An inconvenient flame

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This story will have, depression, homophobia, LGBTQ relationships, abuse, and other things that may not be suitable for young readers.

Romance / Drama
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Prologue/intro {1}


Lucas James Adams

* He's 16

* His birthday is 2/13/2004

* He gets bullied a lot at school, he's what some call the shy, nerdy type. He has only 2 or 3 three friends, but they aren't really close. He's kind of a loner for the most part he'll occasionally eat with his 'friends' but usually he's alone.

* He's the second oldest kid. He has an older brother named Levi (18), and he has two younger siblings a brother (7) named Tyler and a sister (9) Lucy. His older brother is no longer living with them, he was forced to leave when he was 15 so he's been gone for about 3 years.

* Lucas is struggling with his sexuality..... His family is very homophobic, so you can see why he's be afraid to come out or even admit to himself that he's attracted to the same gender.....and to top it all off....his first and major boy crush just so happens to be the boy who's bee bullying him for years.....Ashton Alexander.

Ashton Josh Alexander


* He's 17

* His birthday 11/8/2002

* He's what some refer to as the Jock type. He's captain of the football team and co-captain of the basketball team. He's friendly, sort of, nearly everyone at school likes him. The girls, and admittedly some guys, swoon over him. He also what some call a 'player'. He's slept with over half his class and most of the juniors.

* He's the second youngest of four kids. He has a younger half-sister named Emma (10) a older step-brother named Avery (20), and an older step-sister Jessica (25).

* His life is pretty great right? Wrong! While he no lives with his dad he visits him....and on these visits he gets a good beaten. His father absolutely loathes him for no reason really. He goes there on Friday gets his beaten and leaves Monday morning. His mother has no idea about this and he doesn't want her to.

* When he gets to school he takes all his pent up anger and frustration out on the only person who'll take it.....his childhood best friend and the person he loves more than anyone.....Lucas....with every swing he takes and every foul word he spouts at him hurts him. He hates being mean to him he's trying to stop......but he fears he's too late......

* He's openly Bisexual, his family is supportive as is most of the school. He still gets the occasional homophobic comments to which he just punches them, but other than that he's pretty accepted.

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