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Chapter 34

Victor laid back on Serena’s couch, playing video games with Damien, and sighed. The last time I saw him, he was drunk in bed at the party. Yet he didn’t look at me any different for running out of the room or after listening to Mason label me as a whore to every single one of our friends.

When Serena saw Victor, she narrowed her eyes. “Did you know?”

Damien stared between all three of us and put his video game controller down on the coffee table. “What’s going on?” he asked her, brows furrowed together, noticing Serena’s death-glare.

Victor glanced up at us, realized Serena was staring directly at him, and blew out a deep breath, tossing his controller onto the couch. “Did I know what?”

“About Melissa and Mason.”

Victor narrowed his eyes, then looked at me. “What about them?”

“They’ve been sleeping together for months,” Serena said. “Mia found them together.”

“What the fuck did you just say?” Victor said, jaw clenching, hands balled into tight fists. He glanced at me, waiting for me to confirm or deny it. “Are you serious, Mia?”

I nodded, but part of me didn’t think he’d believe me. He and Mason had been good friends for such a long time, just like Melissa and me. I didn’t know if he’d believe what the so-called whore had to say about his relationship. But Victor deserved to know either way. “Yes, they admitted to it.”

“They’ve been fucking?” He stormed past us to the front door and slammed it open. “Why would I fucking know that?”

I shrugged my shoulders. “You were okay with having threesomes with her. I thought maybe you’d know about it.”

“Thressomes, not cheating,” he said through clenched teeth. His whole body was tense, and he was visibly shaking. He walked down the stairs toward his car. “Where is that fucker now? I’m going to go kick his ass.”

Serena grabbed my hand and followed him. “Come on.”

I dug my heels into the ground. “I am not going to see Mason.”

“Girl, we’re going to go get your stuff from his house and enjoy the beatdown of his sorry ass. You aren’t going to talk to him one time.”

And, so, we all piled into Victor’s car and Victor drove like a maniac to Mason’s apartment. The whole time, my heart was pounding against my chest, my jaw was twitching, and my legs were bouncing. I hadn’t seen Mason like this for a long time. I needed my stuff, but I didn’t know if I needed it this badly. I could wait until I was with Michael or I could just wash my clothes I already had at the hospital.

Serena placed her hand on my knee and squeezed gently. “Settle down. Everything will be okay. If Mason tries to hurt you, Damian will kick his ass.” She leaned closer. “And we can always call Daddy Bryne to take care of this mess.”

Instead of rolling my eyes, I let out a small laugh. I didn’t know what made me do it, but something about the mention of Michael made me not feel as scared. All I wanted to do was tell him already that I loved him but I hadn’t found the right time. It all still felt too soon, and I didn’t want to be the first one to say it because I didn’t know if he felt the same way yet.

Victor skirted around the bend and found the first parking spot he could in front of Mason’s apartment building. He stormed out of the car, his hands clenched into fists and his eyes trained on the entrance door in front of him. Mason stupidly hadn’t changed the code to get into his apartment, so I punched the code into it like I had for the last four years.

Serena looped her arm around mine. “I cannot wait to see his ass get dropped.”

We piled into the elevator and Victor hit the Floor Six button. My heart pounded in my chest with every floor we went up, and I swallowed nervously. I just wanted to get my stuff and get out of there. “I don’t want him to hurt me,” I whispered.

Damien looked down at me and nodded his head. “He won’t touch you.”

“The only damn person getting his ass beat is Mason,” Victor said, voice laced with anger. As soon as the elevator doors opened, Victor hurried out of them and walked directly toward Mason’s apartment. He banged on his door with the side of his fist. “Mason, it’s Victor, open the fucking door.”

He knocked two more times and I waited so damn anxiously out of sight. Suddenly, the door opened and Mason stood before us with a towel wrapped around his waist and beads of water running down his chest. “Dude, wha--”

Victor swung right at his face, hitting him square in the jaw. Serena intertwined our fingers together and pulled me toward the back bedroom, letting out a woohoo. She slammed the door closed and grabbed one of Mason’s luxury suitcases from the closet, opened all my drawers, and threw all my clothes inside of it. “Get whatever’s yours. We’re not leaving until you have everything back.”

And, so, I opened all the drawers and closets, went through all of Mason’s things to find whatever he had of mine. All my clothes, all my jewelry, all the cute little presents I had made for his birthday that he kept in a box in the back of his closet. He didn’t deserve them. He didn’t deserve anything that I had gotten him.

It took a swift five minutes to pack everything into one small suitcase, but we did it and I couldn’t have felt more… free. It felt like another weight had been lifted off my shoulders and I didn’t have to worry at all about Mason anymore because we were over for good.

Serena lifted the suitcase and handed it to Damien who stood outside the door. “How’s he looking out there?” Serena asked him.

Damien stared down the hall and smirked. “See for yourself.”

We peered out the hallway to see Mason pinned against the wall by Victor. Both of his eyes were black already… and I laughed. It was terrible of me to do, but it happened and I couldn’t stop myself. All of the tears I had for that man had turned into a fit of giggles.

Mason tried so desperately to squirm out of his hold, but couldn’t. Just like he couldn’t with Michael earlier. He was all talk, no walk. I clutched my stomach and rested my forehead onto Serena’s, trying hard to breathe between giggles.

“You fucked my girlfriend?” Victor said between clenched teeth. “For fucking months?!”

“Mia fucked her father,” Mason said.

Victor didn’t let the words even phase him. “I don’t give a fuck what she did. You fucked my girlfriend.” He landed another punch straight on the damn smirk on his face. “You’re more fucked up than I thought.” He pushed Mason away. Mason stumbled, then tripped on the table beside him, his towel falling off and exposing all his family jewels.

Serena scrunched her nose and stared at Mason’s nakedness. “And you wonder why you couldn’t keep Mia,” Serena said, looking him up and down in disgust. She grabbed my hand, pulled me to the front door, and pushed me out of it. “You’re done with his tiny-dick, womanizing, no-good ass.”

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