Hiding From HIM

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Final Chapter


A going-away party had been thrown for me and my baby in the ballroom of Ryker’s pack mansion. Tonight has finally arrived, I will be able to escape from Earth and enter into The Abyss to find my family. Ryker and I hadn’t spoken since that evening by the ocean. He stayed at Lelling’s headquarters most nights to devise plans to find his mate.

Catherine and Damien along with their whole pack had welcomed me with open arms this evening. Their ballroom was decorated beautifully by Aria and she even put a ‘It’s a Girl’ banner by the entrance. Many pack members were dancing and mingling with each other.

Ryker strolled into the ballroom room, and approached me. He was wearing a smooth midnight blue tuxedo with messy hair that made him look even more attractive. I turned around and tried to walk away but he called out to me.

“Miss Carce.”

“Yes, what is it Alpha Ryker?” I asked, trying to act unbothered even though I was sweating buckets.

“How are you feeling? I heard that you had contractions last night but that it was a false call. Doctor Melissa said that you would be going into labour before you enter the portal. I already performed the opening rituals for the portal, it only opens when you use the blood of a descendant of Alpha Rolan. It will remain open for another three hours. At midnight, it will be sealed for centuries. In the event that you enter labour and things get hectic, my mother let Doctor Melissa know where the portal is located, she will direct you.” He said as I absorbed all the information.

Joey and Cameron both came and took Ryker away to greet Lelling’s Elders who decided to make an appearance because of Catherine. I walked by them and headed to find Melissa when one of the Elders gripped onto the black sleeve of my cardigan.

“You are making a terrible, terrible mistake.” Her voice croaked out before she turned and greeted Ryker.

I panicked and sprinted towards the other side of the ballroom to find Melissa who was conversing with Theta. I pulled both of them into a hug and thanked them for everything they have done for me.

“We love you, Amelia. We want you to find your family. It must have been tough to disguise yourself during all of this time but if Ryker Hill found out that you are a Limand then he would have thrown you into jail because of your family who snuck into the portal without permission.” Theta mused out loud, confirming my previous doubts that Melissa did in fact lie to him and did not tell him that I am Ryker’s mate. If Theta knew the truth then he would not have helped us.

“Honey, can you find Allison please?” Melissa requested as Theta kissed her cheek and went off to find their four year old daughter.

“Okay, we don’t have much time. The portal is located underneath a dock that is situated in the same ocean that Ryker’s party was hosted at a couple weeks ago. He already opened it up so you don’t even have to wait for anyone to bring you. As soon as you get a chance, slip out of the ballroom and shift into your wolf. We will be leaving now, best of luck. If you ever return to Earth, come find us, okay?” Melissa informed before Theta came back with Allison. I kissed them all goodbye and wiped away my tears. I didn’t want to make a scene because technically Melissa isn’t allowed to leave until she delivers my baby.


The party was slowly coming to an end and a few pack members began to exit. I slipped away from Aria and camouflaged myself within the crowd who were exiting. I made it outside when suddenly a rough hand yanked me out of the crowd and held a knife at my neck.

“Quiet!” The man holding the knife shouted when I began to struggle. I recognized his voice as Theta’s Beta, Allen. I couldn’t do much with this ten pound silicon pregnancy belly strapped to my waist though.

“Why are you doing this?” I trembled beneath his knife as it pierced the side of my neck ever so slightly and drew drops of blood.

“Shut up, you worthless bitch. We were going to make hundreds of millions of dollars. Theta and I were waiting for Ryker Hill to offer a higher price for our capital. Yet, you came along and Theta suddenly gave it all up and settled for three million dollars. I will end your life.” He hissed, pressing the knife firmly against my jugular.

I heard Ryker and his family approaching which made me even more nervous because I need to get to the portal before they stop me. Allen heard them too, and flipped us around to face them. Catherine screamed and held onto Damien as Ryker, Joey and Cameron stepped forward. Aria was nowhere in sight.

“You have ten seconds to release Miss Carce and accept a more lenient death before I end your life in the most painful method possible.” Ryker threatened calmly unbuttoning his tuxedo.

“Ten, nine, eight--” Joey counted down before water began to hit Allen and I at full force making him drop the knife in surprise as I stumbled away from him. He shifted into his rugged brown wolf and tried to claw at my stomach but only managed to rip off my fake belly. Catherine was horrified and fainted into Damien’s arms as Joey and Cameron chased Allen into the woods behind their pack house.

I turned around and was attacked by water coming from a gardening hose that Aria had used to save me. She was frozen in her place with a shocked expression. I made a move to run but slipped on the water and fell onto Ryker who held a similar expression to Aria’s, only his was mostly filled with anger. His eyes had turned red meaning his Alpha wolf took over.

My whole body was pressed against his, I tried escaping but he locked his arms around my waist with agonizing force. I looked into his eyes and saw them change to his normal greyish purple colour as realization came crashing down on the both of us. I was soaking wet because of Aria’s hose which meant that Ryker had caught my scent. His grip loosened as his mouth fell open a little. Using that to my advantage, I yanked myself out of his hold and took several steps away from him and his family. Catherine had begun to wake up at that point and Aria had shut off the gardening hose.

My hands began to shake, all of my efforts of calming down were of no use. My breathing patterns were abnormally fast, similarly to that of a child who got caught with their hand down a cookie jar.

I was finally captured.

When I lied to everyone three months ago, I had thought this day would come. However, in my mind, I would have been far away from Earth, and be living in The Abyss, camouflaged among ordinary human beings. Away from Ryker and the life that I chose not to live with him.

I glanced towards Ryker who wasn’t exactly content with me at that moment. Betrayal was expressed on his face, mixed with shock and fury. He shifted into his pitch black wolf and ran into the woods behind their pack house. Followed by a series of terrifying growls and vibrations of the floor, which was obviously caused by Ryker destroying everything that appeared in front of him in the woods.

I tried to make a quiet exit while everyone else stood shell shocked at the events that unfolded. If I left immediately, I might make it to the portal in time to run away from everyone and start a new life in the other world. It was the day I had been waiting for since three months ago plus Melissa and Theta sacrificed many things to help me. I cannot let an arrogant Alpha get in my way.

I took two steps before two of Ryker’s personal guards seized me by my arms, claiming to have been mindlinked by their Alpha to bring me to the fifth floor in the Hill mansion. It was located two miles away from their pack house and nobody stopped the two guards as I was dragged away. I turned back around only to be met with the sight of Catherine and Aria crying whilst being comforted by Damien.


I was brought up to the fifth floor, and locked in Ryker’s master bedroom. His two guards left the house. The shaking of my hands never stopped. I took a glass of water from the jug that was sitting on his coffee table and drank the glass in seconds. It was refreshing and gave me some much needed energy. I sat down on his bed and began assess my current situation.

Everyone found out the truth and Ryker ran into the woods to let off some steam before he most likely comes back to confront me. Plus, he ordered his guards to have me brought to his house, away from everyone else. Which means he will for sure be coming to hurt me and that I had less time than I thought to get the hell out of his bedroom, shift into my wolf, and make my way to the portal before the full wolf moon disappears. I checked the time on his alarm clock which read 11:01 PM.

Not knowing when Ryker would return, I went to barricade his door with a dresser, coffee table and desk. It would buy me some time to figure out how to get out of his room. I checked outside the window and noticed that even if I jumped and shifted midair, I would still find myself facing the pack mansion and woods where Ryker disappeared into. If I wanted to make an escape then I would have to crawl out of his window, onto his roof, and across to the other side of his mansion which faces in the direction leading to the ocean. It would be four miles away but if I shifted, I could make it before the portal is sealed.

I stole one of Ryker’s button-up white dress shirts along with a pair of his casual black shorts. After making it to the other side of the house, I tied the clothes around my right ankle, and shifted into my violet coloured wolf, tearing my beautiful red ballroom gown in the process.

I made my way through the driveway of the Hill mansion, slowly at first in order to muster up some strength. As my paws were about to take off into a full sprint towards my destination, I heard someone clear their throat.

" Even after everything you’ve done to me, all the lies you’ve told me, you still choose to leave instead of explaining yourself to me?” Ryker’s broken voice rung out through the darkness as I stood frozen in my place and refused to turn around.

He sighed when he noticed that I was not going to turn around myself, and that he probably had less than ten seconds before I decided to run.

“Shift. Right now. As your Alpha mate, I order you to shift, turn around, and follow me into our home.” Ryker demanded, using his Alpha voice, knowing that I was not a part of his pack but I would still not be able to deny his orders since he used the words ‘Alpha mate’.

I wanted to dig a hole and bury myself into it. I had been so close to freedom. After three months of lying and hiding, in that moment, I decided that I was done with hiding. From now on, I would fight for myself and face my problems head on.

“Let’s get one thing straight, that mansion behind you is all yours. Not mine. And, fine. I will shift and we will talk this out like adults. Turn around.” I mindlinked him through our mate bond using a stern voice.

“You think I don’t know that you will run as soon as I turn around?” Ryker asked me, in an eerily calm voice.

Shivers ran down my spine as being so close to him began to affect me intensely in more ways than one.

Instead of answering him, I stayed in my spot waiting. Ryker grew more impatient with each passing minute and finally decided to turn around. My bones shifted back into place and I pulled his clothes over my bare body.

" You can turn around.” I said, desperately trying to figure out my next move.

I heard his breath hitch in his throat when he looked at me standing five feet away from him, in nothing but his buttoned-up white dress shirt and shorts.

“Mate,” he whispered, in a trance like state, as he closed the distance between us.

Ryker’s hands found their way to my hips, his left hand moving up to cup the side of my right cheek. Sparks immediately began to attack my body because of our mate bond. He gazed deeply into my eyes, and I saw everything that I was supposed to want in life. I saw the two of us making a life together, getting married, having pups but that doesn’t mean that I must conform to that life. I wanted more from life, and that certainly did not include becoming completely vulnerable to my Alpha mate.

I jerked my face out of his hold and stepped aside to make distance between us. I could barely think straight with him touching me.

“Let’s keep this short and sweet. You already know about my plans of entering The Abyss so I don’t have much time. I will not apologize for my actions for I do not believe that I made a mistake. I will not live my life with a man like you, Alpha Ryker. I, Amelia Limand, hereby reject my Alpha mate, Ryker Hi---”

He swept me off my feet bridal style, completely catching me off guard.

“You’re right, beautiful. Let’s keep this short and sweet. I am your mate. You have successfully hidden this fact from me for three months and assumed another identity while residing in my own home, tricking us all into thinking you were someone else. But, despite all of that, I forgive you. When I look into your eyes, I forget everything in this world. You are mine, and I am yours. Don’t even think about rejecting me because I’ll let you in on a little secret. ” My heart skipped several beats as he leaned in closer, grazing my lips ever so slightly with his own and whispered,

“You’re my mate, forever.”

I caught a glimpse of a figure through the darkness, standing behind the two of us and the person shot their tranquilizer gun. It pierced Ryker’s neck as he released me and fell forward onto his driveway. The figure approached us quickly and I saw that it was Melissa. Theta pulled up in their limousine seconds later.

“We didn’t have a good feeling when we left you alone. I shot him with a high dosage but he’s still an Alpha though. The effects will wear off before you know it. Come on, you have fifteen minutes to get to the portal and we have to catch our flight.” Melissa hollered, rushing towards me and dragging me in the direction of her vehicle.

Ryker stirred from the ground and opened his eyes slightly.

“Don’t...go... please...Amelia..” He murmured, holding out his hand in my direction.

“My name is Mia. Mia Carce.” I whispered back, void of any emotions as I turned my back on him and my old life.

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