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Chapter 25

My eyes widened, and I stared between him and the phone. Break up with Mason? If I broke up with Mason and if I trusted Michael with my entire life… things could go very, very wrong. I didn’t want to be with Mason at all, but he was safe. He’d been helping me for years, and I knew he’d continue.

Being with Michael, hiding our relationship with Melissa… that was sticky and more than risky. What if Melissa found out and drove us apart? Michael would chose her over me any day of the fucking week. She was his daughter.

He growled lowly under his breath. “Maybe that is all you want.”

“No, Michael,” I breathed out. “It’s not all I want…” He moved his fingers up the inside of my thigh, higher and higher and higher. “But…”

He brushed two fingers against the front of my pants, moving them slowly. “But?”

I took a shaky breath, knowing exactly what he was doing.

“But you just want this…” He grabbed my ankles, pulled me fully onto the couch, and spread my legs. Then he pulled down my shorts, laid between my legs, and rested my thighs on his shoulders. I stared down at him, my breath catching in the back of my throat. He spread my folds and pressed his tongue against my clit, drawing it in small circles.

I clenched, the pressure building in my core. God, this was damn good… but I wanted more of him. I really did. He stared up at me with icy blue eyes. “Close your eyes,” he said. “Think about the last time Mason made you feel this good.”

My eyes fluttered closed--not picturing Mason but thinking about being with Michael every night. He had promised me once before; he had proved to me that he wouldn’t give up on me. I arched my back, thrust my hand into his hair, and moved my hips back and forth against him.

His breath heated my core, his tongue hit my clit in just the right spot. I curled my toes, my legs starting to tremble. He pressed his lips harder against my clit, forced me still, ravenously eating my pussy, and pushed a finger inside of me. I moaned at the sudden pressure, pussy immediately wrapping around his finger like it was the biggest thing that had ever been inside of me.

“More,” I moaned.

He pushed another finger inside of me, thrusting them in and out quickly. I threw my head back, my breasts bouncing in his shirt each time he thrust his fingers inside of me. I let out another moan, and he continued to eat my pussy until I was close to cumming.

My legs were trembling, my heart pounding in my chest. Just as I was about to cum, he’d slow down, mix up his pace, pull his fingers out of me, make me desperate. When I whined--just needing more--he’d start back up, tugging on my nipple, breathing on my wetness, sucking my clit between his lips. And, then, he’d stop--refusing to let me cum.

“More, Michael…” I stared down into his eyes and furrowed my brows, a wave of pleasure rushing through me. “Please, give me more.”

He kissed up my folds to my hips, letting his lips linger on my skin before crawling closer to me and pressing his covered hardness against my aching pussy. He pressed his lips to my jaw, sucking harshly on the skin. “Is this why you called me to come pick you up tonight?”

He grinded his hardness into me, and I reached between us--unable to stop myself--and thrust my hand into his suit pants to grab his cock. I stroked it and pressed the head against my entrance. Though it was through his pants, my body ached for him to push it inside of me.

“Harder,” I begged. He pushed harder against me, and heat gathered in my core. God, I needed him inside of me. So. Damn. Bad. “Please, give it to me.”

He wrapped his hand around the front of my throat, pulled my upper body off the couch just slightly, and pushed down his pants. Then he thrust himself into me without warning. His dick slid into me with ease. My eyes widened, adjusting to his size, and I moaned out loud. He pulled me toward him with each thrust, my breasts pressing against his bare chest. He tugged on my nipple--hard--through my shirt.

I clenched around him. “Oh, my god,” I said under my breath, eyes rolling back. The pressure was driving me higher than it ever had before--the dark, angry Michael finally coming out to play. “Harder, Michael. Give it to me harder.”

He pulled out of me, and I whimpered--my whole body just needing him more than I needed anything ever. Before I could react, he turned me onto my stomach and plunged himself back into me from behind. My fingers curled into the couch cushions. He grabbed a fistful of my hair in one hand and slapped my phone down on the couch next to me. “If this all you want, call your boyfriend and tell him to pick you up after I finish fucking you senseless…” he said into my ear, his voice tense. “Or tell him that you and him are over.”

My heart raced in my chest, cheeks flushing. He didn’t give me another choice. Mason or him. My boyfriend or my best friend’s dad.

He pumped harder into me, and I closed my eyes. “No,” I said through gritted teeth, trying to hold back my orgasm. It was selfish and--

Almost as if it was fate, Mason’s name flashed up onto the screen. Before I could end the call, Michael tapped on it to answer it. My eyes widened, and I pressed a hand to my mouth to muffle my moans. Why was he calling me now?

Michael slipped an arm around my waist and rubbed my pussy with his fingers. I took a shaky breath, trying to calm myself.

“Babe?” Mason asked. I could hear my damn heart pounding in my ears. “Babe, where’d you go?”

“Didn’t even notice you were gone for hours,” Michael seethed in my ear. My pussy tightened on him, and he played with it, driving me closer and closer to the edge. The pressure rose in my core, and I squeezed my eyes closed. Calm down, Mia… Calm down.

“Go ahead, Mia…” Michael taunted. “Tell him to pick you up. Tell him why you’re here with me.” I arched my back, my mind buzzing with so many thoughts. He tightened his grip in my hair and pumped harder into me.

“Mia?” Mason asked, voice filled with worry. “What the hell was that?”

Michael rubbed my pussy faster. “Mason…” I breathed. If he didn’t stop… I was going to… “Mason, I--”

Michael slapped my clit hard, and I screamed out, cumming all over his cock. My whole body was trembling, my eyes rolling back into my head, my pussy lips pulsing over and over on him.

“Are you touching yourself?” Mason asked.

“She’s getting fucked, you fucking idiot,” Michael said over my shoulder. “This is how she sounds when she’s cumming.” The pressure rose in my core even more, and he slapped my clit over and over and over again, sending me higher yet again. “In case you wanted to know.”

Mason started yelling over the phone, threatening Michael that he would have his ass. But I sunk into the couch and let Michael continue to fuck me senseless like he promised. “Mason,” I breathed out. “Mason, we’re over.”

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