Excite Me

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Chapter 26


“Mason,” she said, her voice raspy. Though I knew she wanted to keep us a secret and I knew I ruined that for her, I didn’t know what I was expecting her to say to him, but it wasn’t… “Mason, we’re over.”

I thought my heart stopped for a moment. I stilled inside of her and felt her clench hard on my cock, whimpering under me. Mason’s voice rang through the phone, he was screaming at her and calling her every name in the book, asking who she was with and how she could just drop him after everything he had done for her.

My lips brushed against the back of her neck, and I realized that I was in the wrong. I had forced her to make a decision she didn’t want to make and she had to break-up with him. She shut off the phone and tossed it away from the couch. “Don’t stop,” she breathed, her voice quiet. “Please, don’t stop.”

I pulled myself out of her, turned her around, and pushed some hair out of her face. I couldn’t believe that she had actually done it--that I had made her do it--and I didn’t know how exactly I felt about it. Was it wrong? It didn’t feel wrong.

“Michael,” she whispered.

I took a steady breath through my nose and pressed my lips to hers, thrusting myself back into her and letting her wrap around me like she wanted me more than anything. “Say my name again, Mia,” I mumbled against her lips.

She dug her fingers into my chest, and I inhaled her sweet scent. “Michael.” Her voice was soft, and I pressed my lips harder to hers, thrusting in and out of her faster. All she had to say was my name to drive me wild and over the edge.

I had never had a woman choose me, really choose me like that.

It felt good and freeing and I hoped to god that Mia felt the same way about me as I did about her because this feeling wasn’t going away anytime soon. I didn’t care about Melissa knowing. All I wanted was to make Mia happy. She deserved it, even though she didn’t think so. She was one of the sweetest, most caring, selfless people I knew.

Unlike my ex-wife, unlike Julie. Mia was different.

Her fingers curled into my hair, and she tugged on it gently. Her hips moved with mine, her hands holding me close to her. I trailed my fingers up her side and wrapped my hand softly around the back of her neck to draw her even closer because I couldn’t keep myself away.

Harder and faster, I pumped into her, feeling her clench down onto me and tense in my embrace. She cried out against my lips, and a tear fell down her cheek. So many emotions were spilling out of her, and I slowed down.

“No,” she said. “Please, don’t stop again.”

And, so, I hesitantly continued until I was about to tip over the edge. I wiped a stray tear from Mia’s cheek with my thumb and was about to pull out of her to cum on her stomach, when she wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me down to her.

“Cum inside of me,” she said.

I groaned in her ear and rested my forehead against hers, cumming inside of her. She lightly brushed her fingers over my jaw and gave me a sad smile. I took a deep breath, pulled her against my chest, and rolled us over until she was lying on me.

She stared down at me with tears streaming down her face, and I pushed each one away. I didn’t know how to feel. Part of me wanted to feel so damn good about breaking her and Mason up, but the other half of me was devastated that I had stooped so low to get Mia to make a hard decision for herself. I was the cause of these tears. I made her vulnerable.

“Michael,” she said. She grabbed my hand and placed it firm on her chest, right above her heart, her fingers intertwined with mine. “I am so scared.” Her voice wasn’t more than a whisper. “What if he tries to do something to Mom? What if…” I could hear the questions coming right off her lips before she even said it. “What if something happens between us and…” More tears. “... and I end up on the streets.” Her chest was rising and falling so harshly that I pulled her to me and refused to let her sit back up.

“Calm down, Mia,” I said into her ear. “Nothing will happen between us.”

“But-but what if… what if it does?” Her cries turned into hiccups. “You don’t know what will happen and I don’t want to end up homeless with Mom. I won’t be able to support her. I can’t afford all these bills. I don’t have anyone to help me.”

“Mia, I promise you that I won’t let that happen,” I said. Even if whatever we had ended between us and if Mia wanted nothing to do with me, I would not ever let her live alone on the streets. It wasn’t the type of person I was for the last thirty-eight years. I’d be damned if I started to be like that now.

I could still feel the tension in her entire body, unsure if I was telling the truth, scared that I would leave her, terrified that I’d be another one of the men who treated her like garbage. I brushed some hair out of her face and smiled up at her. “You have to promise me something too.”

She paused for a moment. “What?” she asked, quietly.

The words almost didn’t come out. As much as I wanted to keep Mia forever, I didn’t want her to ever feel the way Mason had made her feel. I wanted her to be happy wherever or whoever she ended up with.

I sucked in a deep breath and parted my lips. “If you ever feel like you don’t want to be with me, please don’t lead me on. I know you had reasons to lead Mason on--not that he really respected you anyway--but if you don’t want me anymore, just tell me.” I could feel the heat crawling up my neck, and all those bad memories with Melissa’s mother running through my mind.

Being broken up with was hard, even when you didn’t love the person anymore. But… being lied to about how someone felt truly, thinking that you were the world to someone only to find out that they hadn’t felt like that about you for so long… that hurt so much more. And I didn’t want it to happen again. I couldn’t let it happen again.

“I will help you as much as you need, if you want to end it with me. Just don’t lead me on.”

Her hesitant eyes softened, and she curled her fingers into my chest, nodding her head. “Okay,” she whispered, bottom lip quivering. “I promise not to lead you on.” A strand of brown hair fell into her face. “I promise to give you my all and… I promise to to trust you.”

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