shouting in silence

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day 4

Freya and Liam met up quite a few times in the past week and soon became good friends, but for them, it wouldn’t end at friendship. Liam began to gain feelings for the girl, despite knowing her phobia. The girl had no clue about his phobia. But, Liam decided that he would tell her and get over his phobia.

“Freya, I want to tell you something very important” The girl turned to face him and nodded her head. He hesitated, his phobia began to get the best of him until she smiled at him. He forgot what he was thinking of and got lost in her eyes until she spoke up.

“Well...” “Well, I have a phobia and its something that has stopped me from doing so many things, I have Pistanthrophobia.” Freya was in complete shock, he was like her and it made her feel a little bit relieved. She understood him, what it meant and how she wasn’t alone. But who knew that a storm only arrives after a calm day. She was slowly letting him into his life. She felt like he was okay and she didn’t feel scared.


For them, losing their life wasn’t a choice, how long could someone live in fear and in no hope. How could they hope for a better day when they were afraid of things man needs most in their life, love, and trust. How could the walk around smiling, when inside something was tearing them apart? It’s sad and gruesome but what were the odds that it was not only their faults. Of course, no one could understand their feeling or what was going on inside them but someone had to be there for them. It’s not their fault when they are giving signs and we don’t see it, its not their fault when they can’t help but feel trapped and need attention.

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