The pain I bring

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We had been best friends since the kindergartner, I had always had a thing for his sister, or so I had thought. I figured that was the only explanation for always wanting to be around him. I never thought I'd be the reason he cried. The reason he was bleeding out in my arms today.

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I am one of the unlucky few who dream every night. Usually about nothing in particular but recently they've all been centered around my best friend. I've known Andrew since I was a kid, but recently I feel like hes been keeping something from me. I mean this isn't unusual we don't tell eachother a lot of things, he doesn't know that I like his sister, or that I have such bad anger issues I'm actually afraid of myself, and in return he keeps things from me. This one is a big one though, I can feel it.

This morning Andrew will be picking me up since I picked him up yesterday. We are both in the same community college as we are both saving up money to go into higher costing schools. I dress in my usual black muscle t, black Jean's and converse. I throw my bag over my shoulder and head out the door. I jump in his car and he turns to me.

"Jeez man you look like shit, did you even sleep?" He says chuckling at the bags under my eyes.

Yeah well if you would stop infesting my dreams maybe I'd sleep better. "Haha very funny man. I've been having the weirdest dreams guess they are taking a bit of a toll," respond pulling on my seat belt.

"I'm just joking man! You know you always look great," he replies sounding a little jealous but I'm sure in hearing it wrong considering hes the obviously more handsome one.

We pull into the school and are immediatly greeted by Andrew's younger sister. "Hey assholes, you were supposed to drive me to school today! Your lucky Sarah hadn't left yet," she shouts angrily.

"Oh damn I'm sorry liz, I was picking up luc! It must've slipped my thoughts!" He replies obviously a little guilty.

"So this is your fault then Lucifer!" Yes my name is actually Lucifer, my parents just had to do that to me.

"No uh uh, I'm not getting blamed for this. It was his day so I can't be blamed if you wanted a ride!" I exclaim hoping to get out of this. I hate when people are upset at me, it always makes me feel like I'm worthless.

"And anyways you can't rely on me for rides especially since me and luc are moving into the apartment today!" Andrew exclaimed glaring at me momentarily.

"Oh! that's today? I thought I still had atleast a month!" I roll my eyes, we had just reminded her last week. It's obvious she doesn't care about us.

We walk away and into the school preparing for another long and boring day. After the day finishes me and Andrew drive to the apartment and look around. We finished furnishing just last week. I flip onto the couch and Andrew laughs.

"We are free souls now Drew! We can do anything!" I say sitting up being as serious as possible.

"Well how about we start with a drink of celebration then?" Andrew responds shaking his head.

I shoot up off the couch and walk towards the kitchen, I jump up and sit on the counter, hitting my head on the ceiling. Andrew just chuckles and I smile.

"Hey what are you laughing at? That hurt," I exclaim rubbing my head as if I could feel a bump.

After a few to many drinks we are both laying on the floor staring up at the ceiling and talking about nothing in particular. All of the sudden Andrew turns to me and starts to fiddle.

"So I found out my friend is gay," he says hesitantly.

"Oh? Okay?" I say confused at where this is coming from.

"What is your take on gay people?" He asks sounding nervous.

"Are you asking me if I'm a homophobe? Because I can promise you that I'm not," I say angrily sitting up.

"What if.... what if I was gay?" He asks sounding like hes gonna cry.

"Are you?" I ask hoping his answer is no.

"I think?" Is all he says in reply. I sit in awe for a second. The guy I've known for 17 of my 21 years of life is gay?!

After a few minutes of neither of us saying anything he gets up and walks out of the room. It's not that I don't accept him I'm just a little confused. I've known him for 17 years, and he has been straight for every single one of them, so what changed?

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