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The man who held his gun against me his grip loosen and he collapse on ground , the bald man from right side came he kneel down and turn him. he was shot between his eyes, eyes open not blinking , his lifeless body lay there and i watch in horror . he stood ( the baldy) and aimed his gun at me ready to pull trigger i don't know what to do that time my heart beat stop like it didn't beat, please god save me i won't ask anything please i preyed to god make it everything nightmare , something roll down where we were standing, with click sound smoke start coming from it and in no time a layer of smoke cover around us someone grab a hold of my hand and stared to run dragging me. "leave me " i scream and try to wiggle my hand but it only tightened more . he pull me to him "they are coming love we need to go out of this place quickly " he whispers in my ear it was dark so i didn't see his face we started to ran don't know where we are going not paying attention . we stop when i realize we're in ally, we were far away from them , when he was sure no one is around he let go of my hand and walk to other side he pulled out his cigarette lit it with his lighter and take a deep puff , we stand there for a minute without saying anything i just stare at him all time when he finish he turn to face me with help of dull street light i am able to see who is he , i gasps what i saw

Romance / Action
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he marched towards me and push me to the Wall his face shows how angry he was his eyes look scary ,and dark. he is close that i can feel his hot breath fanning my face .

“you are not talking to me like that you will do whatever i want and listen and if you ever say anything about mother you will be curse yourself for this, am i clear” he said in his stern authority tone. no word come out my mouth so i just nodded .Start writing here

holla readers, welcome to my first book 'DESTINY'.

its a story about, Zyan Bruce and Rose smith, a mafia fiction and revenge. so here is the little introduction of the charcters.

Zyan Bruce, a hot bachelor multimillimor businessman and the most feared, ruthless mafia loard. No one messed with him untill they have a death wish.Betrayal is what he hate the most. he is evrything but caring, is what people said. showing emotions and love was never his part untill he set his eyes to an angel who capture his devil soul.

Rose Smith, live a simple happy life or pretend, so no one can tell how much she in pain. An introvert girl, who love to work and like to spend her time alone, never bother anyone and expect the same. A girl who doesn't wit for knight to save her but become her own knight, something in her past change her.

rose smith met a hot famous mafia lord, what happened when zyan messed up with her.

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