Moy Tsvetok (My Rose)

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Starting things with a “kick”

“Shoot. Him.”

“B-But... I d-don’t...wa-want to,”

“Damnit Rose! I don’t have time for this! SHOOT HIM!!”

”P-Please I-“




“God damnit Rose!! Can’t you do anything right!? You’re five years old now!! You should be able to shoot to kill!!”

“I-I’m so... s-sorry... da-daddy”

“Shut up!! Now you can stand here and watch him bleed out!”

. . .

Twelve years later:

New name. New school. New life. Again. Before zipping up your backpack you be sure to put you’re new ID, and school registration papers in the white binder you use for important documents. Taking a quick glance at the ID and the name displayed on it. Rose Smith. Before leaving you slide a small pistol down your boot. Taking a deep breath you climb out of your car/home repeating the name Smith over and over in your head.

The last four months you’ve gone by Rose Stevens. For the next four months you’re going by Smith. Just two of the many identity’s you’ve gone by in the last four years.

Leaving the car parked safely in the school parking lot you head towards the Main entrance to Los Angeles high school, the cold winter wind blowing your hair every way. You find the first person you see and ask for directions to the front office. It takes you a minute but finaly you reach your destination.

“Hi. What can I help you with?” Asked the lady working the front desk. As you looked over her you realize she can’t be more than fourty years old. She had short natural looking red hair and glasses resting above a kind smile.

“I’m a new student and today is my first day,” you answer hoping that that sentence also asks what you’re supposed to do.

“Oh ok. Give me one sec,” she says as she begins typing. “What’s your name miss?” She asks glancing up from her computer.

“Rose Stev-“ oh no, “uh.. um I mean, Rose Smith” you said taking a deep. That was close.

“Ok miss Smith, here is your schedule and if you just hand me your registration papers please” she says sliding a piece of paper with your schedule on it over her desk. You grab the paper and hand her your registration paper.

“Thank you. Have a great first day!” She says smiling as I turn to walk away. It takes you a solid fifteen minutes but your eventually find your way to your first class. On the door there’s a little plaque that says Mr. Rivers on it. You smile remembering that you once went by the name rivers.

“...and don’t forget next weak we ha-“ you hear the teacher stop what he’s saying as you enter the class. You’ve always hated this part. The whole room of eyes fall on you as you walk up to Mr. Rivers, feeling very awkward.

“Hi. Mr. Rivers? I’m Rose Smith.” You day hoping he got an email about you.

“Yes miss Smith. You may take a seat next to Emily.. Emily can you please raise your hand. Thank you. You can sit through this class then at the end of class come to my desk and I’ll give you some work and instructions you missed.” He said. The girl he called Emily smiled when he said I’d be next to her. I nodded to him to let him know I heard his instructions, before walking over to where Emily sat.

Sitting down I set my bag down on the floor beside me before turning to Emily. She had fair light skin with long straight brown hair dyed a dark blue at the ends, and her cheeks were decorated with well placed freckles.

“Hi. I’m Rose. I realy like your hair” I said hoping that her and I could somehow become friends so that I’m not wandering around the halls alone.

“Hi! I’m Emily. Oh my gosh thanks! I love your hair. It’s like golden and I swear your eyes look like emeralds! It’s so beautiful!” I smiled at how cheerful she is making sure not to show my real reaction to the last part. I thanked her before turning to pay attention to class. Problem is I couldn’t.

I know it might seem weird but my eyes aren’t something I like to be complimented on. They are a very rare green color and I’ve only seen my father and my grandfather with them. They run in the family. A family I don’t want to be a part of. A family I left years ago. As class went on I just sat there thinking and staring at the wall. I’ve never been to great at school.

Growing up I didn’t go to school. My father used to say that it’s a waste of time and I should just focus on my training. So after I left I realized that with my fake identity’s I could attend school. I’m definitely not amazing with grades and moving schools every four months doesn’t exactly help. Lost in thought I jump when I hear the bell ring.

“What’s your next class?” Asked Emily looking at me with bright eyes as if begging me to say the same as hers.

“Um... Mrs. Ragsdale?” I said looking at the next name on my schedule. I look over to find Emily practically jumping up and down.

“Yay! That’s my next class to! Come on I’ll show you!” She locks her arm into mines as we half run half walk to our next class. Along she way she tells about the teacher and how she’s also a coach and how she lets us choose wherever we wanna sit. Her and I manage to find two seat right next to each other after Emily happily told her who I am.

“Alright class take your seats so I can take roll!” She say over the chatter of students. They all take their seat as she starts calling names. Only one or two people are absent so far until she calls the next name.

“... Leo Baker?” She says with a sigh of frustration. “Has anyone seen Leo today?” She says unenthusiastically as if she already knew the answer. As if on cue the door opens and a tall broad guy walks in. Your jaw drops so hard you have trouble closing it. You look him up and down taking in all his features.

His jet black hair looks effortlesly perfect and his jawline looks hand made by god himself. You’re eyes lock his as he spots you across the room. His eyes are ice blue and have a cold and intimidating yet flirtatious look in them. He wearing a unzipped black leather jacket with a white t-shirt underneath and ripped jeans.

As you realize that he’s been watching you stare at him like an idiot you quickly look away but not before he smirks and winks at you. This oddly snaps you out of it telling you he’s gotta be the biggest playboy you’ve ever met.

The rest of the class goes on while every few minutes you can’t help sneak a glance towards his direction. You sit there and think about how tall dark and mysterious he is then immediately regret it realizing how cheasy that line is, making the corners of your mouth turn up a little in a smile.

Sadly You don’t have anymore classes with Emily throughout the day so your on your own for the remainder of the day. Finaly the last bell rings for school to be over and you head down the hall towards the entrance to the school. Because you had to stay back for a little for some instructions from your last class most of all the students are already out of the building.

Looking down at an assignment you recurved in one of your classes you accidentally bump into someone.

“Hey! Whatch where your going bitch!” They shouted. It was Leo! He seriously just called me a bitch!?

“Fuck you!” I said kicking him where no man wants to be kicked then walking off leaving him on the floor. I smile a little as I realize that was the best part of my day.

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