The Master's Maid - His Maid #1

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You Don't Mess with The Stone's

My beloved

They took you from me.

I felt everything they did to you, my beloved.

All your suffering, I shared.

I felt when they torture and touched you.

When they kicked and kissed you.

When they took you again and again – I was there!

I felt it when they took out your still-beating heart and crushed your life.

I was there…

But I will not cry or mourn the loss of you, my beloved.

I will avenge you.

I will make the streets run red with their blood. I will dance to their screams and make jewelry from their bones. I will decorate the halls with their intestines and make masterpiece after masterpiece with their skin.

I will make them fear us – so that no one ever will share in your suffering.

With this, I’ll bury everything that ever was you. I will erase you from my mind, my body, and my soul. I will rip you from my system and I’ll tear you from my heart. My lips will no longer cry your name and I will no longer crave your innocence.

All that ever was good in me, will lay in your grave.

My only joy shall be, that once in death, I’ll shall be reunited with you again.

Farewell, my beloved

I will see you again…


Lexi’s POV

I woke up--- tied up and awkwardly placed in a chair. Seriously?! Couldn’t the girl for once be gently placed on a nice, warm leather couch with some fluffy, easy-to-brake handcuffs?

I groaned at my own sarcasm, the ache in--- EVERYWHERE! – and the throbbing in my head.

“I just can’t catch a break,” I huffed in annoyance, trying to take in my surroundings. I was in some kind of office, with beautifully decorated white walls and--- oh, darn it! There was a sofa! But instead of placing me there, the creep sat there himself, leaving me in the back-breaking chair.

“What---?” I asked – or at least tried to ask. The man was up, over me and slapping so hard across the face, I didn’t even have time to blink before the scream left my lips. The pain, burning across my cheek, was nothing compared to the shocked that resounded in my body. I mean--- I’d been groped and leered at before and people – especially men – had always looked at me like I was less than human. I was just a workforce, a plaything, or just something to pass time. Something they could joke about, hurt without consequences or humiliate. Over time I got used to it – it sucked, but the sad part is, that’s just how the industry worked…

But never once in my life, had anyone laid a hand on me.

I looked up and into the most electric blue eyes, I’d ever seen. But behind the beauty of the color, there was red, burning hatred, and black jealousy, making me shiver in fear. I tried to hide the gulp I suddenly had to swallow, but there was no denying it.

I was scared!

Gone was the ‘on top of everything’-Lexi and hello ‘about to pee my pants’-lunchbox. Because that’s what I was to this guy. Nothing more than a meal on legs. He was a vampire and for some reason he hated me! I didn’t understand it, but I didn’t have to. My gut told me to get the heck out of Dodge, find Landon, and hide behind him.

But Landon wasn’t here!

Instead, I was stuck with the Frankenstein version of Dracula, locked in an office somewhere with no way to escape. I was trapped; stuck in here with a man that obviously wanted me dead!

Panic rose in my chest, as realization sat in. Oh, snaps! If this guy wanted to kill me, there was nothing I could do to stop him! Even Buffy the freaking Vampire Slayer wouldn’t stand a chance against these guys, much less a maid!

I was sooooooo screwed…

I took in a shaky breath. Ok, Lexi! This is NOT the time to have a panic attack, freak out, or lose your shorts! I just had to stall for time. I didn’t know how long I’d been out, but I knew that Landon would be looking for me. He’d come for me and…

“I’m counting on it,” the man suddenly said, his voice strangely smooth as his lips tilted up in a smile, that made the Grinch look like the good guy!

“What?!” I snapped, unable to help the fear that had my hairs stand on end. Oh, snap! Did he just read my mind? My heart dropped from my throat to the pit of my stomach.

If he could read my mind…

“You had that look on your face,” he replied, cocking his head slightly and looked at me, like--- I don’t know. I couldn’t describe it other than it made a chill run down my spine. Like he looked at me and recognized me, but--- saw someone completely different!

“Conviction,” he continued, his gaze reeking over my body; giving me the feeling I was completely naked before him, despite the outfit I had on. “That your beloved would come for you.” His eyes finally traveled to meet mine again, and for a split second, I could have sworn there was lust there.

“This time,” he said, hiding his emotions once again. “I’m counting on it.”


This freak show wanted Landon to find us?

Oh, snap!

It never ends well when the bad guy is that level of crazy!

I fought against the fear that was simmering in my blood, forcing myself to stay calm. Somehow, I had to help Landon figure out what Riis was up to or--- something! Anything that didn’t involve me sitting on my darn ass doing nothing!

“What do you mean by ‘this time’?” I asked, forcing myself to hold his gaze, despite everything inside me screaming to look away. That I was facing off with a dangerous predator and I didn’t want to provoke him. But the bitch-slap at the beginning of all of this told me, he didn’t need to be provoked to harm me.

He’d do it if he felt like it…

He didn’t answer my question but instead continued to glare at me. Which only increased my frustration.

“What do you plan on doing?” I asked, trying to keep a lid on my temper.

“Taking what should have been rightfully mine from the start,” he replied this time, taking a step toward me again. I tried not to flinch, when he suddenly crouched down in front of me, looking up at me. His eyes held some weird sense of longing and lust, that more than just made me sick to the core.

“You look like her, you know,” he suddenly announced. “My Aurora…” He reached up and gently caressed my cheek. His cold skin felt like ice against mine and it took everything within me, not to scream at him to get the---

“I saw you,” he continued, a weird smile on his face as he continued to touch me. And again, I had that feeling that he saw me, but didn’t SEE me! “The first day you walked in…,” he paused suddenly, his blue eyes turning red with anger. “And you came out, scenting of him!

He snarled the words and suddenly his gentle caress turned into a painful grip around my chin. I gritted my teeth as the pain shot through my jaw and skull. Darn these supernaturals’ and their superior strength!

“I couldn’t believe it!” he growled, pulling me towards him, so close I could feel his breath on my skin. His eyes had now somehow turned deep with sorrow as he looked at the person that was only present in his mind. “How could anyone be so heartless to deny me My Beloved not once but twice?” he whispered, getting closer with every word. “And give her to my brother’s blood?”

My heart sank as I realized: he was about to kiss me!

Horror struck me as I tried to resist. I didn’t want to touch him, let alone kiss him! But no matter what I did, it didn’t even seem to register with the hulk of a man in front of me. I wanted to cry out in frustration. What in the cosmos had ever had the great idea that males should be physically superior to females?!

An idiot, that’s who!

But then, as if waking from a dream, he threw me back in the hair, almost knocking me over, before he shot to his feet, shaking his head.

“Never mind,” he growled low under his breath. “I won’t make the same mistake twice.” His fists clenched and unclenched as if trying to contain his rage. “This time, I’ll take HIM out first,” he mumbled, as his hateful glare returned to me.

“And then I’ll convince you to be mine!”

My heart hammered in my chest and my throat went dry as a desert.

Oh… Snap!

Not only did he intend to kill Landon, but then make me--- I shuttered at the idea alone. No! NO way was I going to let that happen. I’d rather die than to let anyone but Landon, touch me! I didn’t care what he did to me, but if he hurt Landon, I would---

Suddenly I looked at the man in front of me with a whole new mindset. He was big; not as tall as Landon but had more muscles. And by human standards, he was as old as time, which could mean, that he had more fighting experience and skills.

Would Landon be able to take him down?

Landon was young – especially considering that these guys were vampires – but he was a hybrid. Was that an advantage? He once said that he was the vampire king. What did that mean?

Suddenly I wished that I had asked Landon for a lexicon about supernaturals before I walked out of his penthouse--- Heck, was that only two days ago? So much seemed to have happened since then it felt like a lifetime.

As if – again! – sensing my thoughts, Riis’s lips curved into an evil grin. He was about to speak when suddenly the door rattled. It caught both of our attention, snapping our heads in its direction. It was locked, but I didn’t need any supernatural abilities to know, who was on the other side of that door…

“Landon…,” I breathed, releasing the breath I hadn’t realized I’d been holding. Riis snarled something and suddenly I was flung out of the chair, my back pressed against his chest and his fingers curled around my neck. Fingers that somehow had turned to long, sharp claws…

I gulped, my heart hammering in my chest.

Oh, snap…!

A loud roar suddenly filled the outside and with an unbelievable force, the doors flew off their hinges. Behind the rubble, Landon appeared looking like the God of Wrath himself. Somehow, he seemed to grow in size; his facial features were sharper, and his shoulders were broader. His eyes glowed a ruby red as his senses quickly took in the scene in front of him.

“Riis,” he growled lowly, his voice soft and even with the promise of death dripping from every syllable. “I got your message!”

He stepped over the fallen door and into the room, followed by a blond Viking-looking man, that slowly crept to the sides and disappeared out of my line of vision. Landon stalked forward and stopped about six feet in front of us. For a split second, his red eyes connected with mine. My heart skipped a beat, as he quickly gave me a reassuring smile that just melted my insides. It was crazy – considering that the fucking madman behind me had his claws digging into my throat! – but right at that moment, I felt like everything was going to be ok. Landon was here! He came for me…

Landon’s eyes left mine and everything soft and caring dissipated. His glare turned cold and deadly, as his attention returned to Riis.

“Let her go!” Landon growled, crossing his arms over his chest. “And I’ll kill you quickly!”

“Acknowledge me as your Master,” Riis calmly replied, pushing the knife-like talons deeper into my skin. For the life of me, I couldn’t hold in the whimper that crawled out between my lips. “And I will.”

“Considering your record of lying,” Landon spat. “I don’t trust you!”

I’d never been in a hostage situation before, but I found myself glad to hear Landon defying the man who was trying to kill him and was going to rape me. I wanted to warn Landon, tell him what I knew--- but breathing alone dug the claws deeper into my skin. Whatever I did, I just had to trust, that Landon knew what he was going…

“Why didn’t you tell me, you were Lucian King’s brother, Uncle?” Landon continued, taunting him.

Brother?! Uncle?!

Wow…! This just became a whole new level of cluster-crape!

“You will do as I tell you, DOG!” Riis snarled back, his cold, nonchalant façade cracking. “Or you’ll lose your fucking beloved just as my brother did.”

For a moment Landon paused, as realization dawned on him.

“It was you!” he said in a low, threatening voice, that soon turned into a menacing growl: “You’re the one who killed Aurora!” He took a step forward, forcing Riis to step back and away from the black aura of death that surrounded the Master of Sin City.

“That’s why he never found the killer,” Landon snarled. “He never suspected his own brother to be the murderer…”


Riis yelled like a toddler having a tantrum. His hand against my skin shook slightly, as he lost control of himself and the situation.

“He didn’t deserve her! Neither of you deserved a Gifted…” he continued his rant, only to be cut off by a loud burst of laughter, as Landon threw his head back and a dry, humorless laugh filled the room. And heck, if I didn’t know, Landon was on my side, I’d be painting my pants brown right about now!

The power radiation off Landon right now, was enough to make the room shake, making a man like Riis look like a mouse in the presence of a dragon. Finally, I didn’t need a lexicon on supernatural’s to know, who would come out the winner of this fight.

But would I come out of it alive?

“Tell me,” Landon asked, shaking his head before his attention lifted back to the madman. The smile on his lips was deadly and his red eyes wild with bloodlust. “Was it jealously, Riis?”

He took a step forward, again forcing Riis to take a step back.

“Knowing you’d never get what he had? What they had? That while your brother ascended, you were left in the ashes of a soulless existence?”

My head whirled, trying to figure out Landon’s game plan. He was taunting him now, but wasn’t that the opposite of what you did in these situations? I wasn’t sure, but I closed my eyes, trying to mentally relay to Landon, that I completely trusted him.

I let my body relax and went with the flow…

“She should have been mine!” Riis cried out, accidentally digging his claws in deeper. I tried not to wince, to not let them slip in deeper. “My brother was nothing but a power-hungry tyrant…”


Landon’s roar shook the walls with such force, the paintings came alive. I snapped my eyes open, only to see four white sharp fangs glide down from his gums. His fingers had morphed into razor-sharp claws and his eyes were now a bleeding black, with glowing red irises, transforming him from being human to looking like he just crawled out of the depths of hell.

“But that hasn’t stopped you has it?” he growled, his voice was booming yet deep; like several people was talking through him. “You were going to take Lexi from me just like you took Aurora from Lucian.” He tilted his head curiously, but his gaze remained menacingly cold. “Tell me! All the time you kept her alive did you try and convince her to become yours? Are you going to do the same to Lexi?” He let out a snort. “As if someone destined to be mine would ever accept someone like you to be their beloved.”

He grinned wickedly.

“I know it, Lexi knows it and hell,” his smile widened just a fraction, as his cold eyes scanned Riis. “Even Aurora knew it…”

And that was the last straw…

Riis roared--- and then, things moved fast!

His hold around my throat lessened just a fraction and in that second, I was ripped out of his hold and cradled against a solid body of muscles.

“Gotchya!” the Viking-man grinned at me, holding me close. My heart was hammering in my chest and for a second, everything was spinning. What the---?! Confused, I looked at the Viking – having no idea where he popped out from – before I glanced around, looking for Landon. I quickly found him standing where I’d been just seconds ago, with his hand tightly wrapped around Riis’s neck and digging his claws into his throat, making him wheeze for air.

“Let’s get one thing straight,” Landon growled and lifted Riis off the ground, so they became eye-level. “Lexi is MY Beloved, MY Mate! MY. GIFTED!

His voice was deep and distorted again, but my heart still skipped a beat, hearing his declaration.

MINE! My soul called back, my fears and worries ebbing away, like a wave on the beach. He was mine. I was his.

And now, the world would know…

Landon roared, spun, and threw the vampire across the room and out the door like he was nothing but a ragdoll. Some curious vampires who had gathered outside, quickly jumped away, as the man went flying and landed with a loud crash on the other side.

I knew that if a normal person saw that they would be scared shitless. Luckily, I felt less and less normal nowadays. Instead, I watched in amazement, as Landon straightened his back and walked over to me.

“You ok?” he asked, taking my hand and rather possessively pulled me out of the stranger’s arms. I didn’t hesitate, but threw my arms around him, breathing in his scent that seemed to do wonders for my racing heart. I’d been brave and fearless so far and I had to be a little while longer – I knew that. But for right now, I allowed myself a moment of weakness and melted into his arms. I’d been scared--- heck, I’d been terrified! But knowing he’d come for me, was enough for me to pull through.

Now, he was here!

And I just knew, I didn’t need to be afraid anymore…

I nodded into his chest, enjoying his scent around me once again. I took in a shaky breath and let it out slowly, while my heart found its normal rhythm again.

“Now I am,” I whispered, lifting my head to meet his eyes. They were still black and red and I realized that it was his beasts that I was seeing. They were worried about me, probably as scared for me, as I’d been. I smiled, reassuring them that I was fine. I reached out to caress his cheek, enjoying the warm feeling that seemed to tingle throughout my body, every time we touched.

He leaned into the touch, gently kissing my palm. His eyes glided over my body in a caring and loving manner, screeching for wounds. But even that innocent act made my body shiver with desire. What is wrong with you, Lexi, I tried to scold myself. I’d just survived prison and being held hostage--- and I wanted nothing more than to bone the guy that rescued me.

You need help, Lexi, I mentally sighed, trying not to melt into a puddle. Or a big bed and a naked Landon--- Actually, a naked Landon will do just fine…

He snapped me out of my lust-filled haze when his hand went to my bleeding neck. I flinched. It was still sore, although it didn’t hurt as badly as before.

“I’m going to kill him,” he said in a deadly tone, and a low growl vibrated in his chest. Slowly, as if not to frighten me, he leaned down and let his tongue slide over the wounds, licking up the blood. It sent a shiver of delight down my spine and I had to bite down a moan.

It felt that good…!

“Be careful,” I replied--- What?! I knew it was going to be pointless to try and talk him out of it. Besides, something told me, that was something more than just about me. This was about Landon, his heritage, and his bloodline.

He needed to do this…

He nodded and stole a quick kiss, before turning to the Viking--- whose name I really should ask about

“Stay by her!” he ordered before he turned and walk out the same way he’d just thrown Riis. As of on their own accord, my legs came to life and I followed him out. We were on some kind of platform, elevated above the huge floor below. I gasped when I took in the scene. A crowd of vampires had gathered, scattered around the platform and the floor below. Curiously they looked between Riis – who’d managed to get back on his feet – and Landon, who was standing on the platform above them.

I AM the Master of Sin City,” his voice rang across the compound and every eye present turned to him. “I stake my claim on the name of my biological father, Lucian King, and my adopted father, Levi Stone.” He lowered his gaze, looking Riis straight in the eye. “Does anyone challenge me on this?”

“You know I do!” he growled back, taking off his shirt, revealing a well-defined torso and muscled arms.

“I know,” Landon grinned back, taking off nothing but his shirt jacket. He then swung his legs over the railing and jumped down.

Everything went fast again…

Before Landon reached the ground, Riis attacked, gaining an unfair advantage. And according to the murmurs that broke out, nobody liked that move.

My heart flew up in my throat again as I leaped towards the railings, trying to watch what was going on. But they were so fast, I couldn’t see; it was all a blur of movements.

“Viking!” I growled at the blond next to me, who watched the battle with a casual grin on his face. He turned to me, his grin growing even wider.

“Viking?” He repeated back to me, apparently thinking this was mighty amusing. I wanted to slap him!

“Talk to me!” I demanded, gritting my teeth. “What’s going on? Who’s winning?”

He laughed.

That darn walking dead dick actually laughed!

Anger flared in my blood. Furious, I did the first thing that came to mind: I smacked his arm! But that only made him laugh more.

“Relax, Mistress,” he said trying not to laugh while also defending himself against my assault. “Landon is practically toying with him. Riis doesn’t stand a chance! The only reason Landon hasn’t killed him already is probably because his wolf wants Riis to suffer for hurting his mate.”

I couldn’t help the sigh of relief that instantly was released from my lips.

Landon was winning…

That’s all that mattered!

My attention turned back to the fight, and somehow, I was able to see it now. How Riis would attack but was pushed back by Landon every time. And with every attack, Landon delivered a bone-crunching blow to some or other body part, that made Riis cry out in pain.

At last, in a swift move, Landon gripped his arm--- and oh my gosh! He just ripped it off! As in Landon ripped the arm clean off the vampire!

I gaped, surprised by the level of destruction and power Landon was capable of. Yet again, there came that strange voice inside me, asking me why I was surprised? He was the Vampire King – Master of Sin City. He cared for his people with a passion and intensity that rivaled that of the gods themselves. Of course, his fury and hunger for bloodshed if anyone hurt one of his own would mirror that…

Landon kneeled down beside him, holding his other arm down, effectively pinning him to the floor.

“Any last wishes, Riis?” he asked coldly and almost mockingly.

“He didn’t deserve her,” Riis wheezed, his breath coming out in short and shallow pants. “And you don’t either!”

“Let’s agree to disagree,” Landon replied with a shrug. And with that, he rammed his hand into the vampire’s chest, ripping out his heart. My eyes went wide as I stood and watched.

Oh… Fuck!

That was--- so cool!

Yep! That’s what my mind concluded. I more or less expected to greet my lunch again if I ever saw someone lose an organ right in front of me… But no! Somewhere between watching Landon being shot, thrown in prison, and being kidnapped--- I just accepted that this was my world now.

The world where My Beloved was…

My world…

And everything inside me, that had held me back from accepting everything that Landon was offering me, disappeared. I wasn’t human anymore – not really anyway.

I was a vampire-werewolf-hybrid’s beloved-mate.

Landon got back to his feet and dropped the heart next to the body. He then looked down at himself and let out an aggravated sigh.

“You don’t fucking mess with the Stone’s,” he mumbled under his breath, pulling off his shirt and whipped away the blood that had sprayed all over him.

I grinned.

“Sign me up on that agreement,” I murmured--- but somehow caught the attention of EVERYBODY present. Every vampire there, suddenly turned to me and even Landon stopped his movements to look at me; the surprise and humor in his eyes burned through me like a hot knife through butter. Instantly I felt heat spread across my cheeks and I swallowed hard.

But before I could say or do anything else, Landon was in front of me again. I gasped and staggered backward, almost dropping to my ass. And I probably would have, if Landon hadn’t wrapped an arm around me and pulled me into his firm and tight body.

Nothing I can’t get used to, I mused and enjoyed the feeling of his body pressed against mine again. I looked up and met his warn, red eyes, glowing with passion, and lust.

“Are you just going to stare at me?” I asked, a teasing smile lingering on my lips. “Or are you going to claim your Beloved?”

A smile spread across his handsome features and his eyes lit up like a child’s on Christmas morning. He didn’t reply, but instead, he leaned over and kissed me deeply.

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