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Chapter 1

“Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass but learning to dance in the rain.”


Another day of tiring work finally come to end, I sighed and stretch my hands above my head, switching off my computer , I rose up from my seat, I grab my bag and phone from the table and walk toward elevator entering inside, I push lobby button.

it stop and doors open with a ding sound, I make my way to the exit where, the security guard open gate for me and I thanked him and stepped outside. The cool breeze hit my body but not making my body to shiver. I started my walk to bus stand, hoping to catch a bus at least.

its not the first time working late but I am still not used to it and that make me tired more but if you have oh no if your boss order you to do work late, than you will absolutely get tired. Sometimes I thought why I apply as a secretary in first place.

i check time in my watch its shows 10 when I reach there . i groan in frustration, I am already seeing my bed who is calling me to embrace him. I tab my foot waiting patiently for the bus.

Fifteen minutes pass and there is no sign of bus. my feet’s hurting from standing in that damn heels. i never like them in first place, but they are for only to look professional. if it possible, i would have wear sneakers. i sigh and wait for another ten minutes busy in cursing my boss in my mind.

Out of nowhere someone bumped me but didn’t move. His body lean in me like needed a support . my blood froze in fear, who it is, is he a rapist. Oh god, i feel disgust from thinking. If something happen to me ,I will kill my boss for making me work late.

Oh get a grip dude you need to do something. panic set over me, not knowing what to do, i remember hailey thought me how to defense our self if you stuck in situation like these.

so I quickly throw my bag at him and ready to run when thud sound echo in my ear i turn around to see his body on the ground not moving an inch ,I couldn’t see his face because of darkness and yes the freaking streetlight of electricity, he is injured, I can tell and not to forget bleeding badly.

I ran towards him and kneel down to his level and said ” are you ok ” really this man is far from looking o, I hurriedly search my phone in my bag and ready to call but his hand stop my movement.

“we need to hide” he said more like whisper that i couldn’t even hear properly.

“ what” I asked shocked. Why he want to hide. “ we need to hide , NOW” he again said and I looked at him dumbfounded. He knit his brows together staring me, may be waiting for me to move but why.

‘he is injured, what do you think where he got them. Must be hiding from his attacker’ my inner self said’.

‘ oh yes that may be the reason’ I quickly get up and ask.

" are you sure ,you are bleeding don’t move”. He nodded and attempt to stand but fail, I stretch my hand for him to take so I can help him, he hold my hand for support and pull him up with much needed strength. Once he was stood in his feet, he take step forward limping, he can’t even walk properly . how he manage to come here and from how long he is running. I thought.

Taking his one hand i pull him closer to me he lean for support but not putting his whole weight on me and we started to walk not knowing where my eyes roam around for place so we can hide there’s empty space between to stores dark not much space but we can fit there .

we walk there he has no energy helping him to sit i sat beside checking him body ,his injury is worse ,blood all over his white shirt, soaking it in red thick liquid messy black hair when i get a better look of his face almond green eyes sharp jaw line and lips damn not full not thin , perfect he looks damn hot even in this situation he look dashing .

" like what you see” he said cutting my train of thoughts smirking .

“seen better already” i replied little embarrassed but didn’t show it in my face .

He chuckle. how can he laugh, when he is bleeding out to death.

“you need a medical help your condition is worsen”. i said changing the topic .

“No i am good, just give me your phone” he ask which more like command , I gave him puzzle look , he narrow his brows at me.

“why do you want my phone”, i ask. “to throw it at you” he replied in boring tone .

" why! i helped you ” i ask stupidly. “shut up flower, just give me your damn phone”. he said getting irritated. Wow I manage to irritate someone other than kyden that’s new.

i gave him my phone, and he call someone and give him location. we sat there in complete silence .

after 10 minutes 3 mans came in SUV at our direction and take him without paying attention me. They left and I was standing there hell don’t they have manners i helped him a thank you won’t hurt or a lift to my house would work too.

i grab my purse and started to walk towards bus station but change my root and started my walk to my home direction, but it’s not safe either walking in street at night alone. Sighing I head to bus stand and wait for my bus. when realization hit me I forgot my phone, i gave him, i curse him for not giving my phone back. finally bus arrived after a minutes ,reaching my home i set my purse down i change in my pj’s .

so tired to take shower I lay down my mind went him if he is ok or not, he look horrible ugh whatever at least they didn’t try to rob me brushing my thought out, i close my eyes only wanted to sleep .

Next day I woke up and i take a shower getting ready for work, and i am late shit.

Rose Mr. black is calling you, my friend hailey inform me , thanks hale . I am Mr. black secretary and also help in projects he is a nice person and friendly but when it come to work he is a serious person.
i walk to his office and knock twice, “ come in” said in a faint sound, i enter his office with his coffee in my hand.

“Good Morning, Mr. Black” I greeted.

i hope you likethe first chapter.

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bye bye lovely readers.

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