The Master's Maid - His Maid #1

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Lexi’s POV

I woke up slowly, as my eyes had a hard time adjusting to the light. I groaned annoyed. When did so much sunlight get into my room?

And that’s when my brain decided to remind me, that MY room doesn’t have a window.

Suddenly my eyes flew open and I looked around. My heart dropping to the pit of my stomach as I realized where I was.

I was in Landon’s bedroom!

I sat up. What in the---?! But instead, memories from last night came rushing back. The gunshot, the blood, the rough kiss…

And then…

Instantly I felt my neck. But--- it was perfectly fine! Which was strange, because I could have sworn, that-that Landon bit me---! Which is stupid to think, I know that! But-but…

The feeling of his teeth in my flesh came rushing back. The sensation of lust, passion, and ecstasy burned in my blood, and even now, I had to clench my thighs together as more wetness appeared at my core. Which instantly was followed by a flood of dread.

WHAT was going on?!


I gasped hearing his voice. My head spun around and without looking for him, found him sitting on a chair at the foot of the bed. And by the looks of it, he’d been sleeping there. His hair was disheveled, and there were darkening circles under his eyes, the proof that he hadn’t been sleeping much. He was dressed in a fresh pair of jeans and a T-shirt, that hung loosely around his torso. That, when he moved, showed off his lean muscles and when he flexed his arms, his biceps bulged against the fabric. Making me remember how easily he’d taken me into his arms. Sprawled across his legs and--- and my thoughts shouldn’t be going there!

Bad, Lexi. BAD!

He moved to sit next to me, with a worried look in his eyes. But the dread from before sank deep into my stomach, making my insides feel like ice.

“St-stay away from me,” I muttered, trying to pull away from him. I still had no idea what was going on and all my survival logic was telling me, that I should stay away from him. So why did it feel like I’d just kicked a puppy?!

“Oh! O-Ok,” he said warily and – like a beaten puppy – he backed back to his original seat and sat down. His eyes cast down on the ground at all times.

“Erm,” he muttered with a gulp and rubbed the back of his neck. That small nervous gesture that made my insides flutter. Making me wonder how those muscles would feel like, clinging to them when he thrust into me and--- and my mind is in the gutter again!

“There-there are some pills there,” he quickly glanced up at me, before pointing to the nightstand. “You should take them.”

I followed his gaze--- and had to take a ridiculous amount of seconds to even realize what he was talking about! What was wrong with me?! Did he do this to me? Was biting me making me needed and horny and---



“Why? Are they drugs?” I asked, panic rising in my stomach. But the bewildered look Landon give me--- and I’m blushing with embarrassment.

“They’re iron pills,” he said a bit of cation in his voice. “They’ll-they’ll help with the blood loss.”

“Blood loss?” I breathed, feeling the heaviness of his words. What they mean! “So you---you really are a-a--- a vampire!”

I can’t believe it!

Sure, all the evidence points in that direction. The bite, the quick recovery, the fact that he didn’t die with gods knows how many bullets in his back…

But can I believe it?!


No, my logical brain is of course denying it. That there is no way that a creature of legend is sitting in front of me, because-because…

Because it’s freaking LANDON STONE!

The most awkward and nervous blabbering man I’d ever seen. Sure, he’s handsome as hell and had a pale complexion and--- and has RED eyes!


(Thinking about that now…!)

Ok, that might not be my best argument, but I’ve seen him eat! Food! And he doesn’t combust in the sunlight. And no diamond skin either, so screw that, twilight! And he’s cute and nice and honest, and just about the best thing that’s ever happened to me! I refuse to let him be some kind of monster, that doesn’t belong in the real world.


He’s MINE! My Landon. MINE! I’m not giving him up to some weird-ass fairytale, just because he’s not human! I refuse to believe it!

I won’t…

And yes, this is a full-blown out panic rant slash monolog I’m having with myself so excuse me if it doesn’t make sense…

“It’s---” Landon cuts into my storm of emotions. I looked up, but sure enough, he hasn’t moved and only a few unnoticeable seconds have passed. “A bit more complicated than that.”

More complicated?!

Suddenly the room started to spin, and I felt like I was about to pass out again. I needed to get up. To get some air and--- I didn’t finish that thought, but swung my legs out of the bed and got up…

Instantly the world around me went black. My limps went numb and gravity did its thing and dragged me down. It was a weird sensation. To be unable to move, to have the world monetary disappear around you--- and still be able to feel strong arms wrap around me, tugging me into the safety of a firm, warm chest.

See? Not a vampire! Can’t be! He’s hot…

“Careful,” I heard from somewhere far away. His naked arms brushed against my bare skin and those strange, warm sparks ignited all over my body, putting me back on the bed.

“Don’t touch me,” I muttered, feeling all kinds of defeated and--- just utterly confused. I didn’t want him to touch me, but I didn’t want him to let him go either! I wanted him to hold me and to feel safe in his arms, but my stupid logical and slightly panicked brain was telling me, that it’s not smart to be in bed with the blood-drinking creature that makes me tingle all over…

Jeez! Do Guys think girls are hard to understand? Trust me, half the time girls don’t understand themselves!

“As you wish,” he replied and let go of me, leaving me cold and uncomfortable. See what I mean? Now that he’s let go of me, I want to go back! Stupid brain and stupid, hormonal chemicals and stupid, stupid, STUPID…

Landon remained oblivious to my mental struggle. Instead, he leaned over and with a firm push, placed the pills and a glass of water into my hand.

“Take these,” he said, his voice stern and didn’t leave much room for argument. I did what he demanded, swallowing the pills. They were tasteless, but after a couple of seconds and I hadn’t passed out again – or worse – I decided to believe that they were actually iron vitamins.

So! What now?

“My mom will come to look for me,” I said--- for no other reason than I was worried about her. Why I said it like a threat, however…? No, I had no real explanation for it other than it was the panic that still was raising cold terror at the pit of my gut.

“I’ve actually called her,” Landon reassured me – and I let out a breath of air, I hadn’t realized I was holding. “I told her we had a little car trouble on our way back and while we waited we headed to a bar. You had a little too much to drink and fell asleep so I took you back here.” He explained the cover story. Which was surprisingly believable. Which really shouldn’t surprise me. He’s a vampire. Lying is probably second nature to this guy…

Which really stung when I thought about it.

How much of everything he told me had even been the truth?

Landon shifted nervously in his seat and apologetic eyes met mine when he looked up again.

“I’d appreciate it if you stuck to that lie and not tell anyone about…”

“Vampires?” I cut him off, feeling a surge of anger and betrayal stirring in my blood. “Yeah, I kind of like my freedom and have no intention to get stuck at an asylum!” My tone was spiteful and full of hate. I couldn’t help it. I couldn’t but feel hurt. Had it all been a lie? I mean, he bit me and---


HE. BIT. ME!!!

“Oh my---!” I stuttered, terror suddenly clasping around my throat. “Am I a-a…?”

“What?” He asked confused before realization finally dawned on him. “Oh, no! T-that’s an old myth. There has to be special---,” he paused, reddening and gulped before he continued: “Circumstances for a vampire to turn a human.”

I glared at him.

I couldn’t believe it!

He claimed to be a vampire--- and somehow still managed to dig himself in deeper?!

(Pun not intended!)

Weren’t vampires supposed to be flirtatious and gracious creatures to lure in humans and feed on them? Landon couldn’t speak two coherent sentences without sounding like a blabbering idiot or listing off a mile-long fact of some sort.

“Circumstances?” I repeated back to him, feeling more and more like my normal self, having a normal conversation with not-so-normal Landon. “Like what?”

He wetted his lips with his tongue, and I couldn’t help but remember what it felt like inside my mouth and---

No! No, Lexi! Don’t you dear go there!

“I need to want to turn you,” he said carefully,

“Then---,” I stuttered like an idiot as realization dawned on me; rage and humiliation surging through my body like wildfire. “The bite?”

“I wanted to heal faster so I could get you out of there,” he confessed--- to which my mouth fell open! He bit me – drank my blood – so he could HEAL faster?! I don’t know if I was impressed – or feeling used! “There were more humans around and several of them had more guns. I couldn’t risk one of them hurting you. I-I had to get you out of there.”

And now I was feeling slightly warm and fuzzy again…

“And the cops were coming, which, erm--- We-we tend to avoid them as much as possible,” he added--- because this was Landon and he couldn’t help being honest even if it landed him in hell itself.

“So…,” I continued to ramble, as he eyed me like he was expecting ME to jump across his bead and put a stake through his heart. Because bullets clearly didn’t work…


Bullets didn’t work on vampires?

“You-you weren’t--- The-the bullets…”

Back to feeling like a vampire energy drink!

“Hurt like hell and would have taken forever and a day to heal, but they can’t kill me,” he confessed with a solemn look on his face. “Again, I’m sorry for taking the easy way out and taking your blood, but… I couldn’t risk you.”

That caught my attention.

“You couldn’t risk me?” I repeated back to him. And he nodded, a serious expression on his face that looked ready to destroy the world if needed to protect me. And darn the ducklings, if that didn’t make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside…!


I didn’t understand. He risked everything to keep me safe; even me finding out his secret in the worst way possible. But he did it anyway and still now, he had this look on his face that dared anyone to deny him. To take me away from him.

And it made me feel--- safe!

It wasn’t normal and I wondered if it had something to do with the bite. Or was it something else perhaps? Was this some more vampire things I didn’t get? Like Dracula with his wife or something?


“Wait,” I exclaimed, the need to know was too great to let go! “Is Dracula real?!”

“No,” Landon chuckled and – no surprise really – blushed while he rubbed the back of his neck. “Dracula was actually a count who was completely obsessed with vampires after he found out that his daughter was mated to one. They had to flee the country to escape him, but he came up with all kinds of crazy theories and rumors about vampires, which sort of is what most people believe today. But it’s mostly utter bullshit! Like he thought that sunlight…,” he trailed off his words and his embarrassed gaze met my flabbergasted one.

“I’m really not helping my case much am I?” he asked in a rhetorical tone.

Now I really can’t believe it!

“I just can’t believe you’re a vampire and still be so---,” I tried to explain it and gestured at him--- But in reality there was just one word for it:


“I’ll take that as a compliment?” he asked and shrugged innocently.

“Sure,” I replied – having finally calmed completely down from my initial panic. For better or worse, Landon was – by some miracle! – still my Landon. The blushing and stuttering overthinker he’d been since the first day I met him.

He was, just the way I liked him!

But now that I knew his secret, what was going to happen to me? What did this all mean? I had so many questions. And as weird as it seems, I was glad that Landon was the one by my side in all of this…

“Are you going to keep me?” I asked nervously. Because what do vampires do with humans who know about them? Something that’s for sure, otherwise there would have been more humans out there who knew about vampires. In fact, I bet it would be public knowledge by now…

“Like a pet?” he asked--- like we were discussing the freaking weather!

My heart dropped.

“Why are you asking me that in a serious tone?” I asked, slightly horrified. But the ‘busted’ look on Landon’s face said it all.

You have human pets?!” I exclaimed, now completely horrified. I guess I just found out what happens to the humans who know!

“It’s complicated,” Landon tried to calm me. Which not very surprisingly, didn’t work.

“How complicated?” I exclaimed, feeling anger and new panic brewing inside me.

“Erm…,” he murmured, taking a deep breath and clearing his throat. “So, as you might have figured out, I’m a vampire…”

“You don’t say,” I snarled at him, cutting him off and in a not so friendly tone, asking him to get to the point.

“Guess I deserved that,” he sighed, but wasn’t put off at the tone. “This,” He gestured to everything around us. “Is my clan; it’s called Sin City. The pharmaceutical part – although very real – is a cover to keep my clan safe from Hunters and other things that might want to harm us or our mates and…” He bit his lips as if hating to say it: “Our pets.”

“And there is again…” I all but growled at him.

“Pets are…,” Landon sighed, and I could see the struggle he had with explaining it all of it. “Humans who know about vampires and they live in the Clan, protected by their masters. But yes, they are essentially a vampire’s lunch box and owned by a vampire.”

“Owned?” I gaped, unable to accept what I was hearing. A vampire’s lunch box?! Seriously?! When did these people last leave their coffins? The Stone Age?!

“As in they don’t have a choice?” my exclamation continued. But I was cut off, by a deep growl that sent shivers down my spine.

In my clan they do!” Landon furiously growled and his red eyes lit up so crimson they looked like fire. I gasped--- because I should have been terrified! But I wasn’t! I wasn’t scared of him, because---

“I can’t speak for all the vampire clans though,” he continued in a humbler tone, as his eyes took on their usual red again. He then lit up a bit, like he just had a good idea, and looked at me hopefully: “If it’ll make you feel better, I can ask Peter if you can talk to his pet, Pat.”

“Pat?” surged out of my mouth before I could stop it. The pet Pat?! Why did that sound like the title of a children’s book and not something that should come out of a vampire’s mouth?

“She’s his pet---human!” he instantly corrected himself. Only to realize, that they probably sounded equally terrible to me. Which they did! He gulped and continued with his stutters: “P-point is that she has been by his side for 4 years now.”

“And you have to ask him if you can…” I asked rolling world across my mind that would – hopefully – amplify how horribly wrong this was!

Borrow her?” I sneered with disgust.

“I can order him, but I prefer to ask nicely,” Landon pouted in defeat like a scolded kid, knowing the battle was lost. Which made me feel like there still might be hope for the guy! If only---


“You can order him?” I asked again, sure that I must have heard him wrong!

“Yes, I can order him,” Landon replied in a duh-like tone. “I’m The Master of Sin City.” He then shrugged and continued: “Hell, you could even say that I’m The Vampire King.”

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