Hiding From HIM

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Chapter 4


Soft hands lightly shook my shoulders awake, murmuring something too incoherent for my sleepy brain to comprehend. Blinking several times to make out the figure standing beside my hospital bed, I saw Melissa dressed in a light blue summer dress and white shoes with her auburn hair in a messy bun.

“Mel, one more hour. It’s so early.” I whispered, turning my body to face the other side of the comfortable hospital bed. Aria and her mother made sure I received the best treatment and room.

” Wake up. It’s already 7 am. Alpha Hill ordered for you to be in his office in an hour, Miss Hill and their driver will be here in thirty minutes. You need to put on your disguise,” she yelled, tossing an ice cold bucket of water onto me.

Screaming, I jumped out of bed and glared at her.

“Seriously! I should’ve known you’d do that. Every time we had sleepovers and you wanted to wake up before the crack of dawn to bake something, you’d pull that same trick.”

Laughing, she tossed me a towel, some clothes, my heavy silicon pregnancy belly and pushed me in the direction of the bathroom. After changing into a floral summer dress with black tights and a long sleeve black cardigan with black flats, I put on my fake colored contact lens and tossed my hair into a plain ponytail. I proceeded to fix the airbrushed tattoo that I had gotten done in the area where my collar bone and shoulder meet. It is of an ordinary werewolf male which symbolizes that I am a marked shewolf with a mate.

Exiting the room, I found Melissa sitting on the bed, reading some of her patients charts. Upon noticing me, she shook her head.

“What’s wrong?” I questioned with furrowed brows.

“If Alpha Hill lays even one finger on your skin, he will know you’re his mate. Keep your hair down, not in a ponytail. And here, take this pair of gloves. Just to be safe,” she stated nervously, taking the elastic out of my hair.

“Don’t be nervous, I won’t get caught. I know your name is riding on this too because you’re officially my doctor and they would question you if I get caught. I am really sorry Mel but I promise that I won’t get caught. Thank you for helping me.” I reassured, shaking out my wet hair.

“Of course, we’ve been best friends since our childhood. When I first got that phone call on the day that you landed at the airport, and I heard you crying through the phone, my heart dropped. I just knew something was off. But I never thought I would walk into Alpha Hill’s room last night and see you there, pretending to be pregnant. I figured that’s why you told me to attend that party last night. You’re really crazy, you know. But still, as intelligent as ever.” She joked, packing up a few fake medications for me, several cans of scent masking spray and a medical report.

“Melissa. I can’t be with him. I just can’t. Especially not after what you told me about my family. I need to go and find them.” I said, looking out the window, wondering how I will ever be able to accomplish this mission.

“They didn’t want to leave you behind Amelia, they waited until the very last day to see if you’d reply to their phone calls or emails. But you were stuck in a no cellphone service zone on your journey and time was running out. Your step-dad was being pressured by the government to quit his job and to move into Alpha Hill’s pack house with your whole family and train the warriors. They knew how you felt about that pack though so they decided to move into the human world, The Abyss. They had to access the portal on a night where it was a full wolf moon. They told me to tell you that they’ll be waiting for you on the other side. It’s still a mystery as to how they snuck into the portal.” Melissa said solemnly.

Tears escaped my eyes, it’s been years since I’ve seen my family. Not a day goes by where I don’t miss them profusely.

“Don’t cry, I promise I will do everything that I can to help you. My Alpha mate, Theta will help you as well. He wants you to reunite with your family. As long as he doesn’t know that you and Alpha Hill are mates, we should be fine. Now stop crying, it isn’t good for the baby, you know,” she teased.

Laughing, I wiped away my tears just as Aria and Peter knocked on the door. Melissa gave me a quick look, to which I nodded, and she went into doctor mode.

” Come in,” she commanded in a serious voice.

“Good morning! Lovely day, isn’t it? You look beautiful, Mia! I’m sorry that we have to wake you up and bring you to Ryk’s office this early in the morning. You and the baby probably need more rest. Don’t worry, we’ll make sleeping arrangements for after the meeting.” Aria said in a cheerful mood. She was wearing a red romper with black heels.

“And this is Mr. Peter. He is our family driver and good friend.” She looked towards Peter, elbowing him in his stomach to respond to the rest of us. He gave a short, uninterested nod.

“You all should probably make your way to Alpha Hill’s office. It’s already 7:45 am.” Melissa informed, checking her watch.

Aria gasped loudly and shrieked before grabbing my arm and sprinting out of the room with an equally panicked Peter.


“Don’t freak out. But Ryk will most likely be fuming once you enter his office. It was his Alpha order for you to arrive before 8 o’clock. It’s now 8:30. I already texted him saying it was because of traffic. I hope that helps to cool down his anger.” She rambled on and on, feeling guilty.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.” I stated, rubbing my round belly. She left me at the door of his office, and signaled the guards to let me through.

All the confidence I had vanished as soon as I stepped into the room and felt the tension in the air. He was sitting behind his desk, and I heard the impatient tapping of his foot. Taking a deep breath, I cleared my throat and immediately diverted my eyes to the ground as he swirled around to face me in his chair.

Placing my hands on my protruding stomach, I made circular motions around it to hopefully seem harmless and not get killed during the meeting.

“Sit,” he demanded in a rough voice.

Slowly, I placed both of my hands on each of the chairs armrests and lowered myself into the chair like I’ve seen pregnant women do all the time. Though, I am only sixteen weeks along in my pregnancy so my fake bump isn’t that big.

“Your medical reports. Now,” he hissed at me.

“Please. I believe the term you’re missing is please.” I said, giving him a nasty look in return. He growled, gripping his coffee mug so forcibly that the veins on his forearms bulged. Which honestly did nothing to help with my whole ‘ignore his painfully good looks’ plan.

Sighing deeply at his obvious anger issues, I reached into the bag that Melissa packed for me and grabbed the medical report, sliding it across his desk towards him. He raised his right brow at my lack of respect, to which I simply gave him an innocent look.

“So, it says that you experienced pains because of your low blood sugar. And, that you have mild photo-sensitivity, an allergy to the sun? Well, that would explain your poor choice in clothing. That allergy mixed in with your current pregnancy makes you scentless, am I correct?” Ryker started, trying to get a reaction out of me.

I simply hummed a ‘yes’ in reply.

“And, how are you feeling now? Is your baby alright?” He questioned. My eyes darted from the weapons behind his desk to his face. The corners of his mouth were frowning, as he waited for an answer.

“Both my baby and I are fine. Be careful there Alpha Ryker Hill, someone may misunderstand you for actually having a heart.” I teased, knowing that if he loses his temper, this could very well be my last day of living but that I have the upper hand seeing as I am ‘pregnant’.

Surprising me, and most likely all the guards outside, he let out a deep chuckle that immediately put me into a trance. My eyes remained fixated on his almost too perfect smile and he cleared his throat to get my attention.

“I like your guts, Miss Carce. You’re really something else.” He whispered the last part but I heard it anyways.

“Thank you.” I replied in a confused manner. What game is he trying to play? He clearly hates me and the feeling is mutual.

“Join my mother, Ari and I for breakfast on our terrace.” He said with the most fake smile I have ever seen in my entire life.

“Oh, so that’s why you were being fake nice to me? What, did mommy say you’ll get a spanking if you don’t bring me to breakfast? Does the big bad Alpha fear his mommy?” I mocked while clutching my belly in laughter.

He breathed slowly in an attempt to calm himself which did not help because the next thing I knew, he was standing right in front of my chair and yanked me up by my arm.

Not wanting to seem weak, I met his stern gaze with my unwavering eyes. He took one step forward as I took one step back until he eventually backed me into the nearest wall. In an attempt to get out of it, I turned to my right but he placed his arm beside my head. I then turned to my left but he placed his other arm there, effectively caging me in. The only thing helping to keep a distance between our bodies was my round stomach.

His breathing was even, whereas mine was erratic and I am sure he heard my rapid heartbeats. Leaning in, almost scraping my quivering lips, he whispered, “Miss Carce, you shouldn’t mock an Alpha. You never know, maybe you’ll be the one getting a spanking.”

His hot breath grazed my cheeks, and his deep voice made my knees buckle and want to obey his every command. He stepped back and smirked at the reaction he got out of me. Before I could reply, Aria slammed the door open.

“Alright, breakfast time. Let’s go, mother is waiting at our pack mansion. Wait, why is your face so red, Mia?” She questioned while her brothers smirk grew even wider.

She looked between us confusedly before grabbing her brothers arm and dragging him out of the room.

Following them, I had only one thing on my mind.


Ryker has no idea who he just messed with.

After all, payback’s a bitch and this one’s a bad bitch.

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