An inconvenient flame

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Chapter one {2}

~chapter 1~

I woke up at 5:00 got up and went into the bathroom. I took a shower, brushed my teeth and wrapped a towel around my waist. I went back into my room and walked over to my dresser. I got out my clothes for today which is a black long sleeve shirt that has the word 'Karma' on it in grey letters, a pair of ripped, black, skinny jeans and my grey and white converses. I got dressed then combed my hair. When I was done it was 6:15, meaning I have 15 minutes to get to the bus stop.

I pulled on a hoodie and walked out. I shivered as the cold, winter air hit me. I pulled my hood on and walked down my hill. As I reached the bottom I could see the other kids standing there waiting. 'Ugh people.' I thought as I stood as far from them as I could. I looked at all them and froze when I saw the familiar silverish hair color. 'Ash?! What’s he doing at my bus stop?! He done even live near here!' I gulped and looked down hoping he wouldn't see me. "Hey nerd." Someone said. I slowly looked up and saw those beautiful icy blue eyes staring down at me. "M-me?" I asked timidly taking a step back. "Yes you." He said. "W-what?" I asked. He sighed impatiently. "Just said hi dork." He mumbled. "Oh uh H-hi." I said with a shaky wave. He had a look on his face that could almost be described as pain and guilt. We just stood the rest of the time, neither of us saying was awkward to say the least.

The bus came and I had never been more grateful to get on it. I made my way to the back of the bus and sat down. I put in my headphones and laid my head on the window. Before I could get to comfortable someone sat down in-front of me. 'Who the hell is it?' I thought as I raised my head a little. 'Again! First the bus stop and now this?! Is this a new form of bullying? Cause I think I preferred the beatings and curses over this......' I laid my head back on the window and decided I'd just ignore him.

I closed my eyes hoping to sleep on the bus, before I have to go and face hell on earth, but someone seem to have other ideas. I felt someone poke my cheek. I opened my eyes to look for the culprit, but didn't see anyone. 'What the hell? I know I didn’t imagine it.' I took one last glance around the bus and sighed. 'Maybe I did .' I laid back on the window and closed my eyes. I felt another poke a few minutes later and looked around again. My eyes landed on Ash. I poked his shoulder. "The hell you want nerd?" He asked tiredly. "Did you poke me?" I asked annoyed. "No." He said. "Why the hell would I poke you?" He asked. "I don't know that's why I asked." I said. He looked at me like I grew a third eye. "What?" I asked my annoyance only growing. "Have you finally lost it?" He asked. I scoffed and sat back in my seat. I turned my music up then crossed my arms.

-•at School-•

After thirty long minutes the bus pulled to a stop in front of the school. Now all have to do is make it another 5 minutes then I'll be off this bus. I put my bag on, took my headphones off and put my phone in my bag. 'The wait time get into the school has never seemed so long and dreadful.' I shook my head and sighed. "Hey dork." Ash said. "What?" I asked. "Your shoelaces are untied." He said. I gave him a 'WTF' look. He shrugged. "If you trip and fall you might break your neck." He said. "Yeah I bet you'd like that." I mumbled and leaned down to tie my shoe. I felt someone smack the back of my head hard. I winced and looked up to see Ash looking down at me with a murderous glare. "Why the hell would you say something like that?" He asked angrily. I whimpered and looked back down. "I-I don't know." I said.

He tilted my head up and pinched my cheek. "Just don't say it again nerd." He said. He let go of my cheek and grabbed his bag standing up. I rubbed my cheek and slowly stood up. I was stunned. 'What the hell was that about?' I shook my head and walked off the bus. "Hi Lucas." Kaden Colin, my friend, said. "Hey Katie." I said with a wave. He smiled and walked into the school with me where our other three friends waited. "Hey Lucas!" Keith Dylan shouted throwing his arms around me. "Hey Keith." I said awkwardly hugging him back. "Hi." Jessica Matthews said patting my shoulder. I giggled and poked her cheek. "Hey Jess." I said. "Hello." Rachel Silver said waving. "Hey Rach." I said waving back. "Let's go eat breakfast." Keith said heading into the cafeteria before we could object.

Keith grabbed Frosted Flakes cereal and a chocolate milk, 'Who uses chocolate milk for cereal?' I thought with a giggle. Kaden grabbed trix and white milk, he never puts the milk in his cereal he eats it without.....and he hardly ever drinks the milk so I don't know why he bothers getting it. Rachel got a super donut and chocolate milk. Me and Jessica didn't get anything we usually don't eat....mainly cause school food sucks.

After they got their food we went to an empty table and sat down. Keith and Kaden were swooning over some girl they thought was pretty cute, Kaden is girl crazy and develops crushes fairly easy. "She has short blonde hair that has little curls in it." Kaden said. "Does this one even know you exist K?" I asked. He did a little embarrassed giggle and shook his head. "No...not yet." He said. I sighed and shook my head. "You're doomed for be alone forever K." Keith said. Kaden did a dramatic sigh. "Rude." He said. "But is sadly true." Rachel said. "There's a wall right here remember? I can't hear you or see you." Kaden said with a huff. Rachel laughed. "But you just spoke to me." She said. Kaden crossed his arms and went back to talking to Keith. I felt someone poke my side and immediately looked at Jessica. "What?" She asked to innocently. I glared at her and smacked her hand. She gasped and poked me again. I giggled then slapped my hand over my mouth and poked her. "Stooop." I whined. She laughed and ruffled my hair. "Jessicaaa I worked hard on this hair." I whined. "No you didn't it doesn't even look like you combed it." She said. I pouted which caused her to laugh more.

~end of breakfast ~

"Bye guys!" Keith said grabbing Kadens wrist and dragging him out of the cafeteria to their first class. I sighed and turned towards Rachel and Jessica. "Let's go to Mrs. Harrison's class." I said begrudgingly. We walked down the hall, Jessica in my right and Rachel on my left. "Are you actually going to work this period?" Jessica asked. "Nope. I'm her assistant sooo I don't have to." I said sticking my tongue out at her. "Asshole." She said flipping me off. I grabbed her finger and smacked her with my other hand. "That's a no-no word." I said wagging my finger at her. Rachel laughed and poked my side. "You're silly." She said. I rolled my eyes and looked away as I felt my cheeks heating up. "Let's just get to class." I said. They followed behind me.

We sat in our usual corner on the bottom row in the computer lab. Jessica signed into her online class as did Rachel. "My stupid teacher still hasn't messaged me back." Jessica complained. "Yeah she hasn't messaged me either." I said. She sighed and logged out. "Oh well." She said. I laughed and shook my head. "So how are you?" She asked. "Um good. How are you?" I asked. "Fine." She said. "Good." I said. "Oh! Have you watched My Hero Academia?" She asked. "Yes." I said. "What season are you on?" She asked excitedly. "Season 4." I said.

~30 mintues later~ Bell rings~

Me, Jess and Rach all walked out of the classroom. "Bye." She said and waved. "Bye." I said. "Have a good day." She added and walked away. Me and Jess walked up the stairs to our second period. We sat in the back left corner of the room with two of Jessica's other friends, Mark and Caleb. "Hey guyss." Caleb said. I waved shyly. "Hey." Jess said. "Hiya." Mark said. "Hi." I mumbled. "Hey." Jess said. Mrs. Geoff went over to her projector and turned it on. "Alright class get out your algebra two books and your notebooks." She said. Everyone got there books out with complaints.

~ 30 minutes later~Bell rings~

We got up, grabbed our bags then headed over to Mr. Brian's class. Me, Jess and Mark walked in and sat at our usual seat in the front with a few other people we talk to on occasion, Cane, Jenifer, Edith, Sean, Darlene, and Zelda. Mr.Brian passed our books and told us to get into groups of three. Jess put her hand on my head and messed my hair up. "You're with me and Mark." She said. "Okay." I said.

~30 minutes later~bell rings~

We got our bags, said our goodbyes and headed to fourth period. We went to Mr. Cox's class. Me and Jess sat in our seats and waited for Kaden to come. He sat in front of me like always and turned to talk till class started. "Today you're going to be reading about when women got all the rights they have today." He said. Everyone groaned and got out their books. "You're going to be in partners, I'll let you pick, and you're each going to pick a topic and research it then present it to the class in a week." ‘Well dammit I hate presenting.....maybe I can skip that day.' I sighed. "Lucassss be my partner." Kaden asked. I felt Jess poke the back of my neck. "Work with me." She said. "Um..." I hesitated. "Hey Jessica work with me?" Darlene asked. "Uh....okay." She said reluctantly and flicked me. "I'll be your partner K." I said. He smiled and turned his chair around. The whole class me and Kaden worked while me and Jess played and goofed off on each other.

~30 minutes later~bell rings~

We grabbed our bags and walked out. We walked down the long hall to the cafeteria for lunch. I sat down next to Keith and Kaden sat beside him. Jessica day on my left with Rachel next to her. "Are y'all going to eat?" Kaden asked. We said no. "What's even for lunch?" I asked knowing I wouldn't eat it anyways. "Uh I don't know." Kaden said. "Fish and corn dogs." Keith said. "Yeah no I'm not eating either." Kaden said. "Who wants to play Uno?" He asked. We all did. He got out his cards and laid them on the table. Keith grabbed them and shuffled them.

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