Hiding From HIM

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Chapter 7


I greeted everyone as I entered our dining room and took my seat at the head of our dining table. To my right, Joey sat, with Cameron’s empty seat beside him. To my left, father, mother, Aria and then Mia were seated. Hannah, our middle-aged head chef, cooked an extravagant meal as usual.

“What’s on the menu today, Hannah Banana?” Joey inquired.

“Mushroom soup, sirloin steak with risotto and Greek salad. For desert, we have a seven-layered double chocolate cake,” she announced, with a warm smile.

“Wow. If you were my mate, I’d claim you right now.” Joey said with drool almost oozing out of his mouth.

Mia’s laughter erupted throughout the room and made the whole atmosphere brighten up. My eyes shifted towards her and remained there.

Mother cleared her throat and turned towards Mia, “wouldn’t you like to change into something lighter, sweetheart? I can barely see any of your skin, you must be burning up in those long sleeves and leather gloves.”

“No, I am fine. It’s safer for my baby this way, I can never tell when sunlight is going to pierce my skin.” She laughed, nervously.

“It’s evening, Mia. You’ll be fine in lighter clothes,” father assured, supporting mother as usual.

“It’s fine. If that’s what she feels comfortable wearing then so be it,” everyone’s gaze shifted towards me. Thankfully, Cameron made his appearance at that moment and came over to report to me.

“Ryker. We have a minor problem. Our people down at Lelling’s headquarter’s calculated it, the next day with a full wolf moon appearance will be in three months on the fifth of August 2017. This is the first time in centuries that two full wolf moons have been said to occur in the same year,” he informed while looking around the table to meet Mia’s face. “However, we cannot confirm that Mia will survive if she enters whilst pregnant.”

“Mia, how far along are you?” Mother asked, trying not to lose hope.

“Sixteen weeks. Werewolves give birth during the twenty-eighth week. I think I’ll be right on time.” Mia confirmed overjoyed.


After dinner, everyone settled into the living room to enjoy the chocolate cake that Hannah baked. I reached for a second slice when I received a mindlink from my third in command, Nathan, informing me that Theta had given up his leadership position to me.

“What happened, son? You’re smiling to yourself which is a rare sight to see,” father pointed out as Mia got up to clear hers and Aria’s plate away.

“Well, you see, it seems Miss Carce is quite beloved by her pack members.” Mia’s footsteps faltered, as she turned around to face the rest of us. “I told Theta earlier on today that I will be helping Mia to get to the portal and he just sent over his pack and territory documents. Thunderling is officially under my leadership.” I finished as Cameron and Joey cheered and grabbed champagne bottles.

The two plates that Mia held abruptly dropped to the floor and I ran towards her, lifted her off the ground and carried her to the couch I had been sitting on. I kneeled onto the floor and as I reached for her right foot to check for any embedded glass pieces, her gloved hand stopped me.

“So... that means...Alpha Ryker, you are now my Alpha?” She trembled, receiving laughter from the others. The way she said, ‘my Alpha’ made me want to do anything just to hear it again.

“Yes, do you have any objections, Miss Carce?” I teased, clenching my jaw to seem scarier.

“Of course not! This is wonderful news in fact I’ll open the champagne bottles for you!” She shrieked with fake excitement while rushing forward to take the bottles. However, she forgot that I was kneeled right in front of her, and collided into my chest. We both fell onto the ground with her on top of me. She repeatedly apologized and attempted to lift herself off me but ended up slamming into me again because our legs were entangled and her baby bump threw her off balance.

“If you guys are done staring, someone help Miss Carce.” I demanded and thanked Aria when she sprung into action.

“Alright, well the boys and I are heading down to Lelling’s headquarters. Goodnight everyone. Oh, and be careful Miss Carce, I’m afraid I won’t be able to rescue you if you do something clumsy while I’m out.” I said before heading out the door.

“Asshole.” I heard her mutter as we exited and my laughter boomed throughout the hallway.


Cameron, Joey and I shifted into our wolves because we’d make it to headquarters quicker than if we took one of my Lamborghinis’ and potentially got stuck in traffic. My wolf is six foot seven inches tall with pitch black fur, Joey’s wolf is six foot two inches with blonde fur, and Cameron’s wolf is six foot three inches with reddish brown fur.

I lead the way and we emerged from the forest after seeing Lelling’s headquarters. The cracking and placing of our bones back into place sounded out loud, scaring the birds and other animals away. We took our clothes that were tied around our ankles and slipped them on.

“Hey man. What’s up with you and that girl?” Joey questioned, leaning against a tree.

“Which girl?” I asked looking towards Cameron.

“I believe Joey is referring to your ‘Miss Carce’.” Cameron clarified, buttoning up his plaid shirt.

“She lost her family and she’s with child. We have to help her, besides, if it weren’t for my ancestor, Rolan, The Abyss wouldn’t even exist.” I stated with a clenched jaw.

“But why do you even care? You’re Ryker Hill. Feared by every other nation, you’re the sole Alpha of the province of Lellings. Millions of werewolves fear and respect you. Plus, you even gave up the search for our future sister-in-law just so that you could help Mia, we all heard you screaming at her before. If anyone else said the words Mia used against you in that elevator, they would have been skinned alive.” Joey voiced annoyed and confused because Cameron began chuckling.

“Do you really think that Ryker would give up his search on his mate just to aid some nobody shewolf? He said it so that Mia would begin to respect him and stop badmouthing him in public or else he may lose his cool one day and become the murderer of a pregnant shewolf. Which wouldn’t look too good, don’t you think?” Cameron clarified everything as I smirked.

“This is why Cameron is my favourite Beta out of you two. Technically, she’s not a nobody. Thanks to her, Theta finally gave up his Thunderling pack. Which makes you wonder, who is Mia Carce? I offered Theta three million dollars during our provincial meeting, he did not seem the least bit interested. It was his Beta, Allen, who requested some time to decide. Then Miss Carce enters, and I used her against Theta, of course I did not believe he would give everything up but once I reminded him that her fate rests in my hands, he gave me what I wanted.” I contemplated whether Mia might have ties with Theta’s family, perhaps his wife.

“Joey, get me the details on Theta’s family and their connection to Miss Carce besides the fact that she and her family are a part of Theta’s pack. He keeps his pack and family information very secretive though so use force if you need to. I want the information by the end of this week. In the meantime, Cameron and I will be in Lelling’s headquarters, unravelling the mystery behind my mate’s disappearance.”

I’ll find her. She was made for me and I was made for her.

Whether she likes it or not, she’s mine.

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