how the biggest fuckboy became my one true love

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Chapter 2

Alex’s Pov:

I think I might have slept with most girls from my high school and I never sleep with them more than once. There really only a distraction from Jane because I have had a crush on her since freshman year, when she was only a 7th grader and now she will be graduating with us. She is probably the smartest person I know mostly because she skipped 2 grades, and I’m barely hanging in my classes. Which I might actually use that as an excuse for her to spend time with me, and I don’t just want to fuck her and leave her I’m talking about I wanna marry her. I don’t want to rush thangs with her because if I scare her off that would just break my heart that’s why I still haven’t told her about my feelings.

But anywho school starts back in 3 days and me, Jane, Tori, and Jason are going back to school shopping for clothes. The only person who knows about my crush is Jason, but he is also Janes older brother so I know that I’m gonna cross a line if I break her heart which I don’t plan on doing at all.

The day of the shopping trip(day before school starts)

We have been at the mall for about an hour and Jane said she and Tori had to go get someother stuff in a female store with I figured was Victoria Secret. I really didn’t want to think about my sister in that kinda stuff but when I picture Jane in there just thinking about it gives me a bonor. “Hey where is Jane and Tori at?” Jason asked “oh they decided they didn’t want us going with them to Victoria Secret” we both start laughing at what I said until I see the girls walking up to us.

By the end of the day we were headed to a “Back To School Party” that a friend of mine is hosting. We have been here for about an hour and we are playing 7 minutes in heaven, and it was my turn and the luck I have it landed on Jane. On our way up stairs we made our way to on off the many rooms that he has for the game “so what do you wanna do” she asked as I shut and lock the door “this” i said as I pulled her into a soft and tender kiss. I finally pulled away after a moment “sorry I shouldn’t have done that” we sat in silence of a few seconds before responding “but what if I wanted you to do that” she said before making her way to me sitting on the bed. All I did was pull her closer to me and smash my lips to her except this time the kiss was harder and hungier. Before we knew it almost all of our clothes was scattered across the room, I lay her on the bed and climb on top of her to kiss her before entered her pussy and I never thought that it could be so slick until now I going in and out of her and made sure to go ball’s deep a good couple of times. I pulled out then heard her groan which made me chuckle at her, I flippered her onto her stomach making sure she was flat and legs spread just a little bit and entered her from that way and just kept going until I felt her tighten around my dick. So I just pulled out and flipped her once more and bent her knees so I could go even deeper in her getting her good spot. “Oh my FUCK Alex” is what I heard come out of her mouth as she cummed on my dick as not even a minute later I spilled into her, and I pulled out of her laying besides her pulling her onto my chest “damn that was the best sex I’ve ever had” i told her and I wasn’t lying. She replied “you know you don’t have to lie and it doesn’t have to mean anything. I have a crush on your and you took my virginity so it might not mean anything to you but it does to me” I was about to tell her that it meant a lot to me “plus I’m pretty sure my brother also your best friend would kill you the second he found out” she told me. “Umm well actually he was the one who encouraged my to talk to you about my crush I’ve had on you for years now” i honestly told her how i felt just waiting for a response “ok so where does that leave us?”

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