shouting in silence

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day 75

Another month passed and now the hardest part had come, it was that very day Liam decided to tell Freya how much he meant to her. He went to her house and rang the doorbell, cupping his face. In his pocket was a ring for her, on it was engraved pour toujours which meant forever in French. Her mother opened the door and yelled for Freya.

He went up to her room and saw her sitting on the black bean bag. He went up to her and smiled, he then sat down and looked at her before clearing his throat and began to speak.

“Look, I’m about to tell you something very important. I was adopted at around the age of 10.” Freya looked shocked, no words formed she only shook her head, gesturing Liam to continue.

“That was when I developed this phobia, well... it was a special day when my dad and mom decided to take me to this huge new museum, I was always fascinated by art and so they took me there. They bought the tickets and some snacks as well. Then suddenly, they said they had to step out for just a minute. The museum was very large and I was scared to be alone...” he choked up, tears forming in his eyes. “I asked them to stay and not leave me alone and then my dad asked me ‘Do you trust me? We will be right back...’ They never came back. I spent more than 2 hours trying to find them and I ended up lost. Since then, I couldn’t trust anyone ever but now I can trust you.”

Liam quickly wiped his tears to find Freya smiling and sniffing. She found it only right to tell him the truth too. “In that case, it’s only fair if I tell you my past too.” He patted her on the back and told her that if she wasn’t comfortable, it was alright. Freya said no, “Well when I was young my dad passed away and so my mother had fallen in love with this other guy after like 3 years. She told me that she loved him so much and that he loved me and her. Then one night, I wanted to get some water and I saw my mother and this guy arguing. My mom was crying and shivering and he kept yelling at her, the words he yelled were awful. I stood there and just watched, he then hit her and kept doing that. I was scared and ran back to my room, the next day I asked my mother if that man actually loved us and she replied that he really did. After a week or so, I saw the same thing happen again. I was terrified, I ran out to the neighbor’s house and told them that something bad was going on, the called the police and he was arrested. But I don’t want love, and so this phobia was created, it d-doesn’t go a-away.” Tears rolled down her cheeks, Liam pulled her in for a hug, she didn’t resist it.

He let go and pulled out the ring, and handed it to her, “I l-like you Freya... I promise I will never treat you the way that man did and I’ll never hurt you” she was the sincerity in his eyes and just nodded her head. Their parents were ecstatic, their kids could finally live a normal life and be free.


They were so happy together for the first few weeks, they were always smiling and holding hands and just staring into each other’s eyes but it wasn’t for long till that storm was going to arrive. And it hit sooner than expected.

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