shouting in silence

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day 3

The two mothers met again, they just wanted to help their kids. Although it was close to impossible, there was a way and that way had already begun. Freya left to the room with the piano as soon as they arrived, and she began to play. The sweet music drifted throughout the house reaching the young boy. He immediately ran to the room and gently knocked on the door. The girl was taken by surprise but she didn’t reject his entry, she slowly opened the door and let him in. A smile appeared on his face, he was pretty happy.

“Hi, so we got off on the wrong foot last time... my name’s Liam!” he put out a hand for her to shake. She softly shook his hand.

“Freya” but instead of continuing the conversation, she left to continue to play the piano.

For an entire hour, neither of them talked, she was immersed in playing the music and he was completely awed by her talent and her. He noticed the way her eyes softened as she was humming along to the music. He was mesmerized by her beauty, she looked innocent and soft. It was only then he realized that he had to get to know her.

He coughed to get her attention, “You are really talented, that was beautiful.” She smiled at him and then silence took over.

“so... I don’t really know your name?” she spoke up, her voice was sweet but very quiet and beautiful. His eyes lit up at the progress they were making.

“Le- Liam, yeah that’s my name” he stuttered, he almost made the mistake of saying something he would have regretted. The two talked getting to know each other. It was the first time in a while since Freya had a conversation with someone else other than her parents and sister. Liam was bonding with someone like him, he was letting down his shell but very slowly.

“What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?” Freya giggled at the silly question before thinking hard.

“Hmm..., Chocolate but I love Red Velvet ice cream!” Liam squealed like a little girl. “I love red velvet ice cream!” they both laughed and talked for a while. Both their mothers noticed and were smiling, their kids were finally bonding like normal children at their age.

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