Hiding From HIM

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Chapter 2


“Correct me if I’m wrong, Miss Carce, but it seems that you are implying that it is not a pleasure to make my acquaintance.” Ryker’s grayish purple eyes pierced my fake brown eyes which were achieved through the use of colored contact lens.

His appearance almost made me question every decision I had made prior to showing up at his mansion. A strong chiseled jawline, dirty blonde hair with fierce eyes that held a hint of mischievousness. Truly, he must be every shewolf’s dream mate.

“Forgive me, I just didn’t expect the sole Alpha of Lelling to turn out to be nothing but an immature, merciless murderer,” I replied, using the sweetest smile I could muster up.

His parents along with Aria stood to the side dumbfounded at my lack of respect towards him.

In the blink of an eye, Ryker stood before me, latched onto my arm and yanked me towards him, close enough for me to feel the heat radiating off of his body.

Leaning into the right side of my head, he whispered in a low, menacing voice, “I would watch what you let slip through those sweet lips of yours, Miss Carce. Wouldn’t want to land yourself in trouble, right? Especially not with your little bundle of joy on the way.” Shivering, I jerked myself out of his hold while nodding towards his silent threat.

“Of course, my apologies. My hormones seem to be out of place.” I defended with a flushed face, still not recovering from the close proximity our bodies were in just moments ago.

Luckily I chose to wear long sleeves. If he made skin to skin contact with me, then he would have found out that I’m his mate.

“And, indeed I am the murderer of those bodies that you just saw beforehand. However, each of them were flawed and only brought pain upon their families. Drugs, gambling, assault you name it. Their mates and pups would thank me.” Ryker stated, searching my face for any reaction.

“Woah. Did Ryky just try to justify his actions, mom?” Aria whispered, looking between her brother and I.

“Nonsense. I was not justifying anything, besides who cares what this woman thinks?” He hissed out, shooting a venomous look at me.

“Quite frankly, whether those men were good or bad does not matter. Even pups are aware that if one mate dies then their significant other will also feel a fraction of that pain. Whether you admit it or not; You. Are. A. Murderer. Alpha Ryker Hill.” I emphasized, looking away from his face. My eyes briefly met with those of his mom who shook her head with a panicked expression as if to warn me to stop speaking.

Before Ryker could potentially send me six feet underneath the ground, two men strode through the doors while arguing with each other. One was a redhead, wearing a sleek black tuxedo and the other was a blonde in a navy blue blazer and black jeans.

“Shut the fuck up, Joey. I’m the one who did all the work so I’m the one who’s going to tell Ryker,” the redhead stated with an exhausting sigh.

“Yeah asshole but I’m the one who got her talking with my irresistible charms.” Joey countered with a smirk.

“Joey, Cameron. Language,” Ryker’s mom warned. They both mumbled a ‘sorry’ and Cameron continued, directing his mellow voice towards Ryker.

“I think we found her. We tracked down the passengers who were sitting in close proximity to Aria and your mate on the plane. A woman in her early thirties who sat in front of them on the plane said that when she was taking a selfie, she accidentally caught the both of them in the background because of the small gap between the seats.” He stated, making my blood run cold before I remembered that I am in a cleverly devised disguise and I used a whole can of scent masking spray. They wouldn’t be able to distinguish between the woman I am pretending to be right now from my true self.

“Before you show it to me, run it by our computer technicians at Lelling’s headquarters. Have them create any possible alias’ that she may be using. She’s clever, she managed to get rid of any trace of information pertaining to her cellphone number given to Aria. I do not want any mistakes, am I being clear? She may even be in danger, we must find her.” He ordered with a distant look in his eyes.

“Yeah, man. Don’t worry, we’ll find our future sister-in-law.” Joey reassured with a bright smile as I inwardly gagged at the term ‘sister-in-law’. The three of them must be close childhood friends.

“I appreciate that. Now, where were we, Miss Carce?” He stated, turning towards me as Cameron and Joey made a move to exit the room.

“I believe you were very close to snapping her neck off.” Aria mumbled underneath her breath as her dad covered her mouth with his pocket square.

A cold sweat broke out on my forehead, if they leave right now then that means headquarters will be using their technology to uncover the truth behind my lies. I can’t let that happen. The others looked towards me expectantly, waiting for me to state why I was present before them. Not knowing what else to do, I let out an ear piercing scream, clutched my belly, and kneeled on the carpeted floor. It took everyone by surprise but Ryker’s mom was the first one to run to my aid.

“Are you alright, Mia? What are you all standing there for! Ryker, Cameron, and Joey go downstairs to the ballroom and fetch a doctor. Aria get some water and Damien get some towels.” Everyone stood there, processing the tasks that they had been given.

Clutching my stomach again, I let out another shrilling screech with a series of whimpers. My nervousness was escalating the situation and causing it to get out of hand. Sweat was breaking out throughout my whole body, making my performance seem all the more believable.

They all sprinted out the door to complete their tasks, leaving me alone with his mom. She moved me onto the chair that I had previously sat on and told me to ‘breathe in and out’. In a coarse voice, I requested chocolate, using the excuse of having a low blood sugar level. She hesitated to leave me alone but upon my pleading, exited the room to retrieve some sugar.

Immediately springing up from the chair, I sprinted towards the door and locked it. I have approximately two minutes to come up with a plan before a doctor enters the room and tells everybody that my stomach is carrying nothing but a fake silicon belly taken from a maternity mannequin at Darkstale’s shopping complex.

Looking around Ryker’s office, I prayed for any kind of sign that would help me to figure out what to do next. His office is very spacious decorated in classy colours using black and white as its main theme. There’s a full bookshelf along the right wall full of different type of books in different languages. Who would have thought that the big bad Alpha is a fan of literature?

There are black chairs and a black sofa with a glass coffee table in the middle. I could break the table and escape through the window, it would look like I had been kidnapped. On his desks, there are weapons such as sharp knives and pistols. I could fake my own death by leaving traces of blood without any signs of a body. It would be a mysterious case. But then I would have to come up with a new disguise in order to meet the Hill family again and acquire what I need from them.

I heard footsteps approaching quickly because every regular werewolf is able to hear from fifty feet away. Alpha’s and other higher authority werewolves such as Betas, who are second in command, can hear up to one hundred feet away. I unlocked the door and ran towards the sofa to lay down and practice my breathing.

“Don’t worry, sweetheart. I brought every type of chocolate that is made in Lelling from our kitchen. Which one would you like?” Ryker’s mom asked, carrying a tray full of various types of chocolate.

Pointing at the Lindt milk chocolate, I unwrapped the bar and took a big bite out of it. I regulated my breathing and rubbed my baby bump soothingly.

“Thank you very much, Luna.” I bowed slightly and gave her a shy smile.

“Anytime, Mia. And, nonsense, I was the former Luna, please don’t bow. Hopefully, Ry will be able to find his Luna soon enough,” she said with a kind smile as she tossed her creamy blonde hair into a neat bun. Aria must have gotten her hair colour from her mom whereas Ryker’s is a mix between his moms blonde hair and dads brunette hair.

“Isn’t Ry, I mean Alpha Ryker Hill, past the age of finding his mate?” I faltered, avoiding her amused eyes as even she could tell that just the mention of Ryker’s name made me nervous.

“Well, yes. He is twenty-four and has yet to find his mate. Which is why his attitude is a little sour right now. But I can assure you, my son is a good man. He would not hurt anyone in his pack.” She proudly stated, handing me a second chocolate bar.

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