Hiding From HIM

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Chapter 5


As we walked towards the terrace for breakfast, pack members bowed in respect and headed towards the dinning room where breakfast is served in our pack mansion.

“Ryky, what was that all about before? Mia’s cheeks were red, did you hit her?” Aria inquired worriedly.

“Of course not. You should know that I wouldn’t lay a finger on a woman.” I explained.

“Then what happened? There’s something going on.” She insisted, not willing to drop the subject.

We made our way towards the empty terrace, mother must have asked our pack members for privacy to make Mia feel comfortable. It was warm and sunny, a good day for breakfast outside.

“Welcome darlings, welcome. Come, have a seat. Unfortunately, your father is out playing golf with the elders and discussing some pack businesses which he will tell you about later Ry,” my mother began as we all took a seat on our dinning table beside the one hundred foot inground pool that was recently put in for our pack members to enjoy.

“Thank you for this invitation to breakfast, Ma’am.” Mia expressed with a warm smile and cheeks that were still a little rosy. “It is truly an honor to be seated with such an influential former Luna.”

“Anytime, Mia and please call me Catherine. Our first encounter wasn’t exactly the best. We would like to get to know you. How about we start off with an obvious question, who is your mate and where is he? Surely he did not simply leave you to enter into our Hill mansion all by yourself in your current state?” Mother questioned as we began to dig into our breakfast platters.

Come to think of it, I would also like to know which man is unfortunate enough to have to deal with this feisty woman, she must be a handful at home. I chuckled to myself, gaining the attention of the rest.

“Well, you see, I need your help with that.” Mia replied with a sullen expression and suddenly dropped from her chair to the ground at mother’s feet.

“Please, help me reunite with my family. Please, my baby hasn’t even heard my mates voice yet.” She begged with tears flowing down her fair skin. I looked away, unable to witness her looking that vulnerable.

Aria sprung up from her chair, guided Mia back into her own chair and gave her a few tissues. We all eagerly waited for Mia to explain her situation.

“My mate, Alec Piater, loves me dearly. He doesn’t control me at all and lets me do what I want. A couple of months ago, I asked him if I could travel to the States for a few months to gain inspiration for a novel that I was writing. He couldn’t join me because of his job, he is an engineer in our hometown, Baysach. I left him with my family and pack, Thunderling,” she whispered, wiping away her tears.

“Thunderling Pack? That is the only pack in all of Lelling’s ten packs that has not been officially handed over to Ryky, right mom?” Aria noticed, looking towards mother for clarification.

“Precisely. Their Alpha Theta refused to give leadership away to Ry. It is still being negotiated. Although, that would explain how you were able to speak your mind to Ry so freely before. Technically, he is not your Alpha,” mother confirmed, looking at me to read my emotions.

“We’ll see about that.” I stated, confident that Theta won’t be able to refuse the offer I had given in the prior night during our provincial meeting. Mother and Aria shook their heads at me, unable to read my mind. As an Alpha, I have the power to cut off my mindlink from everyone else.

“Alec and my family received a letter stating that I had been killed in an accident by a drunk driver in the States. Someone in the States shared the same name as me, we were both at the New York Police Department. I had been mugged and I couldn’t shift into my wolf because I had a feeling I might have been pregnant at the time. My cellphone, laptop and phone were all stolen. The girl suffered a worse fate as she was hit by a drunk driver in broad daylight on the same day, resulting in the mix up. My family couldn’t contact me and became depressed and felt guilty, especially Alec. He began to feel the physical pains of losing his mate although I am alive.” She stopped as Aria began to cry and I motioned for her to continue.

“During a full moon on the tenth of April 2017, exactly one month ago, they found out that Lelling’s most despicable rogue criminals were being banished in a portal leading to The Abyss where all of their memories would risk being wiped away after entering the portal. My whole family and Alec snuck into the portal in order to start a new life. By the time, I came back home to share the news of my pregnancy, they were all gone. Please, help me. I need Alec, my baby needs its father. Please.” Mia finished, leaving the rest of us dumbfounded, however I masked my emotions well.

“Oh my, you poor thing. The trauma you must have felt when you returned to your empty home. Theta must have sent you to us then because he knows that we have full authority over the portal because of our ancestors,” mother reached across and pulled Mia into her arms.

I was beginning to feel restless. I don’t know why but my wolf was telling me to pull Mia into my own arms for some reason.

“I’ll help you.” I promised, much to the surprise of mother and Aria. All of them looked at me until mother broke the silence with a warm smile.

“Then it’s settled. You will stay with us in our home until we figure out the details.” Mother decided, looking towards me for any objections.

“No, of course not. I would never impose on you like that. I will happily take a room in your pack house, please.” Mia denied quickly.

“It’s no trouble at all, really. I would love to have you around. It will be fun, Mia.” Aria insisted but Mia began to refuse again.

“Enough,” I growled out, “you will be staying in our mansion where I can have my eyes on you. End of discussion. I have a meeting with Theta, I will be leaving first. Enjoy the rest of your breakfasts.” Getting up from my chair, I kissed Aria and mother on their cheeks before walking out with my guards surrounding me.

“Wait. Alpha Ryker Hill. Hold on!” I heard Mia holler and her footsteps approaching me. My guards moved aside as I turned around to meet her but she tripped on one of my guards foot and headed straight towards the ground. My Alpha instincts overtook my body and reached forward, firmly grasping her small waist with my right hand while my left hand took hold of her gloved right hand.

My eyes searched over her for any injuries. Our eyes met and there was something in them which made me think that I might not be able to sleep much tonight. Her mouth fell open as she realized our current position.

“Uh...your phone, Alpha Ryker Hill,” she whispered, refusing to make any more eye contact with me.

“Alpha Ryker.” I whispered back, shocking even myself by still not letting go of our position.

“Excuse me?” She asked with a perplexed face. Yanking my Samsung Galaxy 8 out of her hand, I helped stabilize her onto her own two feet and let go of her completely. Immediately, my body felt cold and vacant.

Turning around, I fixed my grey blazer and slipped my phone into the back pocket of my black dress pants.

“Alpha Ryker. Call me Alpha Ryker.”

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