Hiding From HIM

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Ten, Nine, Eight...Forever His Mate. ************************* Hiding From HIM Book One of my three part novella series is now available on Amazon.ca and Amazon europe! Please purchase it on https://www.amazon.com/dp/1542571863 !! ************************* Amelia Limand would like to live a normal life, away from the madness of what being a werewolf entails. Unfortunately, fate has other plans. To survive, she will have to undergo seriously comedic, romantic and unbelievable events. Good thing, she's got one hell of an imagination. Plus, flawless acting skills. ************************** From the moment Ryker Hill was born, he is feared by the werewolf species. There are Great Legends written about him by prophets. He's powerful and has recently been Crowned Sole Alpha of the Province of Lelling. All he wants now is his one and only. His forever. His mate. And he'll do anything to find her.

Romance / Fantasy
Lilac Addison
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Hiding From HIM Book One of my three part novella series is now available on Amazon.ca and Amazon europe! on https://www.amazon.com/dp/1542571863 !!


Fear would be an understatement for the very emotion that has encompassed my body as its hostage, for the past three years. Every ticking moment, brings me closer to my own potential demise.

If it were up to me, I would remain far away from the province of Lelling. Unfortunately, the ticket to my freedom can only be found there because legend has it that the portal leading to the Abyss is situated in the ‘Heart of Lelling’. When I left home both my mom and my step-dad, Rick, were planning on moving to Lelling to join the Thunderling pack, as a result of Rick’s engineering occupation.

“Excuse me Ma’am, our flight is about to take off. Please turn off your cellular device until further notice.” Turning away from the window, I nodded at the petite blonde dressed in a flight attendant uniform with a red scarf indicating ‘Air Canada’.

Behind her, a young girl was impatiently tapping her foot while holding two seemingly heavy luggages. She cleared her throat, and the flight attendant quickly moved aside to allow her access to her seat, situated beside me.

“If you don’t mind, may we switch seats? This is my first time flying alone, and I would really enjoy sitting in the window seat. My family insisted on getting a first class ticket but I wanted to experience what it felt like to ride coach on an airplane,” she asked me excitedly.

Momentarily caught off guard by her grayish purple eyes, I rubbed the back of my lower neck as I wordlessly got up and switched seats.

“Thank you. You are so kind, and really pretty. I wish I had your vibrant blue eyes.” I sent a short smile her way, adjusted my earmuffs over my glossy chestnut colored hair and closed my eyes. Unfortunately, my mind was too preoccupied and wouldn’t let me sleep.

One of the Great Legends involved the Shamans of Eastern America. I spent three years trying to locate them to no avail. Although, long gone, their scriptures of future predictions remained in their sacred temples.

A sweaty hand firmly grasped mine which was resting on the armrest, abruptly interrupting my thoughts. Opening one eye, I glanced at the young girl beside me with one eyebrow raised.

“I’m sorry. It’s just that I get nervous when the plane first takes off. My stomach churns and I feel as though I am at the peak of a roller coaster just about to spiral downwards. My hands are sweaty, although I’m not hot. Actually, I’m freezing in this air conditioning,” she rambled on nervously.

Silently laughing to myself, I removed my hand from underneath hers, pushed the armrest up and out of the way, and reached underneath my seat for a blanket. I unwrapped the plastic around it and placed it over her and then another one over myself. She whispered a ‘thank you’ and latched onto my hand once more while using my shoulder as her own personal pillow.

“I can’t sleep,” she pouted, looking up at me with a frown. “I know! How about we play twenty-one questions until we fall asleep?”

Not wanting to answer any personal questions that may come up, I suggested telling her a story instead.

“Since we’re both heading to Lelling, I’ll tell you about one of the Great Legends. While growing up in Lelling, pups are taught about the Great Legends of which came to be our world called ‘Earth’. I still remember sitting around the campfire on Sunday nights with my pack members as our elders spoke of the two worlds, Earth and the Abyss, which are never to be merged together.

According to the old scriptures, centuries ago, humans and beasts lived on Earth in harmony during the reign of King Mikael who swore to uphold peace among both species. His daughter, Princess Ellissa was betrothed to Prince Zachariah in hopes of uniting both the western and northern kingdoms. However, Princess Ellissa was found to be the mate of a powerful witch and lycan hybrid, Alpha Rolan Hill. He claimed Princess Ellissa as his own, causing a war between human and werewolves. Princess Ellissa fought in the war against her own species, resulting in her demise.

Enraged and stricken with grief, Alpha Rolan Hill used the blood from millions of deceased pack members and the royal blood of his deceased mate to perform a dark magic ritual sacrifice, thus forming another world, the Abyss. Humans were banished to live in the Abyss with their memories of the werewolf species erased. Legend has it that Alpha Rolan Hill was struck down by a flying spear because Moon Goddess, creator of every living being, could not fathom his actions against humankind.

He got what he deserved, he brought upon a war against humans causing the deaths of many werewolves.” I finished, looking away from the window and down at the girl who had already fallen asleep.

Shaking the thoughts of the story away, I wrapped my blanket around me tighter and hoped for the flight to land soon.


The wheels of the rolling cart being pushed by the stewardess awoke me. She was two passengers away from us, but the young girl was still fast asleep on my shoulder. It reminded me of when my little sister, Lory, fell asleep on my shoulder during our family’s road trip from Lelling to Toronto, which was an eight hour drive. The hardest part about these three years abroad wasn’t uncovering the truth behind the Great Legends, it was being away from my family that hurt the most.

Rubbing her forehead softly, I whispered ‘hey’ to the young girl in an attempt to wake her up.

“Uh, are we in Lelling yet?” She asked rubbing her eyes.

“No, one more hour left. The stewardess is passing by with dinner though,” I informed her while looking around at the other passengers. Most of the women are accompanied by their mates. How unfortunate, they don’t even realize that they are nothing more than caged birds to their mates.

“Oh, alright. I’m Aria by the way. Aria H--. Sorry, my mother always tells me to formally introduce myself when meeting others but I was too nervous before and forgot.” She told me, sheepishly scratching the back of her head.

“That’s quite alright. I’m Amelia Limand, it’s nice to meet you Aria-- Wait, I’m sorry, what did you say your surname is? The stewardess’ cart rattled too much and I couldn’t hear the rest of your name.” I questioned, not really interested in knowing it anyway but wanting to distract myself from all the couples surrounding us.

“I said, Aria H--” She began, only to be interrupted.

“Good evening, ladies, what would you like for dinner? We have mashed potatoes with beef, fish or chicken, mushroom or chicken soup, a beverage of your choice and for desert jello or yogurt. And, there’s a vegetarian menu as well.” The stewardess asked with a vibrant smile.

“Good evening, the mashed potatoes with chicken, mushroom soup, and jello please.” Glancing at the time, I saw it read 8:30 pm and with a meal like this, I’ll need a little help to get through the rest of this evening. ” And, red wine as well.” I added.

Next up, Aria placed her order, “I’ll have the mashed potatoes with beef, mushroom soup, yogurt and some red wine too. Please.”

The stewardess seemed hesitant to supply Aria with red wine, and glanced towards me, to which I simply shrugged and stayed quiet. As soon as she placed our meals on our seat trays and disappeared into the back, Aria squealed with delight and pulled me into a hug.

“You are the best. I’ve never been allowed to drink red wine before,” she exclaimed, sipping from her glass.

“You seem old enough to make your own decisions. How old are you, Aria?” I inquired, surprising even myself because I usually don’t pry into other people’s lives. Typically, if you pry into their lives, they take it upon themselves to pry into yours.

“I am nineteen years old. And, you?” She asked, her curious, almond shaped grayish purple eyes peering into my own. Her eyes contrasted her long, creamy blonde hair. Anxiously, I rubbed the back of my lower neck again and adjusted my scarf firmly over it.

“I’m twenty-two years old. So, you’re nineteen years old and you’re family doesn’t let you drink any wine?”

“Well, my parents don’t mind. But my older brother says that if kids in the States have to wait till their twenty-one years old, then I should too. That’s just an excuse, though. He just doesn’t want me drinking,” she answered, shaking her head lightly with a faint smile. Her brother seems like quite a controlling man.

We finished the remainder of our meal in relative silence. Aria asked me some questions with only a few minutes left until we landed and parted ways. She ate her yogurt while I finished up with my jello.

“I kind of don’t want this flight to land yet. I enjoy your company, you’re like the sister I never had. I hope to meet you again and your family,” she said, grabbing her baggages from the storage compartment on top and then exchanging cellphone numbers with me.


We made our way through security and went to claim my luggage.

“I was meaning to ask you, how did you manage to sneak your two heavy baggages onto the plane as carry-ons? I had to send mine separately because it was too heavy for the plane to take in.” I asked Aria, thinking she may have paid under the table perhaps.

“My brother doesn’t take no for an answer,” came her rather vague reply. Laughing it off, we took an escalator to the main floor and proceeded towards the exit.

“Would you like a lift, Amelia? My brother sent our driver to pick me up. Plus, since you’re returning after a long trip, you’d have to report to your Alpha.”

“How do you know who my Alpha is?” I inquired, getting an uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach.

“Don’t be silly. Lelling only has one Alpha now. Your family didn’t inform you of the political changes that occurred while you were away?” Aria asked with an incredulous look.

“That’s absurd. One Alpha for the whole province of Lelling? That’s over three million lycans.” It must be some sort of joke.

“Yeah. Come on, let’s go. I think I see Peter.” Aria said, pointing towards the right, where several drivers stood, holding up signs with surnames written on them.

I followed Aria’s hand to the driver she was pointing towards. A bulky, middle-aged man in his uniform, holding up a sign that read ‘Miss Aria Hill’.

My footsteps came to a halt as I registered her surname into my brain. My hands began to sweat and that feeling of nervousness that Aria previously experienced overtook my whole body and shook me to the core.

“You alright?” Aria asked walking back towards me.

Quickly gathering my composure, I took deep breaths and adjusted my things to make a quick exit.

“Yes, I’m fine. Aria, what did you say your surname is?” I asked, fearing the answer I was about to receive.

“Hill. Aria Hill.” This can’t be happening. Of all the people for me to have been seated beside on the plane, it had to be someone from the Hill family. If she’s here with me, having just landed, that means her family should be somewhere near as well.

In fact, I can sense a dominating presence approaching. This isn’t good.

“I won’t be needing a lift, my car is parked at the garage across the airport, thank you though. I have to get going now. It was lovely meeting you, Aria.” Without waiting for a reply, I hurriedly started towards the exit to avoid meeting any other Hill family members.

“Wait! Am--” I heard her yell after me.

“Ari, where have you been? I texted Peter and he said you were nowhere in sight. Come, let’s go. Mother has planned a ‘welcome home’ party for you this evening. The guests are waiting. Hold on, who’s scent is this?“, interrupted a firm, alluring voice, sending an overflow of shivers to cascade down my spine.

Without turning around to look at the man with the powerful voice, I dashed behind a decorative tree into hiding.

“This scent is of a Miltoniopsis santanaei. Ari, who was with you?” He yelled, with a furious growl that created vibrations throughout the airport. On goers didn’t hesitate before dropping their gaze to the floor and minding their own business.

And, neither did I hesitate before I sprinted out of the exit doors, hauling my luggage behind me.


Driving my blue Chevrolet Cruz 2016 around Lelling’s primary capital, Darkstale, I tried gathering my thoughts before returning home. By now, my family would be wondering where I was but I wasn’t ready to return home. Especially, not after experiencing my first encounter with him. Granted, we didn’t see each other, thankfully, but I couldn’t shake off my uneasiness.

A woman’s intuition should never be ignored. If mine is correct, then that man is none other than Alpha Ryker Hill.

There’s also the name he used to address my scent, Miltoniopsis santanaei, which is an orchid. On the lower back of my neck, I have an orchid shaped birthmark. Plus, the effect his voice had on my body was unbearable and made my knees go weak for a second.

‘And, during that time he who shall lead alone shall encounter that which completes a werewolf.’

Alpha Ryker Hill is the ‘he who shall lead alone’, and I’m ‘that which completes a werewolf.’

No way. This isn’t happening.

I’m his mate.

And, he knows that I’m in this city.

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