Hiding From HIM

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Chapter 9


Pop music blasted as we reached the beach party in celebration of my return. Pack members greeted us and went back to drinking cold beverages, playing volleyball and swimming. Father and mother disappeared to mingle and Aria got pulled away by her friends. Mia stayed close to me where I could protect her in case of anything occurring. Joey and Cameron left to grab a cold beer from one of the hundreds of coolers laid out on the beach. Mia and I awkwardly stood side by side amidst the celebrations.

“I’m going to go search for Doctor Melissa. I will be right back.” Mia began and sprinted off.

“Wait.” I yelled after her, she froze in the middle of her next step.

“Didn’t she tell you? She won’t be able to make it tonight. Theta has been robbed of approximately three million dollars. They are both trying to figure out the situation with Lelling’s Elders.” I informed her as her shoulders slumped and she dragged her feet back towards me.

“Oh, well you can run along now. I’m sure you’d much rather grab a couple beers with your two Betas opposed to babysitting me. Besides, there are many guards around the beach,” she suggested while fiddling with her thumbs.

I ignored her and received a mindlink from mother who wanted me to bring Mia on a walk.

“We are taking a walk by the beach, it will be relaxing for you. Take off your sandals and socks so that you can feel your feet sinking into the sand.” I ordered wanting to get it over with quickly.

“No, that’s quite alright.” Mia began before I clenched my jaw and gave her a “do it now” face. I realized it might be difficult for her to bend and take off her socks since her bump would get in the way so I bent down and reached for her right foot.

“No!” She screamed, tilting back and falling into a sitting position.

“I could never possibly allow an Alpha to touch my feet, that would be unsacred,” she laughed nervously and took off her socks.

We began walking along the shore, pups were running around playing soccer and indulging in other fun activities.

“Is it... always...like this, for you?” I heard Mia mumble and turned to meet a frown on her innocent features.

“Always like what, Miss Carce?”

“Like this,” she gestured, waving her arms around us, “no one’s coming within ten feet close to you.”

“Yes, it has always been like this.” I stated as I found the dock that I used to visit when I was younger. We walked in relative silence until we reached the front of the dock where we sat down on the edge and soaked our feet in the warm water. I could feel her penetrating gaze as I took in the ocean’s vast view and the reflection of the moon against the water. Being an Alpha makes it difficult to find the time to enjoy pleasantries such as this.

“Ask me. I know you have a question.” I said while closing my eyes and taking a deep breath, enjoying the peaceful break from my Alpha duties.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to stare. It’s just, why do they keep a distance from you? These people are your pack members and anyone could tell that you are beloved by them, yet they wouldn’t come near you?” She asked confusedly.

“Miss Carce, are you familiar with the Great Legends written by werewolves most esteemed prophets and shamans?” She hummed a ‘yes’ in reply.

“There was one written about me. I found out about it on my eighteenth birthday. I was an Alpha to the main capital of Lelling, the Darkstale pack. Everyone in my pack had met their mates on their eighteenth birthday but mine was no where in sight. My Alpha wolf took over, I went on a killing rampage and murdered every rogue we had in our prison. My parents stopped me and showed me the legend that was written about me. My ancestor, Alpha Rolan, the creator of the Abyss, banished every human being and angered our Moon Goddess, and so I was cursed.

‘He who has been cursed to live a life without that which completes a werewolf, shall one day in return become the lonely sole leader of millions of werewolves in a province that holds power greater than anything ever seen before. And, during that time he who shall lead alone shall encounter that which completes a werewolf.’

I knew that to be united with my mate, I had to become the sole Alpha of Lelling. I’ve committed many sins, and I am not a good man. But anyone in my position would have done the same thing. Living a life without your mate, your true love is meaningless.” I finished, feeling Mia shiver beside me. I took off my black sweater and tossed it around her.

“Love? What a joke. Werewolves don’t do love, we have our own twisted version of it.” I laid down with my arms supporting my head and looked up at the stars while the oceans melody blissfully played.

“May I hear this theory of yours, Miss Carce?” I asked but it was more of a demand.

I turned onto my side to face her. She gazed into the ocean with a glow surrounding her that could have been stolen from the moon itself.

“You see, the second a werewolf is born, their whole life is intertwined with their mate. We don’t know when we’ll meet them, how we’ll meet them, if they’re good or bad, nothing. We know nothing. I refuse to confine to this twisted mockery of love where you are forced to love someone who has been predetermined for you,” she declared.

I laughed and sat upright.

“Miss Carce, do you know what, among all things, humans envy of us the most? Unlike them, we are born with a better half, knowing that someday we will be complete with our mate. Besides, are you forgetting that you are happily married to your mate, Alec? You bear his mark and child.” I concluded, confused at her take on this matter.

“Of course, you would think that way. You’re just waiting for your mate to appear so that you can force her into loving you and make her surrender to your every demand. Most women are nothing but sex slaves to their mates,” she rebuked with suppressed anger.

“You’re wrong. I will love my mate with every breath that I take and will make her feel loved every single day of her life. I was made for her. I exist because of her and for her.” I growled, trying to control my Alpha wolf and body that was shaking with rage.

A few moments passed by in silence, Mia went into deep thought with her hands going in circular motions around her stomach.

“Oh, there you two are! Come on, party’s over.” Aria appeared and helped a quiet Mia to stand up.

“It’s over? What time is it?” I asked.

“It’s already two in the morning, Ryky,” she said as her and Mia made their way to the carpark.

Time seemed to have flown by tonight. I spent almost four hours alone with Mia and yet, for some reason, it doesn’t seem like enough.

She entered our lives unexpectedly and managed to make an impression on all of our lives in such a short amount of time.

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