Moy Tsvetok (My Rose)

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Rose Black- the heir to lead the Italian mafia. The heir to be one of the most powerful and feared people in the world. But what if that’s not what she wants? Rose runs away with a new identity and home every few months. What happens when she meats HIM after years on the run? Leonid (Leo) Baker- the boy who invents the nickname, Moy Tsvetok. But is he who he says he is? And what happens when she stays in town longer than her usual limit?

Romance / Mystery
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Once you’re in the cabin Leo walks over and sets a fire to protect you both from the chilly winds outside. You can’t help but just watch him next to the fire, the radiant flames lighting up his perfectly shaped jawline. The light wrapping beautifully around every curve. After getting the fire started he turns to you and you blush realizing you were staring.

“Thank you” you manage to say with a slight nod and a smile.

“No problem. Do you want some coffee?” He asks gesturing towards the kitchen where you cansee a sink with a coffe pot set neatly next to it.

“Is that even a question” you reply with a small laugh. He looks at you and smiles before turning towards the kitchen. You wrap his jacket tighter around you nuzzling your nose under the collar as you stand closer to the fire. It smells like his cologne and feals like his arms are wrapped around you in a warm embrace.

A few minutes later you’re lost in thought staring at the fire, listening to the crackling of the wood when you feel a hard chess slowly press against your back as an arm reaches around you holding a mug with steaming hot coffee, the warm aroma surrounding your nose. You take it from him and hold it in your cold fingers wich are instantly warming up against the hot surface.

You feel the same arm wrap around your waist pulling you closer into the hard chest. He slowly uses his other hand to tilt your head a little to the side as he takes a strand of hair and tucks it behind your ear, his ice cold fingertips brushing you neck and sending a chill down your spine. You feel a warm breath on your now bare neck before a soft pair of lips presses against it.

The soft warm kisses continue down your neck leaving a fiery trail over your skin and down your collarbone, before slightly lifting away.

“You look so beautiful in my jacket” said Leo his warm breath brushing over your neck. You can’t help but think... this is so much better than the car.

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