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"Some old wounds never truly heal, and they bleed again at the slightest word. It hurts knowing you tried doing your best and it still wasn't good enough. It hurts but it's okay, im used to it." Mia Parker is a 21-year-old girl. She works at her father's company as his PA. She is a very kind-hearted, hard-working and a strong person. Her life is full of hardships and sufferings. The only thing that keeps her going is hope that one day this all will change. Alex Anderson is a 26-year-old man. He is about to take over the family business. He is rude, arrogant and a playboy. Alex and Mia used to be friends in childhood but Alex went abroad for his studies leaving her alone. They grow apart as they were both busy in their lives. Alex was busy studying while Mia's life took a big turn. After many years when he returns back, Mia realises that his friend has changed. What happens when they both are forced into a marriage? Will destiny bring them together or will it tear them apart?

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Chapter 1


Who says life is easy? Mine is literally a piece of shit! I'm late again and today dad will gonna kill me. Well technically it's not my fault that I'm late, I had to make Amber's presentation which she was so busy to do. Amber is my sister and she was so busy partying last night that I had to make her presentation for her. I slept very late at night and couldn't wake on time but mom and dad don't care. Why they would though? I don't know why I expect them to care. Why I always want to impress them? Maybe the feeling of being neglected do that to you. Anyway, I am late and I don't want to be later. I quickly called a cab. Yes, my parents are rich but they don't buy me a car. I don't get enough money or pay that I can buy my own car. My cab arrived in 5 minutes. I hastily sat in the backseat and went towards my father's company. Today is a very important meeting with my fathers friend William. Dad wants to do a project with them. Both of our companies are one of the best architect companies. If My father lost this project then im dead.

"Ma'am you have arrived" the cab driver's voice pulled me out of my thoughts. I paid the fare and then rushed towards the front door. I quickly went towards the elevator but it was on the top floor. Damn, I had to take the stairs. This day couldn't get any worse. I reached my floor in about 15 minutes. I was panting hard. I went towards the conference room and knocked on the door but I didn't hear any noise. I peeked inside and saw it was empty. Did the meeting just end? I closed the door and gulped in fear. God help me. I went towards my father's office. I knocked on his door with trembling hands.

"Come in," he said in his gruff voice. I took a deep breath and went inside and closed the door behind me. Dad was sitting in his chair with his dark brown eyes looking right at me. I tried my best to keep myself composed even though I just want to kneel down and cry my eyes out.

"I-Im sorry" I stammered. I had to break the silence as I couldn't stand his stare.

"You're lucky that the meeting got cancelled bitch otherwise I wouldn't have left you that easily. Why are you late?" I flinched due to his loud voice. I can be very brave in front of some people but my family are not one of them. Well, do you blame me? When you are getting abuse from your parents since childhood then you can't be brave in front of them.

"I asked you something!" He screamed at me.

"I-I was d-doing Amber's presentation last night and I slept v-very late so I couldn't wake up today," I said.

"I'm literally tired from you......listen, Someone took photos of Amber and some guy going to a hotel last night. Go and take care of that issue. I don't want those pictures in the newspaper." He said. I nodded my head and rushed towards my office. This is not new to me at all. Every time Amber will get into trouble and I had to take care of it. I'm the one who is always doing her work and she is enjoying her life and at the end of the day, she gets all the credit. She is always making my life miserable and me, im always helping her in her problems. I sighed and start doing my work.

It's evening now and I have to go home. Dad had already gone home. I packed my bag and went outside. I called a cab and went home. I reached home in about 15 mints. I quickly went towards my room. My room is on the other end away from everyone. I changed out of my work clothes and went to have a shower. After the shower, I wore my night suit and went into the kitchen.

"Hello sweetie. How was your day?" Marrisa asked. She is our cook and the only friend I have here.

"Usual. Amber got into trouble again today." I said while sitting on one of the stools.

"Old news. Sir wants her to get married to William's son Alex." She said while wiggling her eyebrows. That stopped me. Alex used to be my friend but we lost contact when he went abroad. He got busy with studies and well me, my parents didn't let me take a break.

"He is back?" I asked.

"Yes, he came back today." She answered. So that's why the meeting got cancelled.

"Why they want them to get married?" I asked curiously.

"It's more like a business deal. I heard sir talking today, maybe William wants to do this marriage as you know Alex reputation. If sir agree only then William will do the project." She finished.

"How can they do that. The project is quite big and it means a lot for Dad and about Alex, he and Amber have kind of the same reputation." I said with a smile. She served me my food which was fish and some fries.

"Where is everyone by the way?" I asked halfway through eating.

"They went to a restaurant. Oh, what are you wearing tomorrow?" She asked with excitement. What is tomorrow?

"Tomorrow is your parents 21st anniversary." She said in a duh tone. She must have seen my expression.

"I don't even know if im allowed to attend." I chuckled. Inside I felt bad, really bad but I have learned how to mask my emotions in these past years.

"Honey you are 21, start taking a stand for yourself. They treat you like trash and you let them." She said. I can't help it. I know they hate me, beat me but I can't change that, I know because I have tried.

"Anyway, the food was delicious. Good night." I smiled and walked towards my room. I hope that one day this all will change and my life will take a new turn. I can't afford to lose hope because that is what keeps me alive. I laid down on my bed and in seconds I was fast asleep.

I can hear some voices from downstairs. I groaned and got up from the bed. I went downstairs and saw Amber and dad fighting. I hid behind a wall so they cannot see me.

"Dad she is lying. She stole my presentation and presented it as her own." Amber shouts. Are they talking about me?

"Ha! Like we don't know how much irresponsible are you." He said with anger.

"Amber is right. Mia gets jealous that how Amber has the independence and she doesn't." My mom, Diana said. What? Amber technically ordered me to do the presentation.

"I don't know about anything but tomorrow is the party and I want this girl to be dressed elegantly and she should behave in front of William and Alex. I don't want you to get drunk tomorrow. Understood?" He asked and she nodded after a few seconds. I should go back to my room before anyone sees me. I was about to go when I slipped and fell down. Today is not my day.

"Mia, were you eavesdropping?" My mom asked while looking at me in disgust.

"N-No I wasn't, I was just passing by," I said and abruptly stand up.

"Did you see dad? She wanted you to be angry on me, that's why she was eavesdropping. She is just jealous." Amber said while glaring at me. I looked toward my dad with a little hope in my eyes that he will shut her but he started walking towards me. I gulped in fear and move backwards. He held my arms to stop me from moving any further and slapped me hard across the face. I lost balance and fell on the ground. Tears strung at my eyes but I didn't let them fall. He went away while mom and Amber just smirked at me and went toward their rooms. I wiped my eyes, No I will not cry in front of them I went towards my room and after hours of tossing and turning, I finally went to sleep.

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