The Master's Maid - His Maid #1

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"Let’s Get Physical…”


Lexi’s POV

The logo shimmered brightly over the building and for some reason, I stopped and admired it.

“Stone’s Pharmaceuticals”

20 or so years ago, it had been owned by a man named Lucian King, but overnight it changed owners and was now owned by one of the most powerful and mysterious men in the country.

Levi Stone.

In this town, the Stone family owned just about every curbstone in the city. We even had our own private police, being run by the Stone. And absolutely no one complained! Believe it or not, they were fair in all matters, and it was easy for people to love them.

But no one knew much about them. They lived on private property, miles away from Rossville, and living the good life – or at least those are the rumors.

I took a deep breath, trying again to remember why I was here…

Flashback – earlier that morning


I stuck my head out from behind the locker and saw Edna, our boss, swaying from side to side, trying to locate me. “Lexi!” she exclaimed one more time, as she finally noticed me. “I need you to cover for Amy. She’s sick.”

“Like she is every Monday morning,” I murmured to Becky, making sure I had my back turned to Edna. She tried to stifle a chuckle, but of course, the hawk instantly set us a warning look – a look I returned with an innocent smile.

“It’s the conference floor, the auditorium, and the penthouse apartment,” Edna explained handing me the necessary paperwork I had to sign. I couldn’t hide my surprise when I saw the stack of papers– and I was just washing the floor!

“Jeez, you’re sure I’m not selling my soul or something?” I teased while also being a little bit serious, writing my name over and over again. Yes, there was a real possibility I was selling my soul because I had no idea what I was signing!

“Just make it good, make it quick, and don’t embarrass me,” Edna smiled and handed me a master-keycard. She was a strict misses, but she was fair and kind to all her employers. She was an elder middle-aged woman, with Greek ancestry, wide hips, and always up for a good laugh.

“Yes, ma’am,” I replied, returning her smile, and hurried to the company truck.

End of flashback

I went inside and headed straight to the elevator. And just to do that, I had to pass 3 security checks! Damn, security was tight here, I thought to myself, holding my security card up for the last time. Well, I guess when you’re developing medicine for the future you needed tight security, I tried to reason… But I couldn’t help feeling a bit uncomfortable with the way they were all glaring at me. Like I was a piece of steak! And it really didn’t help the matter either, that they were all insanely good looking. No wonder Amy loved doing this building…

I put my headphones in and hummed lightly to the tune, while I cleaned and dusted the conference rooms and the huge auditorium. It was almost noon before I finally reached the penthouse apartment. According to the sign on the door, I was free to enter so without restrictions, I did.

I dusted some more and took out the old towels from the downstairs bathroom. The floor was vacuumed and washed before I glanced at the clock on my phone. I knew I had to hurry since we just had 20 minutes to clean the entire thing. And then I’d have a 15 minutes lunch break before I had to cover my own building. But I was making good time today…

I went upstairs, just when Dua Lipa’s Physical came on. I grinned. I loved this song and to humored myself, I began to sing along. I opened the master bedroom, not seeing any signs to stay away. It looked safe enough! I walked in and--- stumbled upon the most amazing naked body known to mankind. A loud scream instantly woke him up and I came face to face with a pair of blood-red eyes…


Landon’s POV

I groaned when the alarm went off.

Goddess, I hate that thing!

I tried to reach out for it, but it wasn’t on my nightstand. Against every fiber in my body, I cracked open one eye and saw the screen light through the trousers I was wearing yesterday.

I groaned again, forcing myself to get off the bed.

“Goddess, this is the last time I let the guys get me drunk,” I grunted, trying to get to the alarm.

I had two younger brothers: LJ, who was 1½ years younger than me, and Luka, who--- well, technically he was 1 year older than me, but I still considered him to be my younger brother. Last to join the family and what not…

I finally got to the alarm and swiped to kill it. Through half-open cracks, I noticed that I also had a message from DJ, my twin sister.



I ran a hand down my face and sighed. I was tired and I had a splitting headache coming on. Shit! Could this day get any worse?

No, it actually got better! I didn’t have any appointments until 1 o’clock. I sent a silent ‘thank you’ to the woman above and threw my tall frame back on the bed.

Just two more minutes…

“Let’s get physical…”

I slowly enter the realm of the waking again--- And the realm had music! And quite a cute voice… And that smell! My wolf purred and my blood stirred, almost coming to live. The scent of fresh lavender and mint…

“Lights out, follow the noise! Baby keep on dancing like you ain’t got a choice, so come on!”

I forced my eyes open and noticed the sun was up. What time was it---?!

“Come… AAAAHH!!!”

I jumped up at the scream. Now wide awake and turned around--- to come face to face with the maid!

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