The Master's Maid - His Maid #1

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A Legacy for the Hybrid

My Beloved

Before I met you, I knew not of colors. You have shown me a world of love and passion, that makes our blood flow red.

Before I met you, I knew not of song, because I had yet to hear your laughter.

Before I met you, I knew not of beauty. Only beside you, the sunrise is done justice in all its glory, warmth, and promise of new life.

The sun will never set on a day, where I do not love you.


Landon’s POV


At the sound, Peter grabbed Pat and hurried out the emergency exit, not wanting to deal with the culprit. To be fair, seeing a 100+ some years vampire cower before a 20+ werewolf was something that never got old!

Only this time, I wish I could join them…

“Hey, Kara,” I tried to smile anyway, as the door opened, and my childhood friend entered. She was once again wearing her uniform and the top buttons were undone showing off an indecent amount of cleavage. I still thought it was inappropriate, but with recent events in mind, I was starting to think she did it on purpose – and only in my presence…

“So,” she chimed, dropping down on my desk and beaming her usual smile at me. “How’s the future alpha?”

“Saying it a lot won’t make it come true,” I grimaced lowly, and mentally I could feel my wolf cringe and even my blood seemed to coil at her presence. Ever since our last run, I didn’t know how to act around her. I turned her down on her offer for some casual sex; sure, she made some good points about no strings attached and the whole ‘friends with benefits’-thing. But I’d might have been more acceptable to the idea had it come 5 years ago.

Now I just felt awkward around her…

“What’s this…?” she suddenly asked, eyeing the papers on my desk. I muttered a curse under my breath, trying to gather the print outs of ancient documents. I didn’t want anyone to know about what I was doing – not yet at least.

“It’s---,” I muttered, just as she picked up one of the documents. I tried to snatch it away, but she held it well out of my reach as she let her eyes glance over the text.

“Research,” I sighed in defeat, knowing that this was going to ruffle some feathers. In a seriously annoying way…

“About Lucian King?” she frowned and practically gave me the stink eye. “Landon, what are you doing?”

I sighed, not knowing what or how to answer that. Yes, on one hand, I knew it was a bad – BAD – idea. It would make people think all the wrong thoughts – especially because it was me doing this research – and probably give Dad hell and hail for it. And to add insult to injury, I was more or less doing this behind his back.

So, I didn’t reply, knowing I wouldn’t do anything but dig my own grave. But apparently, the silence said enough.

“I can’t believe you’re trying to find out more about that monster,” she spat, the disgust rolling off her in thick waves.

“He was my father,” I stupidly pointed out taking a deep breath. Defensively I crossed my arms in front of my chest, leaning back in my chair. Why did I feel like a small child being scolded for being naughty? Was it really that wrong of me, wanting to find out about my father? Especially if it somehow connected back to whoever was spying on me and Lexi? In that case, I didn’t care if I had to dig up the devil himself. If it meant keeping Lexi safe, I’d happily do it!

“Being your sperm donor does not make him your father!” she snorted, standing up and pushing away from my desk. As if she couldn’t stand being in my presence. “Alpha Stone raised you! Luna Dina is your mother! Why are you trying to find out about the psychopath that kidnaped your mother and raped her?”

I sighed.

She had a point!

I knew that but---

“Landon,” she suddenly said in a quiet and soft voice, stepping closer and placed herself right in front of me. I peeked up, surprised. Goddess, how did women change from one mood to the next with the fall of a dime? Wasn’t she mad at me a second ago? I’m confused! “You have to think of the future. You have responsibilities and…,” she said, caressing my arm, stroking it up and down.

“I can help you with that!”


I asked the question before I’d even listen to the proposal. Because honestly, her mood swings were giving me a whiplash. I was so confused I didn’t really realize WHAT she was proposing…

“Don, we’ve been friends for how long?” she asked, crossing her arms like me, while her lips tilted into a curvy and inviting smile. Like she was trying to sell me something.

Yeah! SO confused!

“I know you! Inside out and I know that together we can make a great alpha couple,” she continued with a strong and unwavering tone. A tone I knew and dealt with on a daily basis.

Ignorant insensitive overachievers!

“Kara,” I frowned, hoping it was my lack of ‘womanly-knowledge’ that was acting up again – and that I was reading the situation entirely wrong! I mean--- this is my BEST friend! The girl, who always stuck up for me, when everybody else thought I was a freak and got bullied in school.

“What are you saying?”

She couldn’t have some ulterior motive!


“Make me your mate,” she said pointily and without a hint of doubt. “And we’ll look out for our people together!”


Lexi’s POV

Call me a bit stalkerish, but I asked Amy to exchange her route for mine, so I could get Landon’s condo twice a week. And something told me he was already expecting me because he always managed to be in, whenever I came around.

And we’d have lunch together.

However, today wasn’t one of those days. It was past working hours and I was back at the Stone’s building; still dressed in my maid’s work-outfit and driving the company car. I met the security guard from our date--- and this time he barely looked me in the eye before instantly calling up Landon. I could barely hold in a grin, thinking that he did that for me…

But instead of being led to Landon’s condo, he took me to an office--- where Landon was waiting for me with a huge grin plastered on his face.

“Lexi,” he said, rushing over and dismissing the guard. “This is…” He shyly rubbed the back of his neck and his signature blush crept across his cheeks. “A pleasant surprise!”

“If I confess that I wanted it to be a surprise,” I teased him. “Do I get to pick out our fourth date?”

“Only if I get to pick the fifth,” he instantly replied, as his cheeks grew redder. Now I was blushing too. Normally I wasn’t--- ok, I was sort of very outspoken, saying whatever crossed my mind without giving it much thought. Most of the time it was quite harmless – or at least so far they hadn’t caused me a job or restraining order – but with Landon, I felt embarrassed and self- conscious because, one: he was swimming in money while I didn’t have a penny to my name and second: I really, really wanted him to like me!

I still couldn’t explain my gut-feeling about the danger around him – while also being 100% sure, that he’d never lay a hand on me! – or the sensation of need to be with him. As in my stomach would clench painfully and I’d have mild headaches if I didn’t see him. And as by magic, they disappeared, the second I was with him again. The pull my body had towards him was almost out of this world…

He stepped aside and let me into his office. I gasped – forgetting everything around me – when I noticed the amazing view. The city was dark with pale yellow and red lights underneath it, while the background was dark skies, black mountains, and night heaven lit up by the pale, silver moon and millions and millions of stars.

“It’s beautiful,” I gasped, walking over without thinking. I’d never imagined that the rather common and boring city of Roswell, could ever be this beautiful and…

“Yes, you are,” Landon whispered right next to me. Surprised, I looked up and met his gaze. But his eyes never moved away from mine. A small, appreciative smile lingered on his lips. He knew I’d heard him--- and he did nothing to take it back. In fact, I think he was rather proud of himself that he confessed it…

“Thank you,” I replied, unable to hold his eyes--- and started to curse myself for not going home and change! Why hadn’t I?! Truth? Because I just wanted to see him that badly, I make up any excuse for myself to get here as soon as possible.

“I, erm,” I asked, suddenly feeling a bit nervous as he led me over to the sofa. I’d opened my mouth to tell him why I’d come--- when I noticed the huge stack of papers on his desk and the blue light coming off the computer. “Are you working?” I frowned, suddenly feeling my own cheeks redden with embarrassment.

Oh, my--- gosh! How do you spell desperate?!


“I’m always working on something,” he however replied sitting down and shrugged casually--- until his huge brain caught up with him and turned him into the Landon we all know and love! “But-but-but that doesn’t mean---I-I mean…yeah, you’re a distraction! But--- I like it! When you…” He finally stopped talking, but unfortunately realized, that he’d already dug his grave. I couldn’t help but smirk. One of the many things I liked about him! He could so utterly overthink things he was an entire comedy-show by himself. Yet, he was so honest and kind and caring, I somethings found myself thinking that a man like that was too good to be true…

“Distract me…” he finally sighed, nervously rubbing the back of his neck. “I’m not doing this very well.”


He might be many things but a smooth flirt he was NOT!

“Good,” I resorted, to ease his awkwardness. “Working too hard will get you killed.” He grinned at that--- and then had this look in his eyes, almost as if to say: ‘doubt it!’.

Hmm, must be a workaholic thing…

“Hey! I, erm…,” I continued, remembering why I came here in the first place. Although sitting here ogling him might have become my new favorite hobby. “I came here because wanted to thank you.”

“Thank me?!” he echoed surprised. “For what?”

“Well, as you know, I never knew my dad, but…,” I nervously chewed my lips, glancing at his perfectly red eyes. I’d noticed that they sometimes changed color. Like now, when he was calm, they were a calming wine-red color. But when he showed strong emotions, they could flash to ruby or blood red. While if he was angry, they were a blazing crimson red, that would make men of steel quiver in fear!

To me, it was beautiful!

A testament to his passion, his big heart, and caring nature. His protectiveness of his own and how fiercely he’d protect it…

“I’ve decided to give it a shot and try and find him,” I confessed before I lost my nerves – or got lost in his eyes! “I mean the worse that can happen is that he doesn’t want me, right?”

Suddenly, his face fell and just like that, he looked like he was carrying the world on his shoulders.

“You have to take the risk,” he said with a sigh. I don’t know who I knew, but without a doubt in my mind, I knew someone – or something – had hurt him. I didn’t know how or what or any details actually. But I knew! As certain as if something had just told me so. He was acting like a wounded animal, retracting into himself wanting to give up and lick his wounds.

Instantly my chest was flaring with a desire to kill – to literally murder! – whoever had made him feel like that! I’d never been much of a jealous type or quick to anger but seeing him like this – and knowing he was in pain – I was seeing RED! I wanted to unsheathe my metaphorical claws and tear flesh from bone…

But my sensible side poked its undesired nose into my murdering spree and reminded me of the man hurting next to me. A punch of guilt hit me like a bucket of ice-water, and I turned my attention back to him.

“Like you’re doing,” I said, trying to encourage him. It didn’t take a genius to figure out, that his good mood vanished when I started to talk about finding my father. Which lead me to believe that someone had poked their nose into his business about finding his own deranged biological father.

And had done a terrible job at keeping their own freaking feeling in the matter to themselves!

“I’m not really looking to reconnect or anything, but…” I continued, trying to keep things light, not to hurt Landon more. But as usual, my man was full of surprises…

“Do you really believe that?” he cut me off before I had time to think about what to say next. He sighed, looking me straight in the eyes. “Isn’t it our deepest dream and desire – our hope – that our blood wants us and that we can on some level connect with it?” he looked away, guilt eating away at him and he shook his head. “A feeling of belonging somewhere?”

I felt my body relax and a sigh of relief surged through me. So, that was what was bother him?

This, I could fix!

“You’re so cute, I forget sometimes how real you can be,” I smiled at him, taking in his surprised expression. He looked cute when he was surprised. I continued, however, like I hadn’t seen through him. Like I was oblivious to his own struggles, but hoping, that telling him of my own, he’d be able to relate. “You’re right and you’re wrong,” I told him, making myself more comfortable on the sofa. “I don’t necessarily want a relationship with my father, but I do want to know, where I came from. Like you! It’s like a part of me is hidden and somehow, he holds the key to discovering more of myself. Finding him is finding my missing self.” I tried to explain and laughed, when I realized, how awful I sounded. Perhaps I wasn’t really cut out for this after all…

“Am I making any sense?” I asked, suddenly feeling nervous that I might have made things worse. But the smile on Landon’s face and the light in his eyes – a light that hadn’t been there before – convinced me that I perhaps hadn’t made it worse…

“More than you know,” he said and after a moment of reflection, he sat back up straight. “You’re really going to look for him?”

I nodded.

“If you can…,” I shrugged. “I can. Right?”

He smiled. That knowing smile like he knew something that I didn’t. And for right now, it was ok! Whatever had been bothering him was not a concern anymore and he was going to do, whatever he needed to do. Because he was doing this for himself and he needed to do it.

Just like I had to…

“Can I interest you with a movie and popcorn?”

The question was like lightning from a clear sky!

“What? Now?” I blinked in surprise glancing at the watch on the wall. “Nothing is showing…”

But my protests died on my lips, as Landon shook his head and rose to his full height. Now, of course, I realized that he was wearing a white shirt that fitted him like a glove, teasingly showing/not-showing his biceps and perfect abs. Not to mention that his suite-gray pants fitted him so perfectly, they had to be tailored to just him. They fitted his lean and sculped body perfectly, making my mouth slightly water remembering what he looked like underneath all of that…

I mean--- I don’t think you find clothes in his size at a Walmart! Not that he shops at Walmart… He probably never shops – for clothes! Because…

Wait! What am I talking about?!

“Not necessarily,” Landon grinned, bringing me out of my own distracted thoughts, and held out a hand for me to take. “Come on!”

I took it, trusting him completely, as he took me down the dimly lit halls. He stopped in front of a double door, swiping his card at the panel on the side, and the doors flew open.

“Welcome, lady Smith, to the first and only midnight movie theater in Stone Pharmaceutical’s,” he said in an overly dramatic and polite voice. I couldn’t stop myself from gasping, taking in the big room. It was a huge auditorium with a big podium and comfortable stools all the way from the front to way back. More stools and tables were tucked away at the sides, making me think, that this room was used for some kind of business.

“We use it when we present breakthroughs and new drugs,” Landon explained as if he’d been reading my thoughts. He then jumped up on the podium, pulling out some wires from the floor and connecting it to his phone. “But if we hook this up with that, press this and--- Voila!”

I squealed when the huge screen behind him suddenly lit up and an intro to a movie was blasting through the speakers. But for the life of me, I couldn’t stop the huge grinned on my face, as the movie started playing on the big screen. And even more, when he less than 5 minutes later showed up with popcorn! I gaped and questionably pointed to the goods--- But he just politely shook his head and dragged me into the seat next to him.

“Good?” he asked, resuming the movie once he had handed me the popcorn.

“Perfect!” I grinned, snuggling into his side, and in the process got to inhale his sweet, musky scent. It was addictive and sent a calmness through my body, making me pudding in his embrace. I had no idea what we were watching, but it really didn’t matter. Being with him like this, was everything I could ever dream of…

All too soon, the movie ended, and then---


“Would you…,” Landon asked, glancing down at me nervously. “Would you like to meet my family?”

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