Excite Me

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Chapter 9

When we got home, Mason was buzzed. He pushed me into our bedroom, his hands all over my body. “Come on, baby, let’s have some fun.” He pulled up the back of my dress, pressing his cock into my backside, his nose brushing against my soft spot. I sighed to myself and let him bend me over the bed.

Within a few moments, he had hiked my dress all the way up and taken out his cock, thrust it into me and began pounding away, not caring that my fingers were digging into his thighs because he didn’t even try foreplay and my pussy was dry yet again.

“Your pussy’s always so tight for me, baby.”

“Mason,” I whispered, squeezing my eyes closed and trying to get wet. When I closed my eyes, all I could see was Mr. Bryne, all I could feel was Mr. Bryne, and I clenched.

“You like that, don’t you?”

I took a deep breath. “Mason, it stings.”

He grabbed a fistful of my hair and leaned over me, placing his lips on my neck. “Hmm?” he asked, voice terrifyingly low. I didn’t know if he heard me or if he was just playing games with me.

“Harder,” I whispered, not wanting to piss off a drunk Mason. “Please.”

Mason thrust into me harder, and I tried to imagine his hands as Mr. Brynes--though I promised myself that I wouldn’t, it still happened. I wanted to imagine his soft lips running up my back, his fingers dipping between my legs, his cock swelling inside of me.

But Mason felt nothing like Mr. Bryne. Mason felt like a high school wanna-be frat boy who didn’t know the clit from the g-spot, that kid who told everyone that he had slept with a bazillion girls before but hadn’t barely even touched a breast. It was sloppy and too rough and, honestly, pretty damn terrible.

“Please cum for me,” I said into the mattress, my voice monotone. Mason grunted above me and came. When he pulled himself out, he rolled onto the bed next to me. I crawled onto the bed, wanting so desperately to give him another chance, wanting him to make me cum. Hell, I needed him to at least try.

After my little run-in with Mr. Bryne… I was getting so desperate for Mason to please me.

So, I turned onto my side and said, “Do you want to help me cum?” I asked, curling my fingers around his. “Please.”

He took a deep breath, glancing at me. “You didn’t cum?”


He sighed through his nose. “Fine.” He pushed a hand between my legs, but I grabbed it, sucking his fingers into my mouth before they touched my dry pussy. He slowly pushed them around in circles around my clit. And I closed my eyes and sunk into the bedsheets, thinking about how good I was feeling.

My back arched lightly, and I moaned softly to myself. “Oh, God…” I grasped the bedsheets, my body on the verge of cumming, when he suddenly started to move his fingers around slower, ruining the rhythm. And, then, his fingers stopped moving altogether.

I looked over at him to see his eyes closed and drool falling from his lower lip. I closed my eyes, pushed his hand off of me, and pulled the blankets over my body, turning away from him. Even when I gave him a chance… he had to ruin it.


“Her dad is so fucking hot,” one of the sorority girls said, lowering her sunglasses and staring at Mr. Bryne. Melissa had thrown the biggest end-of-the-summer party that I had ever seen with nearly a hundred people at her father’s house. Mostly guys, some girls from our college. And, of course, Mr. Byrne was here as it was his day off of work.

Something about the way that chick said it made me clench my jaw. I didn’t know what it was because I definitely--definitely--didn’t care about Mr. Bryne like that. He was just my best friend’s dad, just a guy I fucked, just a man I thought about when I needed something to get me off.

Nothing more.

And he would never be anything more.

I would spend the rest of my life with Mason.

Only Mason.

I took a deep breath and watched her adjust her tiny, little bikini that showed way too much boob if you ask me. But, hey, I didn’t care. Not one fucking bit. She put her glasses back on and smiled at the other girls around her. “The things I do to sleep with him.” She bit her fake lip and threw her head back, over exaggerating every single thing she did. Probably to get his attention.

I turned away and stared at the guys in the pool. How were cliche girls really real? I thought they were just in the damn books and movies but this chick… God, this chick, I just wanted to wrap my hands around her throat and squ--

Mason sat up from the pool chair next to me, put his glasses down on the bench next to me, and smiled. For the first time today, he ruffled my hair--showing the first sign of affection--and placed his lips on my forehead, kissing me. “You want me to put on some lotion?” he asked. “You’re burning.”

I gazed at him, taken aback, but then scooted to the edge of the pool chair and handed him the sunscreen. I wasn’t going to say no. I didn’t need to say no. I had nothing to prove. Mason grabbed it from me and squirted some onto his hand, sitting behind me to rub it on my back. His fingers got dangerously close to the strings of my bikini, slipping under the material.

For a moment, I relaxed under his fingers…

See, Mason could be a sweetheart when he want--

“All the guys are looking at you,” he said in that jealous tone he always had. When we first started dating, I thought that his possessiveness was sexy, but his possessiveness turned him into a monster. A guy would look at me and this man thought I wanted to fuck him.

“It’s nothing, Mason. Don’t even worry about them.” He finished putting the sunscreen on my back, and I stayed tense the whole time, knowing that the only reason he did it was to let everyone else know that I was his and not anyone else’s.

He didn’t do it because I was burning. He didn’t do it because he cared. He did it for himself.

When he finished, I turned onto my stomach and buried my face into the cushions of the pool chair. All I wanted was someone who put as much effort into me as I put into them, someone who put me first, who treated me with respect, who wanted to please me.

“You think if I flirt hard enough, he’d want to fuck me?” the sorority girl said again, walking by me and swaying her hips from side to side.

I pressed my lips together and closed my eyes. No, bitch, he wouldn’t.

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