The Master's Maid - His Maid #1

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Fated Encounters

Lexi’s POV

The guy was staring at me with wide eyes. And I was staring back – equally baffled.

He. Was. Gorgeous!

As in drop-dead beautiful! Sleek face, a jawline sharp enough to cut paper, neatly cut black hair, and a 5 o’clock shadow what made my virgin eyes fill with tears. My jaw was lost on the floor somewhere and my brain had completely malfunctioned, barely being able to keep basic functions on. My heart rate was through the roof, my stomach had turned into a hoard of butterflies and my legs were now made of Jell-O.

Yippie me…!

For what seemed like an eternity – but in reality was only a few seconds – we just stared at each other. Finally, I managed to pull myself together and talk--- or something like that…

“I’m-I’m so sorry!” I finally exclaimed when I was gone being completely dumbfounded. “I-I didn’t realize…” Damn, what was wrong with me? It’s not like this was the first hot guy I’d ever run into! I’d opened my mouth to apologize some more before leaving the room--- But that’s when I noticed his eyes. I mean, I’d seen a lot of different eye-colors before. Everything from blazing blue to honey-colored brown and moss green, but--- I’d never seen a guy, with blood-red eyes before…

“Are-are you ok?” I asked, unable to hold my curiosity. “You’re eyes…?”

As if that snapped him out of a trance, he snapped his face away from mine.

“Shit! I’m---,” he tried to say getting out of the bed--- But for whatever unbelievable reason, his legs got tangled in the sheets and he fell face-first on the floor. “Shit!” I heard him mutter again, fighting to get back up. “Yeah--- my eyes! They…,” he continued while fighting the sheets, his own long legs and trying to cover his slightly pink face with one hand. I guess to hide his eyes…?

“It’s a-a---ah!”

And he fell again, barely catching himself on the bed, trying to kick the sheets off his feet before he finally managed to duck into the bathroom.

Confused I just blinked and watched in astonishment. What the---?! Now that’s not something you see every day…

“It’s a morning thing,” he explained from the bathroom to a still baffled me. “They-they get red in the morning. It’s a medical condition, so nothing--- unusual…!”

I didn’t know if I’m supposed to laugh, to run, or to have sympathy for the guy. They don’t really have procedures for these kinds of things…

He reappeared in the bathroom door--- still in nothing but boxers!

My poor virgin heart was ready to beat out of my chest. He was really tall and I wouldn’t be surprised if he was kicking 7 feet. He had pitch-black hair and – once his lenses were in – had rather ordinary brown eyes. Which made me frown. I liked the red!

“Too bad,” I said, forcing my eyes to stay on his face. “The red was kinda beautiful.”

“Really?” he said, blushing like a schoolboy. I grinned. I’d never seen a man this good looking being this shy! His body was flawless! His muscles looked like they were carved out of marble! His arms and legs fit, without being big and bulky, like an athlete or a swimmer. His chest was toned and firm, sporting two perfect squares that generously carried my eyes down his impressive six-pack. It should be illegal to have abs that perfect! Not to mention that V-line that… Uh-la-LA! The outline in his boxers seemed quite impressive…

For fudge sake, Lexi! Pull yourself together!

“Uh-uh,” I nodded, unable to take my eyes away from his perfectly sculpted body. And what did he do? He flashed me the most perfect grin, blushing and flexed his bulging biceps, rubbing the back of his neck.

Oh, be still my heart!

To avoid a heart attack, I forced my eyes away from his body and focused on his face only! Not that that helped much. Oh, smackers! Why did this guy look like he just fell from the heavens?!

“Listen, I’m-I’m very sorry about th-that…,” he stuttered and tried to gesture the bed. I followed where he pointed, but to no one’s surprise: there was nothing there! Why was I looking at the bed again? Oh, right! Damn it, I cursed and forced myself to look at his now boring eyes. Why did it feel like the man had a magnetic effect on me? Everything in my body and brain seemed to be pulling me toward him…

“Uh-uh,” I nodded again, feeling my face burn at this point. I didn’t trust my voice to do or say anything right in the presence of freaking perfection!

“I’m not even supposed to be here, I swear,” he continued in an apologetic voice.

“Oh!” I nodded again, feeling my stomach clench hearing him talk. And no, it wasn’t in a bad way either. Oh, smacks! Fallen angel boy was going to make me sin…!

“I-I just had a-a long night last night--- Not that I usually do that, but my brothers were in town and-and--- We’re actually close so it’s not that I never see then or anything, but…” he continued, looking as awkward as I could only imagine he felt.


Oh dear, help me! He’s adorable!

“So yeah…,” he stopped his own ramblings and just looked at me, with the biggest innocent puppy eyes I’d ever seen! And just it struck me! OM***! Was he seriously one of those cute, gorgeous looking guys who were adorably clueless about how fudging gorgeous they were?!

Impossible! I argued with myself. They died out around the same time the dinosaurs did!

“It’s fine,” I blurted out, finding it hard not to either laugh or pity the guy. “I just need to clean the room and make the bed.”

“Oh!” he suddenly exclaimed, as if he just now noticed my uniform. “Yeah! I mean--- of course! That-that would be your job…,” he continued in an apologetic voice. Yet he didn’t move. He was still nervously scratching the back of his neck.

“You want to stay and watch?” I asked, knowing there was no way in hella he’d stick around.

“No! I’ll-I’ll leave you to it,” he said, and like a bat out of hell, he rushed past me and out the door. I tried to stifle a laugh but didn’t move.

I wonder how far he’ll get before he’ll realize he’s still naked…


Echoed from the hallway and a second later a flustered red honk reappeared in the doorway. I bore my eyes into the carpet, but it was impossible not to feel his eyes burning holes into the side of my head. And equally impossible not to hide the smile that was forcing its way across my lips.

“I’ll-I’ll just grab a change of clothes and---” he excused himself but remained in the doorway. “I’ll be out of your hair! Not literally, but…”

“You do that, big guy,” I cut off his nervous ramblings before they started again. As cute as they were, I wasn’t going to torture the poor guy. “I promise I only come barging in once a day.”

He grinned and quickly rushed over to the chair, grabbing a pair of sweatpants and a black T-shirt. Then he awkwardly made his way past me again and disappeared down the hall.

I grinned and started to clean up his mess.

That was--- quite something!

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