shouting in silence

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day 42

Nearly a month had gone by and slowly the two teenagers had begun to confide in each other. Their friendship had created a spark, a spark of something new, something scary. They grew closer and slowly changed as well. Freya no longer hid in the corner but she tried to make friends and her smile started to show, she was still terrified but she let loose only just slightly. She started to talk to people but only in a soft tone, loud noises still scared her. Her mother was less worried and could finally breathe without having to be worried about every single step she takes.

Liam, on the other hand, started to tell his parents about things happening in his life, he was trusting someone. He became more caring and less carefree. He no longer looked at everyone in a suspicious way, he was changing too and for the best.

Both of them smiled more, and were happier, it was as if a dream was coming true and only the best part was yet to come. Their pain was about to be relieved by each other, after talking so much they knew everything about each other. Liam noticed the way Freya’s eye sparkled when they were talking about space, planets, stars anything related. He noticed the way her nose crinkles when there is dust and how she always played with the ring that she put on her necklace.

Freya noticed how Liam never stopped pushing his hair back and how his eyes curled up when he smiled. She also noticed how he would never stop talking about how much he loved food and how he made the most wonderful cakes and cookies. Her eyes even caught the way he cups his face when he was nervous. They were so compatible and yet it took them months to realize.

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