shouting in silence

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the beginning

A girl with hair as white as snow and eyes bluer than the sea entered a place they called home. She walked to a window which showed a beautiful day, the sun shining and birds chirping. Her smile fell, she was terrified. Philophobia, her deadly fear of falling in love, he couldn’t love her family, her sister, no one. She heard silence, only her breathing passed a sound and she smiled. Darkness, more than anything brought her happiness, a child who was afraid of loving and losing and then simply moving on. Nothing could ever change her life, her mother had given up on her, dad didn’t even try but her sister a pure young child of just 10 years was determined to help the girl. Her phobia has side effects, she hated to be touched and loud noises. The only thing that made her smile was the sound of a piano, the liquid gold music could break her free from all the fears she had. Her name was ironic, Freya, a variant name of the goddess Freyja, the Norse goddess of love and fertility.

A boy with brown hair and hazel eyes walked into a shop to print some photos he took. He seemed normal to the naked eye but he had a fear unknown to many around him, Pistanthrophobia. A fear of trusting people, he had friends but he never kept them close. They knew nothing about him and he knew nothing about them. He had a fear of the dark and silence, ironic. But only a tragedy could hurt him this hard. But it is his story to tell, and he will but only to the right person at the right time. His name was Lief but to others it was Liam. He didn’t trust anyone, not even his parents. His smile could light up the world but to him, it had to be lit up because he didn’t want to drown in the darkness again.

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