His Legendary Wife

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Henry Thompson, a billionaire chairman of Thompson Company, successfully expand his business throughout the country. Unexpectedly found his untold wife, Viola Miller, who broke his heart though surprisingly become different from before. Henry ended up recalling their unforgettable past, where they first met unexpectedly. As they keep uncovering deeper into their forgotten past, things will become more complicated. Unexpected events will happen to their life that will deliberately turn their world upside down.

Romance / Mystery
Kit Francis0427
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Chapter 1: Where did we go wrong?

Henry's P.O.V.

“Ms. Viola Miller, a mid-twenties woman, who tried to murder Senator Ceasar Kelly, and Nicholas Anderson, was finally caught by the police last night. The detectives continue the investigation about the attempting murder case of Viola Miller to the said victims.”

News spread all over the country, which grabs the attention of the citizen, including the family of the victims. Reporters from different entertainment started to gather outside the police station. They were holding their cameras and microphones in their hands, waiting for Viola to arrive together with the police.

My men and I already arrived from the distance and watched the whole scene inside the car. I couldn't stop myself from feeling uneasy and anxious deep inside of me. My heart wanted to see her as soon as possible.

When the black van and two police cars finally arrived at the station, reporters quickly encircled them and asked too many questions. They forcibly pulled their microphone towards the detectives and impatiently queried to them.

“Sir, did Ms. Miller give her statement?”

“What is the new update of this case?”

“Did Ms. Miller confess that she is guilty of attempting to murder Mr. Kelly?”

Reporters wanted the detectives to answer their biased questions. They knew that this case will be a hot topic for the citizen.

However, the officials refused to answer their questions. Instead, they pushed those reporters out of their way to clear the path. When the black van’s door opened, a woman expectedly got off while wearing a handcuff in her wrists. Reporters kept flashing their cameras on her and captured every angle of her.

When I was about to get off the car, my secretary, Steve, immediately gripped my hand, wanted to stop me. “It’s better for you not to interfere. You only let the situation worse.” He stared at me with a stern look. I clenched my hands into a fist and grinned my jaw in frustration. I turned my head to face outside the window and continued watching them.

“Ms. Miller, can you give a short message for Kelly’s family.”

“What is the main reason behind the crime you did, Ms. Miller?”

“Do you have an accomplice in attempting to murder Senator Kelly and Mr. Anderson’s son, Nicholas Anderson?”

Their eyes couldn't stop glaring at her with an unrelenting look. Reported wanted her to confess in front of the cameras and pointed her as the suspect.

But, Viola is unfazed by their prejudice. She impassively held her head high and continued walking in the cleared path. She only treated the reporters like a thin of air and seemed like she already prepared herself for the worse.

Unexpectedly, someone threw eggs at her head and body, causing her to halt. “I hope you rot in jail! You traitor!” A man bellowed and continued cursing to Viola. “You deserve this, bitch! I hope you die miserably!” Someone added.

A group of activists raised their voices and held the poster in their hands. I could see the rage and hatred clearly within their eyes. No one tried to stop them, even the police. Instead, they only kept on watching her molested by the activists.

People who witnessed the entire scene looked satisfied. They believed that Viola deserves to be humiliated like that in front of the camera and the people. However, Viola stared at them and gave them a scornful smirk. She seemed unbothered by their exploit.

When my driver took a glimpse at me in the rear-view mirror, I nodded at him as a response. He immediately grabbed his phone and contacted someone.


Steve looked at us to figure out our intention. My men immediately got off from the car and walked faster towards Viola’s direction. They initiatively encircled Viola and protected her from those people who molested her brutally.

“I see, so this is your plan,” Steve said calmly.

The reporters looked confused and started to mumbling around as my men accompanied Viola towards the building. The Activists also stopped mocking and abusing her. They couldn’t guess who they are or who ordered them to protect her. However, hey already knew that the person behind it is not an ordinary man to be mess with.

I leaned my head on the chair and sighed loudly to relax my body. It’s been days since the last time I saw her. I still don’t know what happened at the time when she met Mr. Kelly and Nicholas. I felt so useless. I couldn't even stay by her side by at that time to monitor every movement of her.

As I kept on remembering those strange actions she did these past days before the crime, a part of me wanted to believe that she actually attempted to murder my best friend, Nicholas and Mr. Kelly. Moreover, the pieces of evidence which the police found in the crime scene were pointing Viola as the suspect.

Everyday, hearing those bias news in the television makes me feel tortured. I am afraid that I will eventually lose her again.

I am still trying to find pieces of evidence that perhaps can prove her innocence. In my mind, there’s only one option that I need to do to find some clue about this case.


In complete isolation and a soundproof room where there are only two chairs and one desk in the center, the detectives are currently monitoring us behind those mirrors using the cameras in every corner of the room.

I sat down one of the chairs and expected for Viola’s arrival. As she strode inside the room, she immediately lowered her eyes to avoid eye contact with me.

“I didn’t expect you to come here,” She sat down across me and gazed down on the floor. “Viola, how are you? Did the detectives treat you well? Don’t worry about Alex. He is currently staying at my house. By the w-“

“I-I tried to k-kill him.”

I cut off my words when she suddenly mumbled something unclear. “Did you what?” I asked and knitted my brows in confusion.

“Everything is true, Henry. I-I tried to k-kill Mr. Kelly and Nick. I am guilty of all charges.” Her voice became unsettled and dry. I couldn’t utter any word. I continued staring at her and tried to process every word she said in my mind.

Suddenly, Viola’s mood changed. She quickly sniggered wholeheartedly, which echoed within the entire room. “Is that what you want to hear? To confess that I am guilty.” She scoffed and contemptuously frowned at the mirror, where the detectives were currently watching us.

“Viola,” I said to warn her not to do anything reckless. Viola moved her eyes to me and chuckled wickedly. Seeing her acting like that made me realized that she changed.

Do I still know her?

A question suddenly popped up in my deep thought as I kept staring at her dead eyes. Within those eyes of her, I could see emptiness and anguished. I clenched my hands into a fist to hide my emotion deep inside of me.

Viola stood up and walked closer towards the mirror. She gently knocked on the door with a scornful face. “You let him come here for me to confess. It makes me want to give you a round of applause.” She smugly taunted the detectives and applauded them with a derisive smile.

“Viola, you should stop now.” I hissed and immediately stood up to stop her from provoking the detectives.

“Why would I?” She exclaimed as she turned around to face me. “You also came here to know the truth, right? You are the same as them, Henry. Honestly, seeing you here makes me only feel more disappointed with you.”

Viola tittered hysterically, all of a sudden, and walked closer to me. I couldn’t utter a single word to her as she kept acting insane in front of me. She really made me feel speechless.

“To be honest, I’ve been loathing you for a long time. I wish I never met you eight years ago. It was one of my fucking mistakes. So, you better fuck off of this damn case. We don’t have any relationship with each other. It is already in the fucking past.” She said with a cold voice. Her fierce pale blue eyes continued glaring at me.

A detective came inside the room and looked at us with a dull and impassive face. “Its time. You should go back to your cell.”

Viola immediately went outside the investigating room without any hesitation. She didn’t even take a glimpse at me. I only stood in front of the mirror and felt so numb.

Anger poured through my mind as I kept thinking of what she said to me, which made me feel suffocated. I clenched my hand tightly and punched it to the mirror with all my might. It caused the mirror to crack without crumbling into pieces.

I could feel blood gushing out from my wounds in my hand, but I didn’t care about it. Besides, it doesn’t hurt at all. All I can think of are what Viola said to me. It was just like daggers brutally piercing through my heart.

There are too many words I want her to hear and things she needs to know, but I couldn’t tell her earlier.

You said that our first met was the most unexpected yet beautiful moment that happened in your life. And I always believe it until now. How can you said that it was just our past when I kept cherishing it in my entire life. Everything was perfect back then, but,

Where did we go wrong?

A question that even I cannot answer. I only shut my eyes close and recall that day where we first met.


Hi readers!!! This is my second book, and I am hoping to know your expectations and feedbacks about it. So, please don't forget to share it through writing review, comment and give a heart. I really apprec

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