shouting in silence

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day 1

Freya walked into the room of her mother’s friend’s house, he saw a piano and immediately asked if she could play it. The room filled with the melodious sounds of the piano and her voice. She felt at comfort and it was then when an unknown presence walked into the room. Her body tensed at the feeling of someone around her, she developed an unknown social anxiety. Within a second she missed the beat of the song and stopped playing. The unknown persons spoke up, it was a male voice, his voice was too loud for her and she drew a blank. “Hi”. To her it was piercing her brain, she felt pain and sadness. Not even a second passed, she ran out of the room as fast as possible and clutched her mother’s arm.

Her mother was confused but soon noticed the problem. She looked over her shoulder and saw the face of her friend’s son. He seemed nice and cheerful a total opposite of Freya. Freya had tears quietly passing down her cheeks and her breathing was getting heavy. Her mother patted her back and gave her some water and sent her back to the room with the piano, alone. Her mother wanted to speak to her friend in private, so they went into a spare room which had a small sofa and a table with a T.V.

“Margret, my daughter has a small problem. She has a phobia and so it causes her to react like this sometimes and now she has a problem of being touched and loud sounds, I hope you understand.” She began the trail off but her friend looked at her with a warm smile.

“Alina, I understand because my son has a phobia as well, which led to him being afraid of silence and darkness...” Freya’s mother looked up in shock, her heart was heavy but she knew that maybe this was a way for her daughter to get over her fear.

Both mothers had spent the rest of the afternoon, getting to know their children better and find a way to help both kids and maybe even help themselves. Only did they forget that the feelings weren’t theirs. Only Freya and Liam could solve it themselves because every fear is just a bad memory and it is on repeat.

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