shouting in silence

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day 2

Liam couldn’t forget the beautiful sounds of the piano he had heard the other day, that and the way the girl had behaved. To him it seemed unusual, he noticed that the girl had barely seen a glimpse of him when he entered. He also noticed that she felt his presence and began to hyperventilate, she panicked at the sound of his voice. He was very curious to know what had happened and it seemed she had a phobia which was just like his but only it was a phobia of love. He knew she was just like him. They were the people whose phobias could kill and was more than just average.

But he knew that he could never trust her let alone even speak to her. His mother told him that she couldn’t handle loud noises or physical contact and she needed time to get used to someone else’s presence. But he wanted to talk to her, he needed to know that she was just like him but slightly different, and he wanted to be sure that they weren’t freaks or abnormal but just different.

Liam was with his friends when they went to a comic book store to buy some comics. Then, there was a blackout. At first, everyone let out a scream and then it went silent, the boys had gone to find a way out leaving Liam and another boy there, but Liam couldn’t breathe, his lungs were growing weak because of his harsh breaths, he felt that someone was pressing his neck and that he couldn’t hear his own voice. He screamed but nothing came out and soon he became dizzy and fell to the ground. The next moment the lights were on and Liam was found unconscious, they rushed him to the hospital and soon his mother had arrived. His throat was sore but he found his voice.

“Mom... I thought I was going to die, how could I believe that I was safe with them, I never trusted them. I CAN’T TRUST ANYONE... I CAN’T. I-I DON’T LIKE THIS FEELING” he screamed, memories flooding and then he fell asleep, the doctors injected him with something that made him immediately fall asleep. The boy was in the darkness again but now he didn’t know it. After all, who could he trust with his life?

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