pack members in the ballroom tried to hear a heartbeat from the shewolf’s stomach but were met with even more silence. Beta Zachariah and Theta Grant listened in as well and smiled when they heard no heartbeat either.

“Congratulations, Alpha Crimson. You’ve finally found your mate,” both the Beta and Theta stepped forward and congratulated their Alpha.

Whispers began to spread around the room as people began to suspect that maybe Kaira was Alpha Crimson’s mate after all.

“How could she tell so many lies? Her mate is the richest man in all of Canada and is so handsome, how could she reject him?” a shewolf muttered to her male companion behind Kaira.

“Who could blame her though? I wouldn’t want a murderer as my mate either,” an older shewolf whispered as Kaira let the tears she was holding back fall freely down her face.

“Pregnant? Of all the lies, she chose to say she is pregnant, how foolish,” another shewolf commented as Kaira began to take steps away from the Alpha and his two friends.

“Silence. None of you have the right to speak ill of my mate. If you do, I won’t hesitate to kill you and your descendants,” Alpha Crimson threatened and all of the whispering instantly ceased. Many of the pack members stood further away from the centre so as to not upset the Alpha.

Kaira snapped her gaze up towards her mate who defended her, despite her lying to him. Alpha Crimson gazed into her eyes before giving her a devilish smirk as if to promise that she was not yet forgiven and that a punishment will soon follow.

“On my mate’s behalf, I apologize for the pregnancy lie. Though, I can assure you that she will be with child very, very soon,” Alpha Crimson gave Kaira a sly smirk that had her wanting to dash towards the entrance door right then and there.

Alpha Crimson began to take a few steps towards his mate but his footsteps faltered when she broke a wine glass and held it to her own throat.

“Freeze! If any of you take a single step, I will cut my throat,” Kaira screamed hysterically as she held the glass tightly against her neck.

Beta Zachariah and Theta Grant were about to step towards her but Alpha Crimson raised his hand to stop them.

“Enough, Kaira Regan Crimson. Put that down, right now.” Alpha Crimson demanded using his Alpha voice.

Any normal werewolf would have caved under the pressure and submit to his Alpha voice, regardless of whether they belonged to his pack or not. Kaira visibly struggled to keep the glass against her throat as her mind fought against her body that had to obey the Alpha’s orders.

“NO!” Kaira screamed and drew blood when her shocked Alpha mate stepped towards her.

The scent of her blood filled the room, making the Alpha go slightly nauseous for a second. A mate’s blood is the most intoxicating scent to a wolf. The scent of it would make them go crazy and want to claim the shewolf instantly.

“Alpha Crimson, don’t move. Luna has already cut herself pretty deeply, if we move she might harm herself further,” Theta Grant warned as he laid a hand on his Alpha’s shoulder.

Alpha Crimson took deep breaths and tried to control his wolf from surfacing. He couldn’t understand why his mate was so stubborn.

“Good. Stay right there. If anyone moves, I will end my own life,” Kaira stated as she moved backwards and took steps towards the entrance.

Alpha Crimson kept his composure calm. He knew that even if his mate stepped out of the ballroom, she was no match for his Alpha speed.

Kaira kept her eyes fixed on her mate as she quickly hurried towards the door. Alpha Crimson kept smirking as if he already knew that Kaira’s efforts would go to waste.

‘I know I’m no match for his speed. I just need five seconds. Five seconds is enough to run to my car and drive far, far away. Please, God help me,’ Kaira prayed to herself as she finally reached the door. Her eyes shifted from her mate to Beta Rick, who laid wheezing for his breath on the floor.

Both of their eyes met only for a split second. She expected to see betrayal and pain in his but there was no hint of anger towards her. In fact, he let out a smile and nodded towards Kaira. Kaira’s eyes swelled up with tears as she mouthed ‘I’m sorry, I love you three’. Her eyes shifted back to her mate who watched their exchange with anger evident in his hard gaze.

Truthfully, up until now, Kaira did not believe she could escape. However, like a miracle, right at that moment, the lights shut off. Kaira instantly exited the ballroom and locked the doors from the outside before sprinting outside using her wolf speed.

She heard her mate curse aloud and begin to pursue her. However, before he could get the doors to open, someone tackled him in the darkness. Kaira didn’t even have to guess who it was, it must have been Beta Rick.

Kaira’s legs pushed herself even faster as she neared her parked car outside and noticed Carol holding Simba and her car keys.

“I’m sorry and thank you” Kaira whispered through tears before grabbing Simba and her car keys. She ran into her car without waiting for her friends reply.

Kaira locked her doors and floored it towards the gates. She could sense her Alpha mate still in the ballroom but she knew it was only a matter of seconds before he got out of there. She neared the gates within seconds and mouthed a ‘thank you’ to Evan who opened the gates for her.

As Kaira accelerated over 200 miles per hour, she looked into her rearview mirror. Her tears came full force as she saw her beloved friends territory disappear into the distance.

This time, she wasn’t crying over a burnt house.

She was crying over burnt bridges of friendships, and the betrayal she gave the people she loved.

All because of the man she was supposed to love but will never be able to.

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