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7 years ago on rainy day, I met those eyes with sparkling gaze, mesmerised by them stood I for a while unaware of surrounding. Rushing adrenaline may piloerection in body, that moment I realise I had fallen deep already.

Romance / Children
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Heavy downpour

Today was a special day, I have been moving to a new school, but this time it's different coz I am moving alone, away from my family, friends. Real anxiety began to spike to it's peak as every hour is passing by. Don't know how will it be being my on, but it a reputed institution anyone can imagine. My parents are busy packing my stuffs and all. Finally it's time for me say goodbye, my parents lead the way carrying luggages and my grandparents were there on the doorstep seeing me off I could clearly see their eyes wet. Pretend to not see that I was relaxing on the backseat of car along books and stiff right next to me. The engine stars with a lighting sensation passing all around and I could see my house gradually dissapearing from the view. Suddently it starts raing from nowhere. I remember that it was clearly a brightsunny day. It's about reach the school my father says, and my mom was trying hide her feelings, so that I could be more relaxed. I was their elder child and never been far away from my parents since birth, we finally reach our destination. It's heavy downpour outside we have no backups so my father get out of the in the rain moved towards entrance and to front office for enqiury about admission. Meanwhile my mom is cheering me up, and detdetailing about the things packed up, how behave in a new school, blah.. blah.. After few minutes father came back and I come outside to the front office dripping wet. As I lift my eyes there stuck with another pair of beautiful eyes I had ever seen. For a while I was lost. It was a girl same as my age, and I knew was alsonwaitingbforvtge admissions. I don't from where a strange feeling passed through we, and I was blusing hard. She was wearing a red shirt and and denim skirt, and was a real fairy....

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