The Master's Maid - His Maid #1

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My beloved

Ever since I claimed you – ever since the night we first became one – you are the only thing that’s ever on my mind. You are my heart and my soul. My body is yours and everything I have – everything I am – is for you.

I’m sorry for the way I acted and the words I spoke.

Please forgive me and take me back into your arms? Without you, I can’t breathe, because you’re the air I need. Without you, I’m blind, because all I see is you.

Without you, I am nothing…

My king

I forgave you the second you walked into the room…


Landon’s POV

I couldn’t help but grin.

It seemed that this was their thing – olden day texting of sorts. He would write her love quotes and she would reply. Or they’d quarrel, and this was their way of resolving their issues…

I still couldn’t believe that this was the same monster who inflicted so much pain and suffering. I’d always been told he was a madman – a monster – but this…?!

This seemed like a lovesick puppy!

I of course couldn’t make out the entire story, but they seemed to be running Sin City, while it still was nothing but a small village back in the mid-1800s. Vampires were few and human suspicions were high. As their leader, King kept the vampires in a tight line and their pets well treated.

He was like an Alpha!

But what surprised me the most, was that SHE seemed to be human…!

I felt all kinds of confused.

He kept calling her “my beloved”. I of course knew what “a beloved” was. It was like a vampire’s mate. But vampires usually had vampire mates – like werewolves would have werewolf mates. The only humans' vampires would put up with were pets – human lunchboxes of sorts. But a monster like Lucian King to have a human beloved?! He hated humans--- and every supernatural out there.

Nevertheless, they really seem to love each other…

I was so confused…!

Mr. Stone?”

I jumped a mile in the air--- or at least as high as the desk would allow me. Me of course being me, I hit my head on the desk – again…!

“Shit!” I cursed, holding my poor pounding head. I groaned, as I turned to the source of my torment--- only for it to instantly be replaced by a wave of butterflies in my stomach and boiling hot cheeks…

“Lexi!” I exclaimed, unable to contain a smile when I met her beaming smile and beautiful blue eyes. “Hey! Hi…! Erm, I’m not doing anything!”

What?! Wh-why---would…? I don’t even…!

Mentally groaned and wished that the earth would just open and swallow me whole. Why did I have to be so--- ME?!

“This is your home,” she grinned, holding her hand out for me to take. “You’re pretty much allowed to do whatever you like.”

“Right!” I sighed and moved from under the desk, before taking her hand and letting her help me up. “And oh please, don’t call me ‘Mr. Stone’? Landon is just fine…” I got back up and looked down at her, her beautiful face holding ’that’ grin…

“You were joking,” I muttered shyly, hoping that the burn I felt on my cheek wasn’t as visible as they felt. Automatically my hand went up and rubbed the back of my neck; a nervous tick of mine. Instantly the air was filled with Lexi’s sweet arousal. I couldn’t help but grin even wider. I didn’t do that on purpose, but damn – did I enjoy her reaction. My wolf went wild, my blood stirred – and my dick roared to life, wanting nothing more than to be buried inside of her…

“I was,” she clarified, while I awkwardly tried to focus on picking up the books that had fallen – and hoping that she wouldn’t notice the beast in my pants. Without a word, she helped me pick them up and I was happy about the silence that settled between us…

“What’s this?”

I turned around and saw her holding the diary. I walked over and took it out of her hand. Looking at it again, I couldn’t help wondering, if they really were one and the same. The Monster who created me – and the man in this book, who loved a human and ruled with kindness…

“It’s a diary,” I told her, tightening the ropes back around the leather frame. “I-I think it’s my father’s…”

“Can’t you just ask him?” Lexi asked innocently. I shook my head.

“He’s dead,” I explained, feeling somber all of a sudden. Suddenly images of the past flashed before my eyes. Images no one knew I’d seen. A night, that Mom and Dad had tried to protect me from, by never allowing me and DJ to see the reports from that night.

The night when the streets of Sin City ran red with the King’s blood…

“I’m sorry,” she breathed, like every other person before her.

“Don’t be,” I replied, harder and colder than I intended, and shook my head. “He was a crazy son of a bitch. He hurt and killed a lot of people.”

But try as I might, I couldn’t pull my head out of it. Mom and Dad of course didn’t know, but Sin City had digital surveillance. Dating back almost 50 years. I knew exactly what had happened that night. What he’d said and done.

What my father had done…

My skin turned cold and my wolf whined. My hands curled into tight fists as sharp claws dug into my palms. His words – his cold, menacing voice – dripping with cruel ambition. Driven by hatred and rage. They had my blood run cold – the blood I’d inherited from him

“Oh, I…,” Lexi continued, worried about my sudden change of state.

“What are you doing here?” I cut her off, suddenly turning to her. She shouldn’t be here when I was like this. I could be dangerous if my beasts took over…

“Erm, working,” she deadpanned in a ‘duh’-like tone, her bright blue eyes met mine--- and like that, I was slapped back to reality.


And then it hit me…

“Shit!” I muttered under my breath as if someone had ducked my head into a bucket of ice-water. Of course, she was working! That’s her fucking job, I mentally cursed myself. “I-I’ll get out of your way…,” I stuttered, feeling like my body had been electrocuted. I did NOT think this through! “You-you want me to make you something? For when – you know – when you’re done?”

Why did I ask that? I mean, sure! I wanted to spend time with her, but she was working for crying out loud! As in a severely underpaid and unappreciated job? She didn’t have time for that… Right?

Or could a guy hope?

“I’m taking you out next Friday, remember?” she reminded me with a smile--- that didn’t reveal one thing or another. I gulped. Was that her way to ask for space until next Friday? Goddess, right now I miss not being able to mind-link with LJ!

“Oh. Sure,” I muttered all dry-mouthed and sweaty hands. So stupid! So, so stupid! “Sorry! I’ll just…”

But suddenly she laughed – as women do when they know something you don’t…

“Lunch sounds good,” she said with her angelic voice and a bright smile. “See ya’ in 20?” she continued, signaling the rest of the apartment, that she hadn’t gotten to yet.

“Ok? I mean, yes! Yes, I’ll-I’ll be in the kitchen,” I replied walking backward out of the office, before bolting to the kitchen. Damn it! Why was I so awkward!

I got to the kitchen and started preparation, but my mind was going a million miles an hour. What was I thinking? What was I doing? What did I say? What HAD I just said? Shit! I just confessed that my dad was a madman! She’d never want to see me again…

Nervously I glanced over at the hallway. But instead of seeing her flee, I heard the vacuum upstairs and her singing loudly along with some corny pop-artist.

Ok! So, she hadn’t fled the building yet. But what now?

I groaned. Only one person to turn to, then. I picked up the phone and texted LJ, probably the only one of the Stone’s brothers who knew how to handle women…

LJ! I need your help!

Within seconds he replied…

Sure, what’s up, bro? Do you need me there, or…?

NO! (Goddess, I did not need him to make this worse!) It’s a girl…

I sent the text, hoping he’d understand and just give me some advice. In hindsight, I should have texted DJ (because she’s a girl and she’s not a jerk!) But of course, LJ being LJ, he took the usual scenic route:

Landon. I hate to be the one telling you this, but… when it comes to girls: you’re a lost cause!

I growled under my breath.


Ok, fine! What’s the situation?

She’s the maid and I waited for her in my penthouse. Now I’m making us lunch…

Stalker much?

I know! I fucked up! HELP!!!

Well, if she said yes to lunch, she’s at least interested...

He might as well have told me, I’d won the lottery!

You don’t think she’s here because she feels pressured?

I couldn’t help but ask. I was seconds away from chewing off my nails. And fingers too. I had no idea a girl could have this effect on me. And not just the normal “awkward” thing, but--- butterflies in my stomach, grinning like an idiot and feeling like I’m floating on cloud nine…

That kind of feeling…

Landon… For someone being a mix between two of the most sexually confident creatures in the world--- YOU SUCK! Pun intended! Trust me, I know you! If she hasn’t run for the hills already, she LIKES you!

My wolf was literally wagging his tail, tongue hanging out, and everything. A stupid grin was plastered on my face and my heart was beating so lightly, I felt weightless…

Do you really think that---?


I jumped a mile in the air and dropped the phone, spinning around so quickly I might have given the room whiplash.

And HALLO reality…

“Lexi!” I exclaimed, stunned to the point of immobility. How the fuck was this girl able to sneak up on me like that?! TWICE!!! No man or supernatural had to date been able to do that…

“Here let me…,” she instead replied and reached for my phone. My heart dropped as I saw her eyes narrow at the text still being displayed on the screen. Out of reflexes, I snatched it back, praying to whoever was out there that she didn’t read it…

“I can explain!”

What?! How---? Why did I--- Arg! Landon! Get a fucking grip! And make a mental note to never commit a crime! It would be Luka’s easiest case to date!

“Uh-uh,” Lexi murmured, crossing her eyes, as her eyes narrowed at me. “Who is LJ?”

“My brother,” I confessed – again way to fast. Damn, I was such a sucker…! “Levi Junior. LJ…” I muttered, unable to meet her eyes. My cheeks were burning, and I felt about an inch tall. I took a quick breath. Ok, if the band-aid was going to come off, I might as well just…

“I swear, I’m not stalking you! I-I just really wanted to see you--- again!” Which was sort of was the definition of stalking, wasn’t it? I blurted it all out in one breath, pleating her not to run away from me.

“Anything else you feel like confessing to?” she all but challenged me, as her eyebrow slightly lifted while her face remaining unimpressed.

“I also have a file on you,” I confessed and gulped. Fuck my life! “It’s a company thing.”

“You can’t date a girl if she turns out to be a rival spy?” she asked – and I hoped it wasn’t my imagination playing tricks on me, but I think she seemed more at ease.

“Something like that,” I replied, not directly lying, but also not telling her the entire truth. “I didn’t read it though…” I added, hoping it would make a difference. Emphasis on hope!

“Ok, Landon,” she said in a strict, but gentle tone. “I like you! For you. You’re cute and honest and I’m not going out with you because I’m trying to rob you blind.” She sent me a smile that melted my heart. “Will you trust me on that?”

“Ok,” I replied, feeling the tension leave my body. And hope I didn’t giggle like a schoolgirl, while I mentally did my little victory dance and sang: She likes me! She likes me!

“And then I’ll trust you, not to stalk me, lie to me or have me murdered in some kinky way, where they never find my body,” she continued – and abruptly ended my victory parade…

“What?!” I exclaimed; my eyes wide in shock.

“Oh, come on,” she replied, rolling her eyes at me and gave me a knowing look. “Virgin billionaire with looks like that?”

I couldn’t help but laugh. Yeah, so, I guess I’d forgotten what this must look like from her perspective…

“Ok! It’s a deal,” I grinned, having a hard time getting the ‘kinky’ part out of my brain. “No, kinky killings.”

She nodded and sat down in front of me, as I put the plates out. She happily rubbed her hands together and I could just about hear her mouth water.

“Do you want me to take the first bite?” I teased, pulling the plate out of her reach just in the last second. She huffed, narrowing her eyes at me, before jumping over the table, and pulled it back over.

“Nah,” she snickered, taking a huge chunk out of it. “I trust you.”

I grinned, feeling relaxed in her company, as we continued to talk about our day and learn more about each other. From the corner of my eye, I noticed my phone light up. LJ had texted again. The previous text had accidentally been sent and apparently, it had LJ worried…

HEY! Dude! What happened? You alright?!

I smiled and wrote him a quick reply, before putting the phone away and focused on the girl in front of me.

It’s ok! I got this…

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