The Master's Maid - His Maid #1

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The Cavalry

My king

How I miss you.

Your smile. Your laugh. Your smell…

I miss everything about you, and I can’t wait for the day when I again can be in your arms. Taste your lips on mine and feel your warm touch once again. I miss the times we become one when we worship each other’s bodies and I feel your soul become one with mine.

Come home, my king.

Please come home…


Landon’s POV

I was anxious.

And being stuck in a meeting with bickering lawyers and heartless businessmen wasn’t helping the situation much. My wolf was constantly pushing at my mental walls, my hunger was insatiable, and to top it off, the fake lenses were irritating my eyes, giving me an excruciating headache.

I sighed, trying to stick it out just for a little while longer. Because, if I’m being honest, if I wasn’t stuck here, I don’t know what I’d do…

I wanted Lexi back!

And yes! That came out as a puppy whining!

The thought of her alone was enough to send me into a frenzy. I still didn’t know who the person was, trying to kill her in the parking lot or who was stalking us at the amusement park. I didn’t know if they were connected or completely unrelated but knowing that I couldn’t protect her was driving me nuts. And no matter what angle I looked at, I wasn’t getting anywhere closer to the culprit.

I could – if I wanted – tell her about it and scare her into staying with me. But---

Dick move!

Although, very tempting…!

I groaned, flipping through papers, and handed the correct one to our lawyer, hoping this would be the last of it. My head was pounding and a hard, sickening feeling had settled in my stomach. Was this really because I hadn’t seen Lexi for two days? Or was there something else at work? Was she avoiding me? I hated the direction my thoughts were going.

Because I was afraid that she would leave me…

I scribbled my name for the last time with such ferocity, I nearly ripped the paper. If she thought she could get rid of me, she was wrong! I don’t know what I’d do but fuck it! I’d convince her to be mine one way or another. And again, I found myself tempted to just lock her up inside my penthouse until she had uncurable Stockholm-Syndrome!

I ripped open the door and headed to my apartment. Once safe inside my penthouse I let out the howl, I’d been holding in all day.

Helpless and frustrated, I howled…

What should I do?! Should I have told her that I was going to make her my beloved? That I wanted her as my mate? I shook my head, quickly pushing it aside. No… The way she was taking the whole ‘pet’ ordeal was enough to convince me not to drag her into more.

And no matter what humanitarians might have to say, I wasn’t going to tell my clan to give up their pets. It was a life-source for them, I couldn’t force change like that. I could and always had commanded that all pets were treated fairly, and all mistreatment was punished harshly. Some even lost their rights to have pets, but to take it away completely?

Then Peter would be without his Pat, and I’d lose my right-hand man to heartache…

I knew it was against the unwritten rule to take humans as our beloved, but I – much like my Dad – never had much respect for authority. It sort of came with the territory of being one of the most dangerous and powerful creatures on the planet.

And I wanted Lexi.

She was it for me. A small smile curved my lips. I guess that somewhere deep down I’d always known. That’s why all of this moved so freaking fast, I’d hardly been able to hang on. But I was sure. There was no one else but Lexi.

Never had been – never would be again…

I sighed, letting my tall frame fall onto the big sofa. Images of Lexi flowing around in my mind. The last time I saw her, my wolf was about to take over and mark her. If I hadn’t gotten Anne to escort her out, she wouldn’t have left my office at all. Or at least not until I’d claimed and mated her. I still didn’t know what would happen to her when I did, and a big part of me wanted to wait and be sure. But another part of me just knew that we were meant to be together. She was made for me – my other half, MY beloved – and it would all work out.

I got up and grabbed my cell. I was ordering extra cleaning.


Sure, but I was desperate!

I wanted Lexi! If nothing else, I could lurk around and watch her, take in her scent, and--- Oh, who the fuck was I trying to kid? I knew I wouldn’t be able to stay away from her. Not unless someone had tied me up in wolfsbane covered, silver enforced rope! And yeah, I also knew I should respect her wishes, but…

Hmm, my phone had disconnected…


I frowned but didn’t think about it. I made the call with the company phone instead and while waiting, I tried to sort out my private phone. Apparently, there had been a mistake with some payment transfer, but they’d fixed it within seconds.

I grinned, watching all the messages and missed calls I had. I hadn’t even noticed the sudden peace…! I started to scroll down the list of messages, when suddenly the elevator door chimed--- and all coherent thought left my mind.

I flew up and rushed to the door…

“Lexi,” I breathed, rushing towards the maid--- but instead of luscious golden-brown hair and stunning gray/blue eyes, there was an unfamiliar and completely shocked blond standing in front of me.

Not Lexi!

“Oh, I-I’m sorry,” I stuttered, trying to see if she perhaps was left in the elevator. But there was no sign of her! In fact, there wasn’t even a trace of her scent there… “I-I didn’t---I thought…,” I continued to ramble, trying to think up some logical reason, why she wouldn’t be here. But in reality, there was just one reason, why Lexi wasn’t here: she didn’t want to see me!

My stomach clenched and my heart sank.


Had I really lost her?

“I’m sorry, sir,” the girl said shyly, a deep blush creeping across her cheeks. “I’ll leave straight away…”

“Wait!” I called out, not ready to give up that easily. “Wh-where’s Lexi?”

“Lexi?” she echoed, sounding flabbergasted as if she didn’t believe me. She even scoffed and disapprovingly placed her hand on her hips, like most women did when they were angry. “She was fired, sir.”

“Fired?!” I blurted, ignoring the way she spat out the last word in disgust. “Wh-when did that happen?”

She then frowned at me, as if I should know.

“Yesterday,” she replied, sounding cautious. “She was caught haven stolen several credit cards…”

“Stolen?!” I cut her off, unable to hold in the surprise--- or the anger that flared in my blood right after. “That’s impossible! Lexi isn’t a thief!”

“But…,” the girl said, sounding truly confused by this revelation – or perhaps something else? “You’re the one who called the cops on her!”

Something else it is then…

“WHAT?!” I exclaimed, and for the first time this week, I didn’t have to fight my wolf. Because that beast went completely still; shellshocked just like the human and vampire side of us.

“The police said, the complaint came from you,” she continued, also figuring out what I obviously had.

Someone sat Lexi up!

“Thanks for telling me,” I said, a deep frown along with a menacing tone, marring my features once she told me everything. I grabbed a couple of loose bills and handed them to her. “I swear: I’ll make this right!”

She nodded and went back to the elevator, thanking me for helping out her friend. I tried to nod and smile politely, but my insides were on fire.

Lexi was in jail?!


I needed to get to her and get her out! I grabbed my phone again and called the only person I knew could help. I needed Luka, but only the king could authorize him to look into a matter concerning a human. Luckily, I’d grown up with the current king…

“Landon,” the gruff voice of the king came through the speaker--- along with the loud moan of a woman! “Somebody better be dying!”

“LJ,” I replied--- cutting all the bullshit then. “I need a favor!”


I paced the floor of my office, feeling my blood prickle with anger and anticipation. My wolf was in a foul mood and it took everything inside me, to keep him from taking over and kill everything that came into contact with him. Luckily my blood was cold, and my hunger gone, helping me to keep the wolf in check.

We needed to do this right…

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. I spun around, seeing the person I needed enter.

“Kara,” I breathed, relief washing over me. She smiled at me in her usual bright manner, before walking up to me, giving me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. “I’m so glad you could be here,” I continued, forcing my tense body to relax. “I need your help.”

“Anything for you, Don,” she replied, her smile disappearing when she noticed my tense expression. “What is it? Is something the matter?”

“It’s Lexi,” I confessed--- and I swear I could see her eye twitch a little. “She’s been arrested and--- I-I need your help!” I turned and rushed over to one of the evidence bags, holding one of the items the police claimed Lexi had stolen. It was a diamond necklace that had sat in the penthouse vault for as long as I could remember. Dad didn’t know who owned all the jewelry in there, or even if it had been acquired legally or not, so it was best to leave it be for now…

“They say that she stole this, but I just don’t believe it,” I continued, walking back to her and handed her the evidence bag. “Please? You’re the best tracker there is! Can you scent who’s taken this? Besides the police and myself?”

“I-I…,” she blinked in surprise, holding out her hand and gently taking the evidence bag. “I can try.”

She broke the seal and picked it up. I crossed my arms, forcing myself to remain in place, while she worked. My heart was beating erratically in my chest and my palms were sweaty. I knew there was nothing I could so it was best to leave Kara to do what she did best.

But damn, did I feel jittery…

I wanted to jump something – attack. The buildup of energy in my body needed an outlet. But I had to wait. Wait, and let things unfold the way they had to…

Kara took her time. Looking and studying every nook and cranny of the cursed thing, before her face fell and a worried expression crossed her features.

“I’m sorry Landon,” she said lowly, handing it back to me. “But the only scents there are yours and…” She paused and gulped. “Well, Lexi’s.”

My heart fell and a deep part of me felt like I’d been betrayed. I turned away, unable to look at her anymore and shook my head.

“So it is true then,” I sighed, feeling the burning of betrayal in my heart, spread through my body. I wanted to cry, but bit back the bitter tears.

Not worth it…

“I’m so sorry, Landon,” Kara said gently behind me, not a hint of shame or regret in her voice. “I truly am.”

And just like that, the flame of betrayal turned to anger…

“You know what, Kara,” I growled, taking a deep breath before turning around and faced her. “You should change your career,” I advised and my wolf rejoiced, when she stumbled a step back in fear. “Cause you’re one amazing actress!”

“Wh-what?!” she stuttered in surprise – that I actually think was real! But what the fuck did I know? I felt like I didn’t know anything right now. But I would be lying if I said that I didn’t enjoy it just a little too much…


Lexi’s POV – earlier that day!


The man in question instantly jumped up and rushed at me. Before I knew it, I was wrapped in strong arms and crushed against a solid, warm chest, surrounded by the familiar scent of wood and pine.

I don’t know what I’d been thinking when they told me someone was here to see me, but the last person I expected was him! A cold, logical part of me, had resigned itself to the fact that I’d never see Landon again. That Kara finally had had her way and successfully had managed to separate us. The empty feeling inside me, had grown into a hollow cave, that pushed and ate into every fiber of my being. It painfully pressed against my ribs making it hard to breathe and squeezed my heart, making it hard to even live…

And now, he was here!

Being back in his arms--- all my worries simply melted away. Everything that had been cold and empty inside, was now warm and filled. Everything that had happened was gone and I just knew that I was safe.

That everything was going to be alright.

“Are you ok?” he asked hoarsely as if he’d been struggling not to cry.

“I’m in jail!” I replied with a choked chuckle, knowing I should be mad at him – or something! But I didn’t really see the point in that right now. It wasn’t his fault that Kara was a bitch, and I couldn’t remember me ever warning him, that she was a bitch.

“I think I could do better,” I sighed instead, enjoying the feel of being in his arms again.

“It’s ok,” he assured me, gently gripping my chin and tilted my head so I was looking at him. “You’ll be out of here in no time. I’ve made sure of it.”

His smile felt like sunshine--- yeah, cheesy, I know! But I was just so happy seeing him, I finally felt like myself again. Like I was strong again. Normally I was all for being that strong, independent woman and what crape not. But feeling like this didn’t take away from me being that woman. I’d singlehandedly taken care of my mother ever since she got sick, I’d paid the rent, the bills, and everything in between had been on me. Being with Landon made me just realized how strong I’d been – and that sharing this with him, just made me that much stronger.

I leaned into him, wishing I could hug him back, but I was still an inmate and therefore handcuffed. So instead I let my hands rest on his chest, enjoying the feel of his toned muscles and the melodic sound of his beating heart.

“Yeah! He even managed to drag me into this,” a deep baritone voice suddenly sounded behind us, that only could belong to one person!

“Luka?” I gasped in surprise, seeing the serious and broad man walking up to us. My eyes almost bulged out of their sockets, when I saw that he was in uniform. It looked like a police uniform, but instead of black pants and jacket, the uniform pants were a deep navy blue, paired with a white shirt. Luka had rolled the sleeves up halfway his arm, showing off his impressive muscles and tanned skin. He had a thick belt around his waist with his handgun, along with two pairs of shimmering handcuffs, an extra magazine and a small pocket with unknown contain. A neckless around his neck showed off his badge, proving him to be law enforcement, although the emblem, wasn’t seen or known to a lot of people.

“How…?” I gaped, looking between the brothers, feeling like they knew something I didn’t.

“I’m the Head Sentinel,” Luka replied with a casual shrug, his deep voice vibrating off the walls. “It’s the royal werewolf police force. And somehow,” he gave Landon a sideway glance. “The King personally told me to get involved.”

Royal police force?! I forced my mouth to close, before my jaw dropped. And here I was thinking they were private police for the Stone-family, but no…! They had connection to royalty as well!

Seriously, who were these people?!

“Thanks, bro! I really appreciate it,” Landon said, sounding truly grateful, before he signaled for us to sit. And just as I was about to take a seat next to him, he pulled my hand and I ended up on his lap!

I blushed furiously, but Landon didn’t seem to mind. He practically purred, as he buried his nose in the crook of my neck and shoulder, breathing in deeply. Instinctively I reach out my hands to hold him--- but my handcuffs were in the way. He glowered at the handcuffs and before I knew what was happening, he’d gripped the cuffs and snapped it clean off. I blinked in surprise, seeing the metal pieces being broken as easily as plastic, reminding me, that my Landon wasn’t human. It felt strange having my wrists free again, but it paled in comparison to the feeling of actually witnessing Landon’s superhuman strength.

Just how strong was he? And just how much self-control did he have, considering he didn’t exactly go around crushing and breaking stuff on a regular basis?

And why did that turn me on just a little?

“Don’t thank me yet,” Luka said with a frown, obviously being uncomfortable with being the bearer of bad news. “I found out who really took the stolen items. And who fucked with your phone.”

“Let me guess,” I sighed, having already figured this part out. “Kara?”

“Kara?!” Landon sounded surprised – while Luka only seemed suspicious.

“How did you know?” I asked, frowning slightly. I guessed it was an occupational hazard, constantly being suspicious. But I didn’t take it to heart.

It was his job after all…

“What?!” Landon exclaimed, now sounding shocked. I wish he wasn’t, but hey! Who could blame the guy? Kara had been his childhood friend, his best friend. And although I didn’t need to be jealous – the guy had after all chosen me over her – I had been jealous of the seemingly deep friendship he had with her…

“Just a hunch,” I sighed, looking at Landon – worried about his reaction to the betrayal. “When I was arrested, she was there. And the day before she---,” I gulped, remembering the not-so-subtle threat she’d made. “She told me about what will happen to your wolf, if you don’t become alpha, Landon.”

I didn’t want anything to happen to either him or his wolf. I didn’t want anything to happen to his vampire side either, but choosing between him being a Vampire Master or mad?!

The choice seemed pretty obvious…

“What?” Both brothers snapped in unison – looking at each other with a ’it can’t be!’ sort of look in their eyes, before glaring back at me.

“I don’t want to be the cause of you becoming Bloodlusted or anything like that,” I explained, ignoring their strange glare. “She told me about wolves like that and…”

“Lexi,” Landon cut me off, taking my hand in his. “What exactly did she tell you?”

“She told me about your Dad, Alpha Stone,” I said, now frowning, because--- surprise, surprise, I’m starting to think that the bitch was lying! “How he didn’t want to be alpha, but his wolf was too strong and went mad because he didn’t lead. How he became a Bloodlusted Wolf, and killed his parents and siblings and…”

“Ok, Lexi stop right there!” Landon interrupted me again, clearly angry and frustrated. Even Luka looked like he was ready to crush boulders, as tightly as he was fisting his fingers. Landon cursed and gritting his teeth, before forcing himself to take a deep breath and looked back at me.

“I don’t know what she told you, but Dad’s wolf emerged when he was being tortured by his drunken and abusive father,” he told me--- making me gasp.


“His father was about to kill him when his mother stepped in and protected him, giving her life for his. When Dad saw what was happening, his wolf came out and protected them both,” he continued and I suddenly understood why they were so angry. It was just cruel to twist such a horrible story like that. Like human lives were nothing to her!

And even I became angry!

How dare she use that against me, knowing how sensitive this must have been for Landon and his entire family? That was his grandmother and uncle or aunt that had been brutally murdered and she’d gone around and used it as a weapon?!

Anger boiled so deep within me, I barely recognize myself.

“It is true, however, that wolves who emerge like that become unstable and that they’re called Bloodlusted. But it’s just a wolf’s way to deal with trauma,” Landon explained, having calmed down a little; or at least enough to tenderly rub the small of my back, dragging away the tension and anger in my own body. “And Dad isn’t an alpha wolf at all; he’s just exceptionally strong and protective of the people he loves. Which makes him an amazing alpha and dad.” He moved his hand up to my neck, rubbing it gently, before lifting my chin so I was facing him again.

“And secondly,” he said a small, reassuring smile on his lips. “I don’t want to be alpha! And neither does my wolf.”

“Really?!” both I and Luka replied in union. Landon laughed at our apparent surprised and stunned faces.

“Really,” he smiled and shrugged, facing his brother. “I don’t want to be alpha. I’m perfectly happy being CEO of Stone Pharmaceutical’s, and my wolf is content as well.” He then turned to me, giving me a heated gaze. “Well, as long as you’re with me that is.”

Ok, that look--- did sinful things to my insides. Things that no one had ever made me feel before… I wanted to lean closer. To kiss him. To feel his lips on mine, his wet tongue inside my mouth--- and to finally discover what it could lead to, following that tingle between my legs…

“So you finally mated?” suddenly sounded from the other side of the table--- cause both me and Landon to jump.

“Mated?” I asked, hoping I didn’t blush as badly as it felt like.

“It’s not what it sounds like,” Landon replied horrified--- WAY too fast and practically telling me it was precisely what it sounded like! “And don’t we have more important things to do here?”

Yeah! Definitely, something we had to talk about…!

“You’re avoiding the question,” Luka mused in a sing along voice, leaning back in his chair with a smug expression. And when I gave him the same look, he knew he was beaten.

“Can we please talk about this when we get home?” he begged, giving me a pleating look. I frowned, trying to think back on what I knew about werewolves and vampires so far. Wolves mated and according to Pat, it was for life! Was Landon’s wolf…?

And suddenly everything made sense!

“That’s why you said you couldn’t let me go,” I exclaimed, turning to Landon, who had a guilty look on his face. “Your wolf can’t…” I trailed off, when it finally really – REALLY! – hit home!

Landon’s wolf had imprinted on me! That’s why he’d wanted to meet me, to protect me and why he was willing to break every rule in the book to be with me.

I was his one!

“Why didn’t you tell me?” I asked, both shocked and surprised. Happy, scared and a bunch of other emotions, but I’d deal with them one at the time – later!

“Because you just found out about us – everything – two days ago,” Landon said carefully, his grip around my midsection suddenly becoming tight and possessive. “And the way you freaked out about the whole ‘pet’ ordeal, I didn’t know how you’d take to being my beloved and mate. It’s sort of a big deal – bigger than human marriage; it’s for life! And well---” He shrugged and looked at me with pure innocence. “Vampires don’t exactly die.”

Good point!

And yeah, it was a big deal, but--- I wasn’t scared! I know I should be, but I wasn’t! I wanted to be with Landon and finally, I’d be able to be with him the way I hoped. The way I dreamed…

So why wasn’t I jumping off my chair and on his bone?

It was the thought of not being human anymore…

I didn’t know what would happen, once he claimed me. Would I get a wolf? Would I suddenly want to suck blood? And what would happen to my mom? When she’d grow old and I’d remain the same? Would I remain the same?

There were just so many unanswered questions and like every human alive, I wanted to know…

“I was worried that if I told you, you’d… leave me,” Landon continued in a small, almost pleating voice before his hand traveled back up to my neck and he pressed his nose up and down my jawline. “Please,” he whispered, breathing in my scent, which seemed to have clamed whatever storm raged inside him. “Can we talk about this when we get back home?”

I sighed, leaning into him.

“Then let’s go home,” I said calmly, enjoying the feel of every hard ridge of his body pressed against mine.

“I’ll go deal with this then,” Luka sighed, getting up.

“No,” Landon suddenly announced, his serious and cold demeanor back in place. “I’m coming with you. I want to deal with Kara.”

Luka gave his brother a short nod, before getting up and headed out to go deal with the paperwork. A short while later we were back at Stone Pharmaceutical’s. Luka shortly filled Landon in on his plans to take Kara down, before he walked over to the elevators, giving us a little privately.

“Once Kara is taken care of, we’ll talk,” Landon said softly, gently and tenderly pressing his lips on mine, barely hard enough for it to be a kiss. Yet, more than enough to lite a fire of desire inside me. He grinned at me, as if he fully knew and understood what he was doing to me.

I pressed my lips together and gave him what I hoped was a disapproving glare.

This man…!

But he just grinned and looked mighty pleased with himself. But before he got too carried away, he glanced around and seemed to be looking for someone.

“Riis!” he called out and to my surprise, an extremely handsome vampire showed up. But not in a ‘I want to get to know you better’-kind-of- way. It was more like a ‘that’s why the girl went home with that serial killer’-kind-of-way. Instantly I didn’t like him, and I hoped that I didn’t have to spend any time alone with him.

“Can you please take Miss Smith up to my penthouse and make sure she’s comfortable until I get back?” Landon asked the man--- and crushed my hopes! But the man curtly nodded, giving me what I think was supposed to be a reassuring smile. I nodded back, ignoring the cold feeling sinking into my stomach.

“Stay safe,” I told Landon, kissing him on the cheek and watched, as he walked over to Luka; looking like a man on a mission. And in the meantime, I’d be in an elevator with The Creep of the year!

Ok, perhaps I was being a bit too harsh on him. I mean, I didn’t know the man and perhaps he just had that look about him. He could be a ‘diamond in the rough’ kind of guy…

Yeah, keep telling yourself that, Lexi, I muttered to myself, as I tried to press myself to the furthest corner of the elevator, keeping the distance between me and Riis at maximum.

The ride seemed to last forever, but at last, the elevator door dinged, allowing us to enter the penthouse. I hope I didn’t seem rude as I rushed out and into the homey hallway.

“Thank you,” I quickly breathed, opening the front door. “I’ll be fine now.”

I hoped it didn’t look it, but yeah! I was fleeing the man!

Not that I got far. I barely managed to get that rush of relief as the door opened, when suddenly strong hands gripped me, harshly pulling me back.

And that’s the last thing I remembered…

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