Turning into Ash

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"All that glitters is not gold" is said rightly. A mistake did in past destroyed everything Alice had; her career, almost-destroyed life, fate and fame. It was not enough. It gave her a life time enemy who will leave no stone unturned to destroy her in every possible way. - Will she survive against a ruthless monster? - Will she make him realise that it was not her mistake? - Will he forgive her and maybe he falls for her too? Alice Miller: A young 24 years old High paid model became a penniless under the hands of a lawyer James Ashton who's fiancé was died in a accident and unfortunately the girl who was driving the car was Alice. And now James wants revenge from Alice. Follow this story and I am sure you will get addictive to it! It's an amazing and recommended story for those who believe in ups and downs of life.

Romance / Adventure
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More like a wanderer and less than ambitious, walking down the streets with red and puffy eyes, pale face and loose hair, my steps were heavy and slow. Eyes deprived of ounce of sleep, goal, passion and peace. A continuous river flow has no stop so do I. Lips were dry as they spoke thousands of words yet they were sealed. All I wanted was to have somebody shake me and ask what I bear.

"As the one who smiles less has the most beautiful smile."

I yelled, screamed and shouted that I was at no fault but nobody heard my pleas. I am freed from any question of guilt. But here on empty alley nobody would hear me. Nobody would be able to see how damaged and devastated I am. I fell onto ground holding my head and give a loud screen following with my tears. Soon the pool of tears were flowing down my eyes.

My whole career was destroyed within days. I was found doing ramp walking with drugs in my veins. My eye balls were dilated and I was thrown out of the industry because of this shameful act. But I don't know how did this happen? I never touched a cigarette, drink how would I take drugs? I know someone is behind this. But it is of no benefit as I have been kicked out of industry. Moreover, all my property and home went into trustees and I was left with no pence. Now I don't know where I am. What would I do to give me internal peace?

The day of accident haunts me every single day. The scene of blood oozing out of young girl freaks me out. It gives me pain. My heart and brain are on fire. I cry a lot but no balm soothes my pain. I wish I would pretend that it never happened. I helplessly cried holding my knees to my chest wishing nothing but escape.

"Why would anybody hear you now? Did you hear pleas of Eliza when she was dying? Did you try any effort to save her?" I heard a voice filled with loathe and detest.

My eyes were downcast, but I knew who the voice belongs to. The man who consider me as his biggest enemy. Who despise me more than anyone and I know he wishes for my death more than I do. I followed him and raised my eyelashes and finally met his eyes which make him look like ruthless monster ready to kill me. After a moment of silence reality hit me. It was him. He was behind all this. The flashback of threats that he gave me 6 months ago in courtroom came to me.

"You..Yo-u are behind all this..?" I stuttered, It sounded more like an statement than a question.I still asked him despite knowing that he is behind this. I stood on my feet and saw him smirking and his eyes filled with gleam of terror and evil. I saw evil glint in his eyes which sent chills to my bones causing me to take few steps back.

"You are the one who destroyed my career?

You gave me..D-drugs?" I again stuttered unluckily showing him how terrified I was by his scrutiny eyes.

"What did you think that you would get away from me?" By saying this all I wished was to close my eyes and welcome my final destination: death.

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