how the biggest fuckboy became my one true love

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this story is about how jane fell in love with her older brothers best friend

Romance / Erotica
Lil panda
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

In thia story alex is 2 years older than jane and tori is the same age as jane. Janes brother is 2 years older than jane.
Jane morax-bad girl that no one wants to mess with
Alex bryson-the towns biggest fuck boy and only has one night stands nothing more
Tori bryson-alexs little sister who is entering high and learns of what her brother has become
Jason morax- alexs best friend but also janes big brother and will protect her from anything even a guy
This story is located is Santa Cruz, California
Janes parents are divorced and her mom lives in Miami, Florida and married once again.
Her dad works all the time and travels with a stripper he finds to keep him amused on his business trip
Alexs parents are still together since high school. No one knows this but alex has always been fond with jane but he doesnt want to ruin his reputation or get his heart broken so he doesnt say anything until his senior year starts when he doesnt know if he can hold it back anymore.

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