Hiding From HIM

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Chapter 8


It’s been three months since I have been staying in the Hill’s mansion. Catherine and Damien treat me as their own and Aria treats me as an older sister.

There’s only two weeks left until the full wolf moon approaches but Melissa and I haven’t been able to devise a plan for the fake birth. It isn’t something that we can freely mindlink about. We were only able to meet once a month, for a brief check up in the Hill’s mansion because Ryker sent his men and infiltrated Melissa’s home and found out that she is Alpha Theta’s mate. We had to keep a low profile in order for Ryker to not suspect anything between Melissa and I. Thankfully, during our encounters we had brief moments in privacy where she gave me new silicon pregnancy belly’s according to each month. Right now, my stomach is bulging and looks ready to pop any minute.

I am currently lounging in the Hill’s backyard, by their fifty feet inground pool with my feet propped up and a tray of food that Hannah insisted on me finishing. Aria and Catherine went to buy more baby products and gifts. I told them that Melissa would be coming to their home to tell me the results of my baby’s gender so that it could buy us some time to form our next move.

Ryker and Damien have been frequently visiting Lelling’s headquarters and each of Lelling’s ten capitals because during the first week of my stay, Ryker put out a one million dollar reward with a picture of the real me taken by the woman who sat in font of Aria and I on the airplane. By the second week, he received news from several of Lelling’s capitals stating that someone had spotted me. Ryker went to every single pack in the province of Lelling but everything resulted in dead ends. Rumours spread that every time he followed up on a false lead, he entered visited a pack and once he figured out that she, well I, wasn’t there, he mercilessly killed the informants for lying.

“Hey there, how’s my favorite mom-to-be doing?” Melissa greeted as I shrieked in surprise.

“Woah, calm down. You know, werewolves have enhanced versions of the five senses, how did you not detect my presence?” She laughed, taking a seat beside me and helping herself to the food and beverages.

“I’m sorry. I was thinking of the murders committed by Alpha Ryker during these past few months.” I explained, shuddering in disgust.

“Yeah, I heard about them too. I can understand why you want to escape from his hands. Besides even if he truly loves you and is a good man, he would never let you go in search of your family into the Abyss. He would keep you locked up, trust me all Alpha mates are like that. Theta loosened up after I gave birth to Allison though.” I nodded my head in agreement. To think, of all the werewolves on Earth, Moon Goddess just had to pair me up with a narcissistic, cold-blooded murderer.

“So, everything is set for the fifth of August. In two weeks, I’ll be entering the portal. Catherine and Aria want to plan a going away party for me and my baby on the fifth though. They made me promise that I would wait until the end of the party and if I don’t feel any contractions then I have to stay here. ” I explained and caught her up on other recent events that occurred at the Hill mansion during my stay.

“There’s no way that we would be able to fake a birth but the Hill family would never let you enter the Abyss if you’re still pregnant,” she pondered unable to figure out our next move.

“I think that our best bet is faking contractions the night before on the fourth of August and then you will tell everyone that it was a false call but that the baby would be coming in less than twenty-four hours. Then I will attend the party, still pregnant and I will pretend to feel more contractions. We will be running on a time limit though so I will suggest riding in your limousine and giving birth in their as we drive to the portal.” I schemed excitedly.

Melissa stopped me, “but we won’t know the location of the portal. It is sacred to the Hill family.”

“That is true. Well, we can follow the Hill’s car as they lead us towards the portal but we will make up some sort of excuse that would stop them from joining our car. When we get to the portal, I will shift into my wolf while inside of the limousine, sprint out of the door and into the portal. Everyone would be too shocked to react. You can roll out of the limousine and make a run for it before we get to the location.” I finished feeling quite proud of myself.

“What if Alpha Hill is present at that moment?” Melissa countered with a ‘can we really pull this off look’.

“The scent masking spray would wear off after I shifted into my wolf so he would catch a whiff of my scent and figure out that I’m his mate. I could use that time to sprint to the portal’s door, you remember how I won all those track and field running competitions, don’t you?”

“That’s true. Alright, I’m in. The Hill family will definitely know that I played a part in this whole scheme. I already spoke it over with Theta, you are like a sister to him and he doesn’t regret giving away Thunderling to Alpha Hill but these past few weeks just haven’t been the same. Alpha Hill is basically the Alpha to all of the ten packs in Lelling but he lets the original Alphas hold their titles because he can’t be in every capital with each pack. Yet, neither Theta nor I feel any reason to remain in Lelling. We decided to leave and hide out in the States after you enter the portal,” she informed me with a bright smile as tears started to form in my eyes.

“I can’t thank you enough, Mel. You are the greatest friend that anyone could ask for. I will never forget what you and Theta have done for me.” I whispered through tears and pulled her into a hug.

We heard several sets of footsteps approaching and looked towards the back door to see Ryker and his whole family approaching, including Joey and Cameron. We separated quickly and wiped our tears away. I took a quick glance at Ryker as everyone approached us, he was dressed casually and most likely just landed from finishing with his tour. His thick biceps tested the limits of his cotton white T-shirt and his handsome face carried just the right amount of stubble to make me want to jump him.

Melissa cleared her throat and elbowed me, most likely having heard my racy thoughts about Ryker through our mindlink but it’s not my fault. I haven’t seen him since our second encounter during that time where his family almost fainted after he only laughed when I called him an ‘asshole’.

“I see tears! Please tell me that those are tears of joy because Doctor Melissa just told you that you are having a baby boy?” Aria shrieked, clapping her hands excitedly. Melissa looked at me, waiting for me to tell everyone the gender of my fake baby.

“Actually, I am having a healthy baby girl.” I announced with a smile, gently rubbing my baby bump.

Everyone shared their congratulations as Catherine mindlinked Hannah to bring out my favourite freshly baked chocolate chip cookies that they prepared in advance.

“Girls are cute and all, but it would’ve been better to have a boy.” Joey teased as all the women present gave him death stares.

“I think Miss Carce will give birth to the most beautiful baby girl in Lelling.” The previously quiet Ryker spoke, taking a bite from one of the cookies. My eyes met his briefly and I mumbled a small ‘thank you’ which he somehow heard.

“Right, my bad. Don’t kill me, guys.” Joey begged with his hands held up in surrender.

“Let’s have dinner. Doctor Melissa, please join us.” Damien suggested, placing his hand on the small of Catherine’s back and leading the way to their dining room.


After dinner, Melissa had to leave because Theta wanted her home before nightfall. When you’re the mate of an Alpha, or previous Alpha, dangers lurk around every corner. Before she left, Catherine and Damien invited her to a family beach party that will be held tomorrow to celebrate the return of Ryker. Many pack members will be attending and I unfortunately have no excuse to get out of it.

“Miss Carce, my office on the fifth floor. Make it quick.” Ryker demanded before disappearing into a different hall. Aria helped me get off my chair and I made my way to the elevator. All sorts of thoughts started to cloud my mind as to why he would want to see me in his office. I began to hyperventilate and heard the elevator doors opening.

“In here, Miss Carce,” came Ryker’s voice from behind the door leading to his office. I could not control my breathing though and he must have heard it. Within the blink of an eye, he was standing beside me and lifted me into his strong arms. He gently placed me on his black leather sofa in his office and ran to get me a glass of water.

After I calmed my breathing and finished the glass of water, I mustered up enough strength to look at Ryker who was currently trying to end my existence with his eyes.

“Tell me why every time we meet, you are either about to hurt yourself or already hurt yourself?” He growled out, shaking the books that were resting on his wall.

“Because you’re destined to save my life?” I suggested, not knowing what else to say and immediately regretting what I said.

He stared at me, not believing what I had just let slip out of my mouth and decided to change the topic instead.

“Miss Carce, Ari already filled me in on everything that has occurred. You are to keep the promise that you made to her and my mother, understood?” He said with an underlying threat as I nodded my head repeatedly.

“Also, my mother would like you to stay close to me during tomorrow’s bonfire celebration at the beach. She will be greeting many guests along with Ari and my father so she fears that something might happen to you and no one would be there to help, especially given your history of clumsiness,” he spoke not even trying to hide his annoyance towards the issue.

“Well, why didn’t Catherine tell me herself?” I questioned not fully believing him.

“In case you haven’t realized, she’s been quite busy. She wanted to mindlink you since your pack is officially under my control but you were unable to partake in the blood ritual that enables mindlinking between pack members due to your pregnancy,” he hissed looking like he was ready decapitate me if I asked another question.

“Look, you obviously don’t want to babysit me and you’re already frustrated from not being able to find your mate during your Capitals Tour. Who knows, she might not even want a mate. So why not I save you the trouble and just stay home tomorrow?” I concluded, getting up and heading towards his door.

I felt Ryker’s movements as I reached for the doorknob. He suddenly appeared in front of it before I could grasp it and I fell back. I almost hit the hard floor until I felt his muscular arms wrap around my waist in a split second. My eyes pierced his when he refused to let go of our hotly position.

“Did you always have a black ink tattoo sleeve along your right arm?” I questioned, trying to make the atmosphere casual.

“Firstly, you will be there tomorrow because my mother would like to see you there. Secondly, you will not speak of my mate. I will find her, I don’t need you nor anyone else passing judgements on it. Thirdly, no I did not always have this. It formed on its own after the blood ritual when I acquired the last pack of the province of Lelling. It symbolizes that I am officially the sole Alpha of Lelling.” He finished, bringing me back onto my own feet.

My body almost betrayed me and threw itself into his arms as soon as he released me. It’s the hormones and emotions from the mate pull. Which made it difficult to be in such an intimately close proximity with him. I turned around and headed for the exit.

“Sleep tight, Miss Carce.” I heard him say but chose not to reply.

From now on, I must avoid Ryker as though my life depends on it because I can’t let the mate pull coax me into falling in love with such a controlling, arrogant and heartless man like him.

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