Excite Me

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Chapter 10

I climbed out of the pool through the ladder near Mr. Byrne, water rolling down my breasts. We had been out in the sun for nearly three hours, and all Mr. Bryne had been doing was lying in the sun. At one point, he took a dip in the water, and I swear all our friends and the sorority girls drooled over him.

I supposed that some would even try to flirt with him later, but I didn’t care. Nope. Not one bit because I was here with Mason, my lovely boyfriend.

I dried myself off with a beach towel and tossed it next to Mason who was on his phone. He had barely given me the time of day today, had jumped in Mr. Byrne’s pool once to play with some of the guys that Melissa had over.

Mr. Byrne was on the other side of the pool, lying on his back, beads of sweat rolling down his abdomen. I gazed over at him for a moment, wondering if he was staring at me through his dark sunglasses, then looked back to Melissa. “I’m going to get something to drink,” I said. “I’ll be back.”

Wine. I needed more wine. I needed it to think clearly because all I could think about was him even when my boyfriend was right next to me. I snuck Mr. Byrne one more quick glance and walked into the house through the backdoor.

My pussy was warm, and I had the urge to take Mason to the bathroom just to feel kind of good. It wouldn’t be as good as Mr. Byrne but nothing would ever be that good. I popped the cork on a bottle of white wine by myself in the upstairs kitchen and poured myself a glass.

My. Byrne walked into the kitchen, grabbed a glass from inside one of the cupboards next to me, and took the bottle from my hand. “Didn’t expect to see Mason here today, Mia.” He put the cork back into the bottle and grabbed his glass, his fingers paling.

“I didn’t expect to see you, Mr. Byrne.”

He tilted his head, his sharp, piercing eyes cutting right through me. “Yes, you did.” He curled one finger under my bikini string and tugged softly. “That’s why you wore this tiny little bikini today.” When he released the string, it hit my chest softly and my tits bounced with it. He eyed them for a long moment.

“Is that why you followed me upstairs?” I asked, arching a brow and walking toward the living room. The living room had a large glass door that led out to a large, stair-less deck which overlooked the pool. From here, I could see everyone, from Mason to Melissa to all the other guys she had invited over to have a good time after she broke up with her boyfriend.

“Oh, Mia.” He shook his head and gazed out the window next to me. “That’s why you came up here, isn’t it?” He placed his full lips on his glass, and all I could remember were those same lips on my clit, eating me until my legs were trembling around him. “You wanted me to follow you up here because Mason is utterly useless when it comes to pleasing you.”

“He’s not useless,” I said, clenching my jaw and looking away. Mason was laying out by the pool, still texting on his phone, completely obvious to me being gone. Okay, he was useless.

“How many times has he made you cum since the other night?”

I placed my glass on a side table and crossed my arms over my chest. “The other night that you are referring to was over a week ago.” And, yes, I had been thinking about him every time I finished myself off after Mason and I had sex. It was beyond wrong, but… I couldn’t help myself.

“So, he hasn’t at all.” He took another sip of his wine and nodded his head, his muscles rippling. “Didn’t expect a big performance from him.”

I turned around on my heel, looking directly at him for the first time since we had made it upstairs, and clenched my jaw. God, how the fuck was his body so nice? He was Melissa’s father for fuck’s sake; he shouldn’t look like--

He smirked down at me and nodded to the window. I turned back, gazing outside at Mason, and felt his body heat so much closer to mine. “Maybe…” His fingers grazed against my hip. “Maybe I should show Mason how to please you.”

“No,” I said, trying to keep my breathing steady. “We can’t do it again.”

“It wouldn’t take long to get you screaming.”

“Mr. Byrne, we can’t.”

He tugged on my bottom bikini string. The string came undone, and my tits bounced out of it. “Opps.”

I grabbed the string, desperate to tie it before anyone saw. “Opps? Opps? That’s all you have to say?”

Mr. Byrne undid the top string and let my top fall completely down. He stepped closer to me. “Why don’t you just take the top off, Mia?” He took the bottom string from my hand and tugged on that one again, undoing everything I just did to keep myself covered. “You look better without it.”

In one swoop, he tore the bikini top off of me and tossed it to the side. Then he pushed my body against the glass door, making me press my breasts into it. “Mia, on display for all of her friends to see.” He smirked against my neck. “Too bad it’s still daylight. Your boyfriend can’t actually see into the window and see what a good time really looks like.”

“Mr. Byrne… they can still…” I closed my eyes when he plunged his fingers into my bikini bottoms.

“They can still, what?”

“Still… see…” I said quietly.

He brushed his nose against my ear, fingers still moving in quick, rough circles. “They won’t be able to see you, Mia… but that doesn’t mean they won’t be able to hear every time I make you scream.” He cupped my chin in his hand and roughly brushed his thumb over my bottom lip.

I didn’t believe it. I didn’t believe it one bit. They would see me and they would hear me.

Standing naked in front of a glass door, staring down at all of my friends and boyfriend, being fucked--hard--by Mr. Byrne. God, it was fucking wrong… but… I hadn’t stopped thinking about last time.

When he made me cum so many times, I lost count. When he spilt water all over my tiny white tank top so he could finally see my tits. When he thrust into my pussy when his daughter and my best friend walked right into the room.

“Your pussy is getting so wet for me,” he said. He pushed his hips against mine from behind, letting me feel his hardness poking through his swim trunks. “How many times have you touched your pussy just thinking about me?” He slid his finger between my folds and pushed it inside. I whimpered softly, clenching on his fingers. “How many times, Mia?”


His fingers moved faster inside of me, thrusting in and out of my pussy wildly. He grabbed my hand and placed it on his cock behind me. I grasped him through his shorts, moving my hand up and down. “You haven’t thought about my cock inside of you?”

Oh, God, help me. Everyone outside was splashing around in the water and relaxing, and here I was, getting finger-fucked by my best friend’s dad.

Heat warmed my core, and I clenched harder on him. So close to coming undone.

“Once? Twice?” He groped one of my breasts and took my nipple in between two of his fingers, tugging on it harshly. A wave of pleasure rolled through me, and I moaned.

“Every night,” I whispered, moving my hand up and down his hard length. “Every fucking night, Mr. Byrne.”

“There you go.” He nibbled on my jaw. “That wasn’t so hard to admit, was it?”

I placed my fingertips on the glass, staring out at everyone that could look up at the deck at any moment and see us through the glass, see him touching me like this. “But we can’t do it.”

“If you don’t want to do it again, Mia, we won’t.” Mr. Byrne pushed my bikini bottoms down my legs and parted my thighs. I pushed my hand into his swim trunks, my wet pussy pulsing. “We’ll just walk back out to the pool, like nothing happened.”

I nodded my head. “Yeah.” I pulled his cock out of his bottoms and stroked it against my ass. “Like nothing happened.”

He drew his fingers up the insides of my thighs and spread my legs further apart. “You can go back to Mason and have him continue to pleasure you every night.”

“I will,” I said, pressing my hips against his.

“You won’t have to feel this…” He grabbed his cock in his hand and pressed it against my pussy lips. I clenched hard, just waiting for him to enter me. He pinched my nipple in his fingers, and another wave of pleasure rolled through me. “Or this.” Then he plunged himself inside of me.

My body shuddered in pure ecstasy. “Never… want… to feel that… again.”

He stilled inside of me, grasping onto one of my shoulders and pushing me further down onto his cock until all of it was inside of me. “Fuck,” he groaned against my ear. I moved my hips back and forth on him, unable to stop myself.

“Mason fucks me so much better than you ever could.”

He grasped my hips and started to thrust in and out of me faster. “I bet he does.” One of his hands slipped to my clit, and he began rubbing it harshly.

“The way he tugs on my nipples…”

Mr. Byrne took one of my nipples between his fingers.

“The way he slaps my clit with his hand.”

Mr. Byrne slapped his hand hard against my clit, and my body jerked into the air. Heat warmed my core. I clenched harder on his cock, loving how big he felt inside of me. Mason never--ever--felt this good.

“What about the way he makes you scream?” he asked me, shoving me against the glass windows, thrusting hard up into me, making my legs tremble. He curled a hand around my throat, and I pressed my lips together and tried hard not to scream. If I did… someone would hear me and then… He slapped my clit hard again.

And I screamed, unable to hold myself back any longer as he continued to thrust his huge cock into my pussy. Wave after wave of pure ecstasy was pumping through me as I came almost instantly on him.

He curled one arm around my neck, pulling me closer to him, and placed his other hand on the small of my back to keep it arched. My tits bounced against the glass.

Downstairs, the backdoor opened, and I listened to someone walk into the house. I tensed and reached back for Mr. Byrne, hoping he’d stop. But he continued thrusting into me, faster.

“Mia!” Melissa shouted. “Is everything okay? We heard you scream.”

My eyes widened. What do I say to that? Could I even open my mouth without moaning her father’s name? What if--

“She’s fine. Just dropped some glass,” Mr. Byrne said.

“Dropped glass? Oh, my gosh, is she okay?”

Mr. Bynre growled into my ear, and my pussy tightened around him. He grasped my hips, slowed his pace, and thrust deep and hard. “She’s fine, Melissa. She’ll be out soon.” I tightened around him harder. I was so close to the edge, so close to moaning out his name so loud that everyone could hear, so close to cumming again. “Go back to your friends.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes,” he said, his tone tenser than before.

The backdoor opened and closed again, and Mr. Byrne picked me right off the ground--his cock still inside of me--and walked with me to his bedroom. Though I had never been inside of it before, he didn’t give me any time to look around and admire it. Instead he bent me right over the bed, pressed my face into the mattress, and continued to pump into me.

“How long will it take her to figure out that you’re not coming back out until I’m finished fucking your tight, little pussy?”

My pussy clenched on him, and I groaned softly into the bedsheets. “I-I--”

He grabbed a fistful of my hair and pulled my upper body off of the bed. After placing his lips on my neck, he sucked roughly on the skin underneath it. He pumped into me hard, each thrust sending me closer and closer to the bed. His hand curled around my neck, and he squeezed lightly.

Wave after wave of pleasure rolled through me. I grasped the bedsheets and moaned loudly. Not caring who could hear me anymore. All I knew was this was orgasm two, and that there was bound to be more.

After pounding into me one last time, he pulled out, turned me around, and forced me onto my knees. “Fuck, Mia, hold those tits together for me.” He stroked his cock in my face, and I pushed my tits together for him to cum on. “Open your mouth,” he said, groaning. I gazed up at him, opened my mouth, and stuck out my tongue.

He drew his brows together and stared down at my tits. He slid his cock between them, thrusting up and down. I stared down at his cock, tugging on my nipples softly and moaning.

“Eyes up here, Mia.”

I stared up at him. He parted his lips, legs trembling, and came between my tits. He groaned, the last of his cum dripping out onto me, then reached down, picked me up, and tossed me onto his bed.

He crawled onto the bed with me, parting my trembling legs, and sat between them. “You don’t know how long I’ve waited to see you in my bed…” He brushed two fingers against his cum on my chest and stuck them into my mouth, and I sucked the cum off of them. “Swallowing my cum.” He leaned down between my legs and pressed his lips to my clit. “Eating your tight little pussy again.”

After he placed my legs on his thighs, he reached up, grasped my nipples, and tugged on them. His tongue massaged my clit in fast circles. I furrowed my brows and grasped onto his wrists, loving the way he touched me.

When he squeezed my nipples harder, I screamed out, my legs trembling. He continued to eat me until I had come down from orgasm three of the day, then sat up between my legs and stared down at me. He stared at me for a long time, then finally said, “Dump, Mason.”

I swallowed hard, trying to think about something other than the mind-numbing orgasms I just had. “But--”

“Dump, Mason, and I’ll make you cum like this every night.”

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