Hiding From HIM

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Chapter 1


An orchestra began to play their divine music in the ballroom of my family’s mansion, indicating yet another one of my parents parties. It echoed all throughout the halls, travelling to the fourth floor where the conference room is located. Before me, a lineup of Lelling’s most finest trackers kneeled on the floor, begging for mercy.

“One week, seven days, one hundred and sixty-eight hours, ten thousand and eighty minutes, six hundred and four thousand eight hundred seconds. Moon Goddess created Earth in less time than that, yet you incompetent assholes can’t find one woman? You dare to return back to me, empty handed?” Snapping the neck of one, and ripping the heart out another, the sound of footsteps advancing towards the room is heard.

“Ryky, that’s enough. Come, mother and father have summoned you,” my sister, Aria, informed me, handing me a handkerchief to cleanse my hand of their filthy blood.

“Peter get this place cleaned up, please. And, send the rest of them back to their homes,” she instructed before taking my extended arm as we made our way towards the ballroom.


“Mother, you look absolutely breathtaking, as always.” Complimenting her everlasting beauty did not alter the disapproving look that graced her gentle facial features.

“Truly, mother. That black gown enhances your radiating beauty. Father is one lucky man to have you as his mate. Also, it’s far better in comparison to Ari’s poorly chosen peach gown.” We heard a scuff from across the ballroom, and shared a knowing look as we stifled our laughter.

“Indeed, I am the luckiest man in the world. My beloved Catherine,” father joined us, immediately wrapping his arm around mother’s waist and placed a kiss on the side of her head.

“Damien. Not now. We need to have a serious discussion with our lovely son. Follow me to Ry’s office.” She made her way out of the ballroom, smiling and greeting every guest as any former Luna would do. Father, Aria and I silently followed her until we reached my office on the fifth floor.

” Look,-- ” Mother began only to be interrupted.

“Honey, we have guests downstairs, don’t blow the rooftop off again.” After sending father a murderous look, she continued, “Look, I didn’t spend twelve hours in labor to squeeze a murderer out of my vagina. Do you understand me, boy? No more killing.”

Everyone present in my office stood gaping at mother’s bluntness. Signaling my guards to leave the room, I walked towards her and embraced her lightly.

“Forgive me. Ever since I caught the scent of my mate at the airport with Ari, I’ve become more restless than usual. However, I have vowed to find her no matter what. If murder enables me to get even one inch closer in finding her, then so be it.” She shook her head and looked towards father and Aria for assistance.

“Son, Ar has given you all of the details that she knows. Amelia, brunette, blue eyes, twenty-two years old, even her cellphone number. Unfortunately, that cellphone number doesn’t exist and the airports camera system was under repair during that day. She could be long gone by now. Don’t force things, it’ll happen when its meant to happen.” Clenching my fists, I tried suppressing my anger.

“You don’t know what it’s like. What it feels like for your mate to be so close to you and yet so far away. She knew I was there. I know she did. But, she still chose to leave. And, her cellphone number. Do you people really think it is simply a coincidence that it doesn’t exist anymore? I need to find her, she could be in danger. I’ve lived twenty-four years without her, werewolves typically meet their mates before the age of twenty. The Great Legends foresaw it happening this way. I poured my blood and sweat into building an empire for our family, and became the sole Alpha of Lelling. Everything that I did was in order to bring me closer to finding her.” My sudden outburst took them by surprise, father lightly patted me on the shoulder with an understanding look.

A timid knock at the door broke the silence and intruded on our privacy.

“Who the hell is knocking on my door?” The audacity of some people. It better not be another woman from the ballroom trying to flirt with me.

“Ryky, we want you to find her too. Not like this though. Those two men you murdered not even an hour ago had families of their own, you need to think about your pack as well. They look up to you, and respect you. Do not make them cower in fear. Moon Goddess forbid one day your mate does so as well.” Aria advised before making her way to answer the door.

The open door revealed a five foot eight inch young woman, carrying a duffel bag. A heart-shaped face with brown eyes hidden behind squared RayBan glasses, and pitch black forehead bangs with long hair that escalated down her chest and rested on the protruding curve of her stomach.

“Pardon me, Alpha Hill. But this young lady claims to have crucial business to discuss with you.” Peter informed, with a quivering voice as he knows that I don’t take too kindly to uninvited guests.

Waving him off, mother approached the young woman and took her duffel bag off her shoulder and welcomed her into the room.

“State your business, pup. You are standing before the sole Alpha of Lelling, trespassing, with no scent at all. That’s enough reason for me to have you thrown into Lelling’s prison under accounts of suspicion and you’ll spend the rest of your days rotting away alongside pathetic rogues.” My eyes bore into hers, inflicting fear upon her whole being.

“Ignore him, sweetie,” mother stated as she struck me on my head.

“Yeah, he woke up on the wrong side of his bed this morning.” Aria continued, offering her a glass of water.

She took the water, mumbling a ‘thank you’ and drank it while rubbing her small stomach with a relieving sigh. Placing the glass on my coffee table, she slowly lifted herself off of the chair and faced us, bowing ever so slightly to the best of her ability in her current state.

“Mia. Mia Carce. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintances, and yours, Alpha Ryker Hill.”

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