The Master's Maid - His Maid #1

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The Run

My Beloved

I say it time and time again, but… You complete me. You are my life, the reason I live, and the reason I breathe. You are my light in the darkest of nights and my salvation when I’m drowned by sin. You are the reason, I dear to dream of a future…


Landon’s POV

“Mom?” I called out, as I entered my childhood home. I threw my shoes down – I’d been running and for that, I couldn’t use shoes – and took off my sweaty jumper.

Out of the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of the stick-figures, that had faded throughout time. I grinned, remembering with fondness all the time, Dad used to tell us about how they came to be. How he’d fallen in love with the simplicity of straight lines.

How he fell in love with our Mom…

“Landon!” Suddenly sounded from the upstairs office. I ran up the stairs and peaked in. Once upon a time, it had been Dad’s home office, but once Mom architecture firm took off, they had redone it into hers. And I loved being here. I remembered growing up I loved coming in here. The smell of coal and that special thick paper, that was uniquely used by people in the business. The smell of worn-down wood, mixed with Mom’s unique scent…

This was coming home!

Then there was Mom’s art--- Ok, she preferred the term ‘sketches’ but it was art! Hand-drawn pictures of us as kids, our family, our wolves, and--- Dad. Especially Dad! She used to say, that when she lacked inspiration, she’d draw what she held dear. And him being her mate, he of course held that one place in her heart, that no one ever could fill…

I sighed, wondering if I’d ever find that someone…

“I didn’t know you were back,” she exclaimed, getting up from her seat and hugged me. I’m not trying to brag, but… My mom is the best Mom in the world! Not only was she stunningly beautiful – with raven black hair and moss green eyes – but she had the sort of air of gentleness and kindness about her, that most would believe to be too good to be true. Her smile lit up a room and the sparkle in her eyes would brighten up any day.

She was a perfect Luna--- and mother…

I hugged her back, although I had to bend a pretty way over to reach her. Ok, so I was abnormally tall – even for a vampire and especially for a werewolf! I even towered over Dad and uncle Mick – who had an alpha wolf, making me so far the tallest kid in the family. And my mother was--- short! Especially considering she was a Dire Wolf!

“I’m going for a run--- with Kara,” I informed her, adding the last part before she got worried, and dropped my tall frame onto the couch. I was sort of the odd one out – always was. Mom and Dad used to worry about it affecting my wolf--- you know because they’re social animals. There was one time in my life, where I thought they paid Kara to hang out with me, but it turned out to be all Kara…

“Will you be staying for dinner?” she beamed at me, placing herself on the couch next to me.

“Will you be cooking?” I smirked, glancing at me. She huffed – obviously offended – and hit my arm

“I’ve improved!” she pouted, and I laughed. She hadn’t! The woman couldn’t cook even if her life depended on it, resulting in all of my siblings becoming exceptional good chefs at a fairly young age--- although, for some reason, Dad had developed a strange taste for burned pancakes…

I grinned--- but quickly my mind wandered back to my discovery earlier today. The mysterious woman in the diary and The King’s seemingly devoted relationship with her. They seemed to different – HE seemed different!

It made me wonder…

“Mom,” I asked, weighing my words carefully. “Can I ask you something?”

“Anything,” she smiled. Knowing her oldest son well enough, that whatever was on his mind, was of grave importance to him.

“My biological parents,” I started, eyeing her reaction carefully. “I---!” I paused, watching Mom’s expression change from concern to surprise to again being serious. I gulped. My greatest concern was of course that I’d disappoint her or make her sad. I mean, she and Dad were wonderful! The best parents any child could ever ask for!

But--- I just had to know…!

“I really want to see if I can find something about them,” I said, feeling guilty as shit. I’m a cowered I know! I wanted to find out about my biological father, but I didn’t have the guts to tell my parents that it was him I was researching. It was his past that I was intrigued with and felt--- connected to.

I couldn’t really wrap my mind around it yet. But I felt a deep need within my blood to find out. As if there was something in my blood, that called out for me. An unfinished quest – a mission. And everything inside me – my wolf and hunger combined – urged me to find it.

As if finding out the truth would unlock the key to my future…

“Well, you already know your biological father,” my Mom said--- and even I could sense the bitterness in her tone. I tried to hide it, but the bitter disappointment that recoiled around my heart made my wolf howl sorrowfully.

“I’m afraid we don’t have much on your mother. All we knew is that she was a pureblooded alpha and her name.”

I nodded but didn’t reply. Of course! They thought that I meant my biological mother…

“Irene Shawn,” I muttered, having memorized that name ages ago. Everything they knew about her, I’d burned into my hard drive. She was dead. I knew where she was buried and once in a while, I would visit her grave. From her DNA they had discovered that she was mostly Russian, and although they’d reached out to the packs there and anyone with Russian ancestry, no one had ever claimed her.

“I know,” I sighed, feeling more hopeless than I’d ever done.

No one would ever understand…

“You’ll need your father’s permission, but I’m sure he won’t mind,” Mom continued, as she instantly knew, that there was more to this question than she’d originally thought.

“Are you…?” I asked, eyeing her sincerely. “Disappointed in me?”

“Landon,” she smiled, sounding almost relieved. She moved closer, gently stroking my chin, and pulled away from a lock of my hair, that always seemed to fall in my face no matter what I did with it. “We always knew that you’d be curious about where you came from and that one day, you’d go search for your roots. It’s in your blood – literary. We wolves don’t give up on family easily.” She rolled her eyes. “Trust me, I know!”

I nodded, knowing that she was talking about her so-called brother. I didn’t know all the details, but I knew that he was the reason Mom ended up being captured by The Vampire King.

I mentally groaned and out of old habit, rubbed the back of my neck. The man I actually wanted to know more about…

I’d just open my mouth to speak when the front door flew open, and the familiar scent of my best friend reached my nose before her voice did.


“Coming,” I hollered back, and got up. “I have to go,” I sighed, kissing Mom’s cheek and giving her a quick hug before heading downstairs. “Love you!”

“Love you too,” she smiled and although her boy seemed happy and content, she knew something was bothering him. She just wished he’d open up and tell her about it. And if not her of his father, she prayed that someone would come into his life – someone he would share his burdens with. Someone, who he wasn’t afraid would judge him…

“You ready?” Kara exclaimed, pulling me outside with her, and I could see, she was excited about going.

“For this?” I grinned, following her into the forest. “Born ready!”

I quickly took off my clothes and shifted. My wolf was big, but unlike most werewolves, I wasn’t built like a thang. My wolf looked more like a hound than a wolf. Long sleek limbs, a big chest, big paws, and an extra set of fangs protruding from my gums. I was all black, with blood-red eyes, making many mistaken me for a Bloodlusted Wolf. Not that anyone would dear to approach me because of it. With my strength and speed, I was a deadly weapon at night and many had suffered for it…

We sat out. It started out as a playful game, but soon my hunting instinct sat in and I was roaming through the woods. I caught the scent of a dear and within seconds, I’d taken it down. It was dead, the second I caught its scent.

Kara joined me and I gave her a wolfish grin when I noticed how impressed she was by my display of killer instinct. I moved to give her a nod of approval to take a share in my hunt. It was unusual for dominant wolves – and YES! To everyone’s surprise, my wolf was extremely dominating! – to share his pray, but with Kara, I allowed for an exception. We were friends! What was the worst that could happen?

Once we had our fill, I felt different. It had been a long time since I changed, so my wolf wanted to play. I could see Kara wasn’t in that exact mood, but I pushed and nudged her until she agreed to play another round. I went wild. We fought like we tried to murder each other, and it had my blood pumping. Finally, we calmed down and this time we rested at a river.

My heart was racing, and my blood was pumping. I vanquished my thirst at the river and the cool water felt like ice against my burning throat. My wolf laid down, putting his head on his front paws, and enjoyed the view. I was spent but in a good way.

Kara came up next to me and rested by my side. It wasn’t something that hadn’t happen before, so I let her wolf snuggle next to mine. Like I said, my wolf was big – almost twice the size of our Dad and the same size as LJ. It was natural for wolves to seek protection from wolves bigger and stronger than them…

Suddenly Kara started licking my head and my neck, making me with her scent. I shook her off, not thinking too much of it. Her wolf was probably in control, so I gently nudged her back, giving her a peak on her muzzle. Her wolf whined pressing herself closer to me. I groaned, annoyed that I didn’t understand her intentions or why she would let her wolf do that. Usually, it was just mates that did something like that… Again she moved closer, poking me with her snout.

She wanted me to move?!

I gave up! I got up and--- she went under me?!

Shocked, I jumped aside, not really sure how--- Wolves could mate in wolf form – it was just like having sex outside wolf form (or so I’m told). By mating outside a mate’s heat, there was around 10% chance to get pregnant. A mate in heat 99% chance to get pregnant, but in wolf form---? You’d need to be hooked on some serious prevention or have your balls removed not to get pregnant.

In short: I. Wasn’t. Interested!

I gave her a warning growl – a growl that resonated throughout the forest. And instantly she laid down flat, whining. Her big, brown eyes met mine with so much timidness and innocent, it made my heart skip a beat.

Shit! Was I too harsh?

I walked back up to her, nudging her and licking the top of her head to say sorry--- But then she shifted. Standing naked in front of me, she signaled for me to do the same.

I did, thinking she wanted to talk. Her nakedness didn’t bother me. We’d been out here a million times before and being a werewolf--- well, we spent a lot of our time naked…

I stood up, hoping to hear an apology or an explanation for her wolf’s strange behavior tonight--- Instead her arms wound around my neck. Her lips connected with mine and for a startled second or two, I didn’t even realize she was kissing me.

“Kara,” I exclaimed, shocked. I staggered back, trying to get out of her embrace, but fell with her still in my arms. Without thinking, I wrapped my arms around her, holding her so she didn’t get crushed because of the fall.

I grunted, when my big frame hit the ground, taking most of the impact. And with the female on top of me, didn’t make for a gentle landing.

Kara rose her head, beaming at me.

“Thanks,” she grinned, taking advantage of our new position to kiss me anew. I felt her lips press against mine. And not only that. Her entire body was pressed against mine, making me fully aware of how perfectly in shape she was. Her round breasts pressed against my chest, my hands resting firmly on her slim waist… Oh, and let’s not forget how perfectly close to my junk her sweet little cunt was!

Before – something like this would make me hard within seconds. But now---? It made my blood boil for all the wrong reasons.

KARA!” I growled and pushed her off. Instantly my hand went up and whipped the taste of her lips on mine off. My wolf was furious and for the first time in my life, I had to fight to push him down. Even my blood stirred, longing to bite into her with poison!

What the shit?

“What?” Kara asked innocently and seemed genuinely surprised at my action. I gave her a dumbfounded look. Seriously?! What had happened in the course of the night that led her to believe I wanted this?! But as if reading my mind, she relaxed and grinned:

“Don, it’s just some casual sex,” she deadpanned as if there was nothing more to it. “I’m horny, you’re still a virgin…” She trailed off her words as if they were self-explanatory.

“So?” I replied--- not really seeing her point. I mean, sure! Being 16 and a virgin sucked, but once you got older you started to appreciate the wait for the right one. The one that could turn sex into so much more than just intercourse…

So?!” she echoed and grinned like there was a joke I didn’t understand. “Isn’t it about high time you get rid of it?” I frowned. No! And more importantly: why I am thinking about Lexi right now?!

“You wouldn’t want to disappoint your human girlfriend by embarrassing yourself, now would you?” Kara teased as if having read my mind.

Instantly my head snapped to hers.

I hate to admit it – but she had a very compelling argument.

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