Excite Me

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Chapter 15

He didn’t say anything to me for my whole shift. Another one of the girls waited on him, giving him a glass of wine, then a beer, then a shot of whiskey. But those eyes, those damn eyes were fixed on me for the entire night.

“Alright, Mia,” Sal said, voice shrill. He walked out from the back, weakly lifting his bag and putting it over his shoulder. “I’m about to go. You got this from her--” He readjusted his glasses, eyes wide. “Michael, is that you?”

Mr. Bryne smiled widely at him, tipping his drink toward Sal. “Still remember me?”

I furrowed my brows. “You guys know each other.”

Sal put a shaky hand on Mr. Bryne’s shoulder. “He used to work for me. Almost thirty years ago.”

“It’s been that long, huh?”

“Best worker I ever had,” Sal said, nudging me. “Besides you.”

“She could learn a trick or two,” Mr. Bryne said, winking at me with those devilish eyes.

“Well…” Sal squeezed Mr. Bryne’s shoulder. “It was nice seeing you. Come in more often. Maybe Mia can show you how it’s done.”

Mr. Bryne nodded his head, and Sal turned toward the door. “Do you need help?” I asked him, watching him struggle with his bag.

“Now, dear, don’t you get me started. I’m still as agile as I used to be.” He opened the door, then disappeared behind it. “See you tomorrow.”

When the door closed and we were left in the empty bar, I turned back to Mr. Bryne to see him staring at me and… smiling softly. I gazed back, heart pounding in my chest. “What do you want?” I asked. “Why are you here?”

“I can’t have a drink?”

“Why are you still here?” I said, rephrasing my question.

“Because I’m not finished.” He tipped his very empty glass in my direction, and I arched a brow at him.

“Looks like you’re finished to me.” I reached for his glass to put it away, but he grabbed my wrist instead, tingles erupting on it. I cursed myself for feeling this way, knowing that it’d just break my heart in the end when he found out about Mom and started to treat me like everyone else who found out.

“How’s Mason?” he asked, voice low.

“Sounds like you’re jealous.” The words tumbled out of my mouth before I could stop them, and I wished they hadn’t. Hell, he didn’t sound jealous at all but why else would he come to the place he knew I worked at, sit at the bar for hours until it was closing time, just to talk to me?

I had been coming up with explanations all night in my head and this was the only one.

“Oh, Mia,” he said, chuckling. He stood up and walked around the bar. I stared at his seat, heat warming my entire body. “I’m not jealous over that boy. The only thing he has that I don’t is you.” He snaked a hand around my throat from behind and pulled me closer to him. “But I can have you in other ways.”

His hand dipped between my legs, and I tried so damn hard to get myself to push it away… but I just couldn’t. “Mr. Bryne… we can’t.”

I had said those words so many times before, they were starting to lose their meaning. But this time, I really meant them. I wasn’t saying it because he was Melissa’s dad, I was saying it because this was wrong… He pressed his fingers against the front of my pants and rubbed my clit… so very, very wrong.

My fingers paled as I pressed them into the counter. Mia, think of Mason. Think of all the good times you’ve spent with that boy… but I couldn’t remember any. I brushed my fingers against his wrist, leaning back into his touch. “Mr. Bryne…” I said softly.

“Say my name, Mia,” he mumbled against my neck. He left a trail of sloppy, wet kisses all the way up my neck to my jaw. “I want to hear my name on your lips, want to hear you moaning it.”

“The only way…” I started, feeling his fingers slip into my panties. “That you’re going to hear me moaning your name…” His fingers played with my folds, spreading them apart and slipping between them. “... is if you make me moan it.”

He drew his fingers down my folds, pressing it softly against my entrance. He chuckled against my ear. “You either don’t know how easy that is…” He rubbed his finger against my entrance, pressing into it harder, but never pushing it into me. “... or you don’t care.”

I clenched hard and squeezed my eyes shut, wanting nothing more than for him to push his finger inside of me. He bit down on my neck, sucking the skin between his lips, almost hard enough to leave a hickey. “Which is it?” He pressed his cock into my backside, grinding it harder and harder, and I arched my back so I could feel him against my pussy.

It felt so big, so thick, so hard. And all I fucking wanted was for him to thrust it into me.

I reached back to grasp it in my hand, but he snatched my wrist. “Say it, Mia… say my name and I’ll let you suck my cock.”

My pussy tightened, heat warming my core. I swallowed hard, my whole body just aching for it. “Please…” I whispered. He rubbed his fingers around my clit, driving me higher and higher. I grasped onto the counter to steady my trembling legs. He was going to make me… make me… He pulled his hand away just as I was about to cum and pressed his cock harder against me.

My panties were soaked, my core pulsing. I needed his cock inside of it. “Please,” I begged Mr. Bryne. “I need it.”

He pressed his fingers back against my clit, rubbing them faster than he did before. His hand tightened around my throat. I clenched yet again and whimpered, the pressure in my core rising every second. And this time… this time I didn’t want him to stop. I parted my lips just as I was about to cum and said, “Michael, please don’t stop.”

Instead of pulling his hand away this time, he rubbed my swollen clit faster. My knees buckled, and I grasped onto the bar to hold myself up as I came for him. He leaned over me, fingers pressing into the side of my neck, and smirked against my ear. “Say it again.”

“Michael,” I whispered, feeling nothing but pleasure roll through me.

He groaned into my ear, pulled my shirt and bra cups down and gazed at my tits from over my shoulder. He pulled both of my arms behind my back with one of his and thrust his cock against my ass again, watching my breasts bounce. “Fuck, Mia, these tits.”

He pushed his hips into me. “Feel that?” he asked. “Beg for it like I know you want to.” He took my nipple between his fingers and tugged on it, making me moan.

“Please, Michael… please give it to me. I need it.” My whole body was aching for it. I needed to feel full, needed his huge cock in my pussy, thrusting in and out and making me moan for him.

“Louder.” He squeezed my nipple harder, twisting it then releasing it over and over.

My pussy clenched, and I whimpered. “Please, Michael,” I said louder. I reached behind me, drawing my hand up his cock through his pants. “Let me suck it.”

He released my wrists, and I knelt behind the bar, rubbing my hand up and down his length. He undid his button and pulled down the zipper of his pants, pulling out his cock. I wrapped my hand around the base, licking from the base to his head while I stared up at him.

I swirled my tongue around his head, sucking on it gently. It was so big, and my pussy was throbbing just waiting for it to be inside of me. “Fuck my mouth,” I said to him, staring up at him with big eyes. “Please, Michael. Make me feel good.”

His jaw twitched, eyes full with lust. He grabbed my chin and pulled me toward him, pushing his cock into my mouth and teasing me with his head. “Touch yourself while I do it. Get your pussy ready for me to tear up,” he said.

I pushed a hand between my legs and rubbed my clit through my underwear. He slowly pushed himself all the way into my throat until the base of his cock was pressing against my lips, bobbing my head back and forth on him roughly.

With one hand, Michael reached down and pinched my nipple between my fingers. A wave of pleasure rolled through me, and I clenched again. Drool dripped from my lips onto my breasts, and he rubbed the spit against my nipples, making them glisten.

He thrust himself all the way down my throat, holding himself there. I gazed up at him, cheeks flushing, trying so desperately to breathe. I placed one hand on his thigh, trying to pull away, yet he held me close to him.

“Don’t stop touching your pussy,” he said, thrusting deeper. I squeezed my eyes closed, pushing him deeper down my throat, and rubbing my pussy so fucking hard. It was pulsing harder than it ever had.

My pussy tightened, and I moaned on Michael’s cock. I could feel a toe-curling orgasm about to rip through me at any fucking moment. Michael grasped my chin and made me look up at him. “Cum.”

And… just like that… I screamed out on his cock, wave after wave of pleasure rolling through me. He thrust his his deeper, listening to the sloppy, wet gagging sounds my throat was making for him.

My legs tingled, my pussy pulsed. Before I had even come down from the orgasm, he pulled me to my feet, turned me around to face the bar, and pushed my upper body down onto it. In one quick motion, he had pulled my pants down to my ankles and pushed his cock right against my entrance, toying with me again.

“I’ve been thinking about this all fucking day,” he said, plunging himself inside of me. I arched my back and screamed out his name when he filled me. His fingers curled into my hips, and his hair flopped across his forehead.

He lifted one of my legs, holding it in the air to give himself better access, and pounded harder into me. “Harder, Michael,” I said. He snaked his arm around my waist, fingers rubbing my clit.

I tightened my grip on the bar, my pussy tightening. And I didn’t know what possessed me to say what I said next, but… God… it had to be the fucking devil. “Please cum inside of me,” I said, my mind hazy. “Please, I need it.”

He groaned into my ear, body shuttering, and bit down on my neck. A wave of pleasure rolled through me, and I furrowed my brows. “God, Michael, I can’t fucking handle it anymore. I-I’m… I’m going to--”

“Cum. I want to feel your pussy tighten around me,” he said. The pressure built high in my core. I grasped so damn desperately on the counter, trying to hold onto something as my pussy quivered over and over and over on his cock.

“Let me cum on your tits,” he said against me, breathing hitched. I clenched hard on him, and he tensed. “Mia, please.” Yet, he didn’t stop pounding into me. My core filled with warmth, nipples rubbing against the bar. “Mia…” His voice was tense.

I slid down to my knees, crossed my arms under my breasts to hold them together, and gazed up at him through my lashes. He jerked his cock, lips parted, brows furrowed, eyes fixed on me.

“Why don’t you cum on my face instead?” I asked.

He placed a hand on my chin, holding me in place, and came all over my lips. He groaned quietly to himself, closing his eyes, and I stood up and brushed the cum off the corner of my lip with my finger. He stumbled back and took a deep breath, gazing at me with those sinister eyes again. Those eyes that made me feel things I shouldn’t.

I grabbed my clothes and a glass of water from the sink, listening to my phone buzz on the counter. Orangegate Assisted Living flashed on my screen. Mom. Why was she calling this late? Usually when she called, it was on her own phone.

“Hello,” I said, picking up a glass of water and gulping it down. After that, I needed to cool down before I talked to her.

“Mia?” Susan said through the phone, her voice laced with worry.

I furrowed my brows. “Yes? Is everything okay?”

“Your mother…”

My heart dropped. “What about Mom?”

“Your mother had another brain aneurysm.”

The glass fell from my hand. The sound of it shattering against the counter echoed throughout the room. My heart dropped. Mom had another brain aneurysm? Another one? I swallowed hard.

“No,” I whispered. No. I just saw her… everything was okay. Everything had been fine. “You-you’re lying. Tell me you’re lying.”

“She’s at the hospital now.”

Oh, my God. What had she done to deserve this? She worked so hard to get better. So damn hard. And now… this… My lips quivered. She wouldn’t recover from this one. It was a miracle she recovered from the first. A second one would kill her.

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