Hiding From HIM

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Chapter 3


Reaching the ballroom before Joey and Cameron, my pack members seized their actions on the dance floor as the DJ cut off his music. I made my way towards the front stage and scanned the ballroom full of familiar faces but failed to recognize any of the medical practitioners whom I am acquainted with. Soon, Joey and Cameron joined me in the front, as I faced my guests and cleared my throat.

“Good evening, I hope everyone’s enjoying this party. Is there a doctor present before us tonight? If so, come forth. Immediately.” I demanded with a cold expression.

Murmurs began to spread around the ballroom as people questioned why a doctor is being summoned and wondered if any of my Hill family members fell sick.

“Quiet. Alpha Hill has requested a doctors presence. If we find out later on that there was a doctor present here tonight but they did not step forward, then you will be severely punished.” Cameron stated as Joey nodded his head in agreement.

“Yes, Alpha Hill. Lelling’s General Hospital, Doctor Melissa Cartwell at your service,” stated a firm voice from behind the crowd. People split into either side of the ballroom and made a trail for her to follow towards the front. She was wearing a lime green gown, clearly present for amusement and not work.

“Good. This way.” I walked past her, leading the way to my office.

“Cam, isn’t it strange how Ryker seems a little worried?” Joey whispered while I pretended not to hear him. Worried? Not a chance.

“If I may ask, Alpha Hill, who is the patient?” Doctor Melissa questioned, her eyes boring into the back of my skull as her heels clicked, trailing behind the rest of us.

“Miss Carce. A visitor who is quite a bit along in her pregnancy. She seemed to have been experiencing sharp pains in her stomach.” Twisting the knob of my office door, we entered the room only to find Mia doing well.

A wet towel was laid around her neck, as she ate from a Lindt chocolate bar. My family stood around her, conversing quietly.

“What the hell is going on?” My aggressive voice startled most of the people present in the room except for one specific young woman who was starting to get on my nerves.

“Calm down, Ry. Her blood sugar level was low. After eating some chocolate and a few breathing exercises, she is doing much better.” Mother said with a relieving sigh, “Is this the doctor? Nice to meet you, I am Mrs. Catherine Hill.”

“It is an honor to make your acquaintance, you were truly an exquisite former Luna to Lelling’s pack. I have been an employee of Lelling’s General Hospital for six years, Doctor Melissa Cartwell. And, I assume you are Miss Carce?” She made her way closer to Mia who backed away further into her chair.

“Don’t be scared, Miss Carce. I just want to check your pulse and if it is elevated then I will have to transfer you to Lelling’s General Hospital to make sure that you and your baby are safe, alright?” Mia nervously gave a short nod before asking a series of questions.

“Will I need a shot though? I really cannot get a shot. I faint at the sight of needles. I would rather be forced to have a minute long conversation with Alpha Ryker Hill than be forced to stare at a needle for ten seconds. I swear, no needles, please?” She begged, as everyone went into a fit of laughter at her obvious mockery of me.

“Watch it, Miss Carce. Or else,” I threatened, waiting to pick up on the sound of her terrified, racing heartbeat only to be met with a beautiful chorus of laughter. How could she find my threat funny? She must be an absolute lunatic.

As Doctor Melissa checked Mia’s pulse, her smile faltered and she gazed straight into Mia’s eyes.

“What’s wrong, Doctor Mel? Is there a problem? Is the baby in danger?” Aria questioned, worriedly. Ever since her mate, Brian, went to the States to complete his Bachelor of Science, Aria has been hellbent on planning a wedding and having a baby as soon as he returns.

“No, don’t worry. I simply have to get her admitted into our hospital because I do not have any of my equipment here,” she assured.

“No. I’m fine. I don’t need to go to any hospital, really I am fine.” Mia quickly rebuked the idea.

“Nonsense, dear. We have to make sure your little one is safe. Just because we are werewolves doesn’t mean that our pregnancies are easy. Complications can occur and we must take every precautionary measure in order to ensure that everything is alright,” mother countered.

“Yes, Ma’am. However, may I speak in private with Doctor Cartwell before I am to be admitted in the hospital? There are a few details of my pregnancy that I must share with her.” A powerful, savage growl ripples through my chest as I advanced towards Mia and grabbed a fistful of her midnight black hair.

“Who the hell do you think you are? You will not throw me out of my own office, you ignorant pup. You’re lucky that we even found this doctor for you, need I remind you that you are an intruder and that I can have you thrown into jail before you even take your next breath.” Everyone stood off to the side, not daring to meddle in the situation, only a fool would purposely interfere with an angry Alpha.

Her gloved right hand latched onto my fist as she herself yanked on my hand containing a fistful of her own hair. Releasing a painful hiss, she looked directly into my eyes, challenging my authority over her.

“I do not fear a man like you. A man who does not hesitate to strike and kill his own men, who does not falter before raising his hands on a woman. You, Alpha Ryker Hill, cannot invoke fear upon me,” she finished boldly.

Leaning my face closer to hers, an inch away from her right ear, I whispered lowly so that only she could hear, “don’t tempt me, darling, you wouldn’t want me to make you start, right?”

I searched her face for any trace of fear.

“Ari, handle her hospital situation. I want her back in my office tomorrow morning by 8 o’clock.”

Releasing my hand from her hair, I stepped back, signaling my men to follow me out for my provincial meeting.

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