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Chapter 31

All I felt was anger, rage, and intense pain. I froze and stared up at Michael who’s sultry expression dropped and was replaced with a tense and confused one. Melissa continued laughing downstairs, and I didn’t want to believe what she had said. She was my best friend.

But, then, I heard Mason saying the same things to her that he used to say to me when we first started dating. And I snapped. I hopped off the couch, snatched my shirt from Michael’s hand, and pulled it over my head.

Before I could even stop myself to think about this rationally, I stormed down the stairs with Michael close behind me. Mason was lying on his back on the couch with Melissa straddling his waist, his hands slipping under her shirt and his gaze fixed on her tits.

“What the fuck are you doing?!” I screamed. They both jumped up in surprise and looked in my direction. Melissa pushed Mason away, her eyes wide, lips parting and pressing together as if she didn’t know what to say.

I stormed toward them. “You two have been fucking behind my back for months?!” I shouted at them, then I turned toward Melissa. “He was my fucking boyfriend and you were supposed to be my best friend.”

She shook her head. “Mia… you always complained about him and I--”

“So?!” I screamed, tears threatening to fall. “You were to support me, not fuck him! Why would you do that to me?”

Mason stood and grabbed my arm. “Mia, settle down, it wasn’t serious.”

I ripped my arm out of his grip and glared at him. “Don’t tell me to settle down,” I said, my cheeks flushing. I stepped toward him and slammed my hands right into his chest. “You cheated on me for months. If you wanted to break up, you should’ve done it!” I stepped toward him again, but Michael wrapped his arm around my waist and held me back.

His body was tense behind me, and I didn’t have to turn around to know that he was just as angry as I was. I could feel it. He pushed me behind him, his back muscles flexing through his shirt.

Melissa furrowed her brows. “Wait, why are you here and…” She looked down at my bare legs. “Why don’t you have pants?”

My blood was boiling, and I didn’t feel bad anymore for sleeping with her father. I crossed my arms over my chest and glared at her. “I’m here because I’m fucking your dad. And I don’t give a single fuck about what you think about it anymore.” Because she wasn’t my friend.

“This is the guy you were fucking when you broke up with me?” Mason said. His jaw twitched, and he lunged toward Michael.

My heart pounded in my chest, knowing that Mason was a loose canon. I didn’t know what he’d do to him, so I stepped in front of Michael because I wanted to protect him, but he pushed me out of the way like I was nothing. I slammed into the wall, my head bouncing off it, and watched Mason swing at Michael. All I wanted to do was scream at him to stop, but I couldn’t get myself to do it without choking on my tears.

Michael’s gaze flickered to me, and he swiftly dodged Mason’s stupid fucking punch, wrapped his hand around the front of his throat, and pulled him close. “Don’t you dare put your hands on Mia or my daughter again.”

Mason struggled in his hold, trying so desperately to get out, but Michael pressed him against the wall and leaned closer to him. His jaw was clenched, the vein in his neck prominent. He wrapped his hand around Mason’s throat and squeezed hard until Mason was gasping for breath and clawing at his wrist. He said something into Mason’s ear, so quietly that I couldn’t hear it.

“Are you serious, Mia?” Melissa asked, drawing my attention away from Michael. I cradled my head, pain shooting through it, and glared at her. “Sleeping with my dad?! You want to talk about betrayal… that is betrayal.”

I turned back toward her with hot angry tears in my eyes. Why was she acting this way all of a sudden? Where had the last eighteen years of friendship gone? Why would she try to turn this around on me? Sure, it was wrong to sleep with her father. But sleeping with my boyfriend for far longer was so much worse.

“Don’t turn this back around on me,” I said. Mason had done that so many times before.

I glanced at Michael, who pushed Mason away from him. His muscles were flexed, a sinister expression was written all over his face. Michael didn’t lose his temper often. Hell, I never saw him even yell at Melissa before. But he looked ready to kill.

Mason stared at me, growled under his breath, and stormed out the front door, making sure to slam it behind him like the child he was. I stared at the door with tears in my eyes, so overcome with emotions that I never thought I’d feel. Something deep down inside of me always knew Mason was a cheater, but I didn’t think my best friend would be the one to sleep with him.

I trusted her more than anything. We had been friends for our entire lives. Why would she betray me like this? Mason wasn’t even that good in bed, was a shit person, and didn’t care. Didn’t she know that he’d treat her the same way after they got comfortable?

When Mason had driven down the driveway and disappeared down the road, I crossed my arms over my chest. Michael glared at Melissa, his jaw twitching. “Mia, take my keys and leave. I need to talk to my daughter.” His voice was tenser than I had ever heard it, full of hurt and anger. And that look in his eye told me that he was going to do more than just talk to her. He would scold her.

I glanced at Michael, then at Melissa who glared at me like I was in the wrong. And, then, I turned on my heel to walk up the stairs to the foyer. Michael caught my arm before I left. “Keep your phone with you. Make sure Mason isn’t following you.”

My lips trembled, and I nodded my head. I grabbed the keys from the foyer and hurried out of the house. I promised myself I wouldn’t cry in front of them. But as soon as I slid behind the wheel, started the car, and drove down the driveway, the tears flowed from my eyes.

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