Mob Mentality 2 (The Boss's Daughter)

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Piper and Chase are back again in another crazy adventure. Years have passed, and the Águilas gang has grown stronger than ever, as did their love for one another. But in the middle of their strongest times, there was a grave danger lurking over their heads... Teenage years. Julie and Kane Reynolds are becoming more independent and causing quite the stir in the Mob house and when Julie starts secretly seeing a boy tensions begin to flare between between her and Chase. What will happen when everything comes to a head? And what will happen when a familiar Villain comes out of hiding?

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter one (Piper's POV)

The feel of a strong hand pushing my hair away from my face pulled me out of my slumber. The touch was warm and made my loins tense in anticipation. I giggled as small kisses tickled over the back of my neck and down to my shoulders. The hand moved slowly down my back to cup my ass, and it squeezed. As I rolled over, I felt that warm hand go slowly between my legs and begin to fondle my loins. I gasped at the sensation and opened my legs ever so slightly so the fingers could explore their way over me.

“Good morning Piper.” Chase said in his rugged voice and began to kiss his way down to my breast. My Adonis in all his imperfect perfection.

“Good... good morning.” I gasped and brought my hand up and laced it in his dark hair. He moaned in pleasure as his tongue swirled around my nipple causing me to squirm under his lips. “Sleep well?” he asked breathily against me causing a shiver to work its way through my spine.

“Very,” I gasped “God that feels so good baby.” I reached down and grabbed his erection in my hand and the muscles in his chest tensed as he grinded against my touch. He but his power lip and threw his head back in his pleasure.

“You want me inside of you, don’t you baby?” He asked as he pulled away from my touch to straddled me. I was breathing to fast to verbalize my want, so I simply nodded. I was so glad Mikey had insisted on getting another IUD after I healed from my time being held captive and rapped by Hodge. Because the feeling of Chase, only him, inside me made me hungry, and dear God I starving for him right now. He slowly began to slip into my wetness, when there was a loud banging on the door causing her both to jump.

“MOM! DAD!” Julie screamed on the other side of the bedroom door “Kane took my phone!” I could hear scuffling going on the other side of the door. Obviously there was an altercation happening on the other side.

“Dad, she was texting her BOYFRIEND!” Kane mocked. Another round of scuffling.

“No I wasn’t! Give it back you little brat!” Chase groaned in frustration and slipped his groin out of me and rolled back onto the bed. He grabbed the comforter and covered his nakedness and put his arm behind his head.

“Did I just get cock blocked by our 18 and 17 year old children? Is this going to be our lives forever?”

“Seems like it.” I laughed and pulled myself out of the bed. I grabbed a pair of pajamas from my dresser and slipped them on over my naked body. I walked back over to the bed and kissed Chase softly on his lips. He moaned against me and tried to intensify the kiss by slipping his tongue into my parted lips. I groaned and reluctantly pulled away. “Go get in the shower. Once I’m done with them I’ll be in need of some, relief.” I bit my lip seductively and he ran his thumb over it.

“Come on if we ignore them they will go away.” His hands cupped my breast through my shirt, tantalizing me causing my reserve to stumble. I quietly climbed back in the bed to straddle him. He grinned and began to pull my shirt back over my head.

“MOM!” Julie screamed again and I shook my head.

“Fuck!” He hissed and flopped back onto the bed.

“It looks like they are not leaving any time soon.” I laughed as I climbed off of him “I'm coming!” I yelled back. I looked back at Chase for one last time as he climbed out of the bed and headed to the bathroom. Then, with a sigh, I headed out into the battle of the teenagers.

When I opened the door I saw Kane holding Julie’s phone a few feet above her and she was standing on her tip toes trying to reach with the best of her ability. Kane definitely got his height from his father. He towered over everyone like Chase, and when he walked into a room his frame and personality commanded the attention of everyone around. Julie on the other hand got her height and personality from me. She was shorter in stature and really reserved, much like I used to be before my time in the mob changed me. The only time she was not quiet, was in times like this. Yelling at her younger brother for pestering her.

“Kids seriously? It is way too early in the morning for all this bickering! Now, calmly tell me what is going on."

“Kane went into MY room and took MY phone from the nightstand!”

“No I didn’t.”

“Well then why do you have your sisters phone young man?” I snapped my eyes at Kane and he coward down slightly. “give it back to her NOW.” I said sternly and watched as he almost tossed the phone at Julie. She fumbled with it but caught it safely.

“Ha!” she scoffed and began to text and dance out of the room. “Now wait just one minute young lady. What is this about a boyfriend you are texting?”


“I’m waiting.” I tapped my foot against the blood marble floor and watched as her eyes left me.

“It’s a boy I met from school. It’s nothing I promise.” I didn’t answer, I just kept my eyes on her until she gave a frustrated sigh and continued. “fine he is my boyfriend. He was wanting to take me out tonight with some friends of his. It’s no big deal.”

“Juliet Reynolds! You were just going to go without asking your father and me first?”

“I…well…” she looked away from me and absently kicked the door jam. “What’s the use? You guys would have said no anyway.” I sighed and walked over to her. I took her head in my hands. She had the same blue eyes as her daddy and damn if they didn’t work on a person.

“You know the rules around here. You can not go out with a boy until he has been cleared by your father.”

“But mom that’s not fair! Kane gets to go out all the time…”

“Julie it’s more than just going out! Any time you kids go out there are armed guards watching your every step. But when it comes to dating someone, there are a lot of bad people out there who hate your father, and would stop at nothing to get at him. Even if that means going through you kids to do so. Your father just wants to protect you sweetie.” She grabbed my hand and pulled it from her face, tears were beginning to slip from her eyes. “honey please don’t cry. We love you.”

“I hate this place. I am almost 19 years old and I am being treated like a child. I feel like I’m in a prison and locked away from the outside world. Quite frankly it makes me wish you never even net dad.” With that she stormed out of the room and down the hall to her bedroom. I sighed and turned to Kane who was currently trying to sneak out of the room.

“hold it!” he froze and gave me an innocent smile.

“Yes ma'am?”

“What you did was wrong Kane. And for that you are grounded for 2 weeks.”

“But mom…”

“Don’t but me. But I do need to know something. Who is the boy?”

“I didn’t see a full name, all I saw was Roman. They have been talking a couple of months.”

“Ok. I guess I will go tell your father. Boy, he isn’t going to like this one bit.” We both shook our heads in unison. “You go get ready for the meeting dear, and please do me a favor.”

“What’s that mom?”

“For the love of God STOP going into your sisters room and taking her things. If you do it again I will have no choice but to ground you for life next time.” I laughed and kissed him on his cheek. He laughed as well and headed out of the room. Heading the opposite way Julie went. I shut the door behind him and sighed as I leaned heavily against it.

One thing was for certain, Chase was not going to be happy about Julie’s new found love interest. He had made it very clear to Julie when she started talking about boys, that he had to check them out first before she could date them. Several times in the past Julie started talking to a boy and when she told Chase, he would always dig up something on them. Whether they have family in a rival gangs, have a sketchy past, or a combination of the two. And each time Julie was heart broken when her daddy told her she couldn’t see them anymore. Which is why Julie had chose to hide this past relationship from us.

Even though my heart broke for her, I knew Chase was right. I certainly wouldn’t be able to live with myself if what happened with me when Hodge took me captive happened to her. A cold chill went through my core as the old memories resurfaced. Even though 17 years had past, I could still feel the awful sensation of Hodge and “The Boys” forcing their way into my body over and over again.

I shook them away and pushed myself off of the door. I made my way to the shower. As I expected Chase was waiting for me under the steamy shower stream. His blue eyes, as always, pierced through me and when I stepped into the shower his lips were instantly on mine. He slowly pushed me against the marble wall and his tongue slipped into my mouth to swirl around with mine in a frenzy. I moaned against his kiss and slid my hands down to his erection. I could feel his grin against my lips as he slid his fingers over my loins.

“You kept me waiting.”

“I’m sorry baby. I had to deal with our children.” I gasped as he inserted his fingers into me and began his sickeningly slow rhythm. My hand tightened around his erection and my rhythm increase which caused His other hand to slam against the wall behind me to brace himself. I grinned against his lips.

“Oh Chase,” I whispered against him. “right there baby.”

“You want me baby?”


“I fucking love it when you say that.” He growled and jerked his hand away from me. In a flash he hoisted me up and wrapped my legs tightly around his waist as my back was supported against the shower wall. He moaned as his slipped inside me effortlessly.

His rhythm started out slow at first. I couldn’t help my gasp has his full girth filled every inch of me over and over again in those slow strokes. His breath was hot and dangerous against my ear adding to the intensity that much more. “You’re all mine. Every bit of you is mine.”

“I’m yours forever Chase. I’m all yours.” I whispered into his ear knowing how much he loved it when I said those words. He almost whimpered at the sound and increased his tempo as both our needs for release took us over. I begged him over and over again to go faster and each time he obliged until finally our orgasm came and enveloped us both in their blissfulness.

When we were finished, Chase made no move to sit me down. He continued to support my weight on his hips and kiss me slowly. I happily obliged. His lips moved from mine, down my neck, and back up again.

“I love every single inch of you. You are so beautiful Piper.” he growled against mine skin. My hands laced tightly into his hair as we continued in our lovers bliss. I returned the favor and began to nibble his ear.

After several minutes he reluctantly sat me back down to the shower floor. He took the soap and began to lather my body up in jasmine scented bliss. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of those strong hands working over my every muscle. Once he finished his deep, cleansing massage he let the water rinse me off. “So, now that you have been thoroughly fucked and pampered, what were the kids arguing about?” I sighed and turned to him.

“You’re not going to like it.”

“Come on, it can’t be that bad. They are just teenagers.”

“I don’t know…”

“Its not like she’s pregnant… right?” his expression grew serious.

“No Chase… its not that. Julie has a boyfriend.” When I said the words I instantly regretted them. The anger was visible in his eyes and he pulled away from me as I tried to touch him.

“She has a fucking BOYFRIEND?!” he yelled and slammed the shower water off. He stormed out of the shower and grabbed a towel to dry off. I followed after him slowly.

“Calm down, think about this rationally…”

“Rationally? You want me to think about this RATIONALLY?! Our fucking daughter has been dating a boy behind our backs. She knows the rules! How could she be so stupid?”

“Honey please let me talk…”

“Do you know what could have happened to her?” I didn’t answer at first, I just looked away from his angry gaze as my face began to grow warm. “Answer me damn it!” he yelled and threw his towel to the blood marble floor. His actions filled me with lividness and I couldn’t help the rage that came out of me.

“Yes Chase! I do fucking know what could have happened. I have EXPERIENCED what could happened if your are not careful in this business! Have you forgotten that I was taken from my old life against my will and thrown into this Mob life all because I was in the wrong place at the wrong time? I was just on my way home from WORK minding my own DAMN BUSINESS when Rico got trigger happy with some other damn gangster! Or have you forgotten that I was RAPED by Hodge and his goons so much so that it almost fucking killed me? Or about how you were fucking SHOT and taken hostage at our fucking wedding?” I grabbed a hair brush from the counter and threw it at him with as much force as I could muster. He dodged quickly and looked at me in surprise. “I will NEVER forget what could and will happen in this lifestyle. So next time think before you say shit like that.”

I brushed passed him and went to the closet. I quickly put on some Jean’s, a dress shirt and some boots, not bothering to look up at Chase’s naked body standing in the bathroom doorway. He was leaned against the frame watching my every move. His arms were cross casually and when I was dressed he walked over to me. His hand came up and cupped the back of my neck and, suddenly, tears began to slip from my eyes. I looked away as he brought his other hand up to wipe them away carefully.

“Don’t fucking touch me.”

“Piper, baby, please look at me.” His voice was calm now so I slipped my gaze to meet his. Damn, those blue eyes. “I am so sorry baby. You were right, I was just angry and wasn’t thinking through my words or my actions. I should never have said that.” He kissed me softly on my forehead. I leaned into his kiss and sighed.

“I know why you are so protective of our children Chase. I get it and I respect that, but when it comes to a teenage girls dating life they have to have some sort of say so. Julie is almost 19 years old. You know she told me she wished me and you had never met, because she feels like she is in a prison here.” His expression changed again and he moved his hands away from my face.

“She actually said that?”

“Yeah,” I responded simply as I walked to the bed and sat down. Chase didn’t move from his spot, but he ran a hand through his dark hair. We both didn’t speak for several minutes, we just sat there looking into each other eyes trying to find the right words to say in the moment.

“What’s the boys name?” Chase finally said breaking the awkward silence.

“Kane said he saw the name Roman on her phone. But he didn’t have a last name.”

“I’m willing to have a opened mind, but I WILL do a check on this kid. I have to protect our daughter Piper, even if that means she is going to hate me for it.”

“I understand.” I said with a nod. Chase sighed and walked to the closet to pick out his cloths for the day. Once he was dressed he walked over to me and took my chin in his hand.

“Are you ok?”

“I’m fine.” I offered a weak smile.

“Piper. I really am sorry. Just know those weeks I couldn’t find you still haunt me to this day. That’s why I’m so protective of our daughter. If something were to happen to her like that I absolutely wouldn’t be able to live with myself.”

“I know baby. I’m fine I promise. Just everything comes back.”

“One of these days, whenever you’re ready, I think you need to tell Julie your story.”

“I don’t know Chase… I don’t think she is ready for that yet… and I’m not ready.”

“Take your time. Whenever you are ready I’m here.”

“Ok...” I responded reluctantly. He leaned down and kissed me softly on the lips. Then he headed out of the bedroom door. I got up from my seat on the bed and went to the dresser to put my makeup on. As I applied my foundation I just hoped that Chase would have an open mind, if not I was afraid we would lose our daughter.

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