Excite Me

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Chapter 12

Mr. Bryne

It took everything I had not to follow her as she stormed down the hallway, wearing my shirt that barely covered her ass. She disappeared into the bathroom, fumbled around in it, then came out in her tiny white bikini that I wanted to tear off again and with a bandage that she slapped right on her thigh to hide the fact that she didn’t actually get cut by glass.

When she disappeared down the stairs, I placed my hands on the doorframe and took a few deep breaths, trying to control myself. Something was keeping her from breaking up with Mason. She saw what I saw--that her boyfriend didn’t give a single fuck about her--but she stayed with him. Wouldn’t even consider breaking up with him.

What was it though? What was keeping her from leaving him? I glanced at my dresser, memories of years ago haunting my mind. Was he abusing her? She didn’t have bruises or scars, but she had fear in those deep brown eyes of hers.

The phone on my dresser buzzed. Almost as if the devil knew I was thinking about her, Linda’s name flashed on the screen. I picked up the phone, jaw twitching. “The next time you call me, I’m blocking your fucking number. What do you want?”

“You haven’t let Melissa throw another one of those end-of-year parties, have you?” she asked, acting like she cared. “You know she needs to study and work. She better not be drinking. She’s underage.”

“She’s twenty-two, Linda.”

“Still.” She paused. “She should be stud-in-ing.”

I pressed my lips together. She was drunk again, like she had been almost every day we were married. I blew a deep breath out of my nose. “You don’t care about Melissa that much to check up on her,” I said through clenched teeth. “What do you really want?”

She stayed quiet for a few moments, and I could hear her tapping her fake nails against a table. “I heard you went out on a date the other night.”

There it was. There was always something.

“What’s her name?”

“That’s none of your business.”

“Her name’s Julie, isn’t it?” She chuckled and swallowed loud enough for me to hear. “She’s young and so pretty. Way out of your league. You should get back together with that piece of trailer trash that you were dating a few years ago. You know, the one with the bad titjob. She’s more your type.”

“Why don’t you care about Melissa anymore?” I asked, so desperate to know why. All I had ever wanted since our divorce was for her to treat Melissa well. Every time I picked up the phone, I wanted her to ask about Melissa and really fucking care. She wasn’t the same woman she had been when I married her.

“But… I heard the trailer trash cheated on you. Is that right?” She laughed again. “Guess that’s all you’re good fo--” I hung up the phone and rubbed my forehead, not about to deal with another second of her putting me down.

My phone buzzed again in my hand, and I almost threw it across the room. But a text message popped up on the screen. Linda never texted me. I glanced down at it, seeing Julie’s name on the screen.

Wanna come over tonight? I’m making your favorite. BBQ oysters ;)

I took a deep breath, my fingers hovering over the keyboard, and gazed out my bedroom window, watching Mia lie on her pool chair, rubbing sunscreen on her pale chest. She looked miserable, absolutely miserable, as she watched Mason in the pool with some of the other girls.

When she glanced up at the house, I backed away and took a deep breath, trying hard not to think about her back in my bed, her pussy tightening around my cock, her back arching, lips parted ever-so-slightly. Her eyes lighting up when she saw me from across the bar the other night, the way her head tilted into my hand when I pushed a strand of hair from her face, the way my heart raced when she smiled.

God, it was wrong, so fucking wrong. She was my daughter’s best friend. I shouldn’t have touched her, nevermind… felt like this.

“Raincheck?” I texted Julie. “I have plans with my daughter tonight.”

To my surprise, Julie didn’t text back as quickly as she usually did. I placed the phone back onto the dresser, pulled on my swim trunks, and walked back down the stairs and out to the pool.

The only plan I had tonight was Mia.

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